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VG vs VG does it really matter whose


For those of us doing DIY for personal use, I would think 30ml is plenty big enough. The highest amount I’ve used (I think) of any in a recipe is 2.5%, but more often their under 2% and lots of 0.5 - 1% too. INW has a large lineup and I think they’ve gained popularity a lot over the last year. Certainly has for me.


15 , 30, 60 in my opinion the more highly concentrated flavors require much less as you know i think you will be safe starting at 30ml especially if thats whats going to keep your prices competiitive, i switched to @Nicotine_River bc your 60ml bottles were alot cheaper per 10ml when compared to say ECX so knowing you guys like to sell a bigger bottle is ok


@Nicotine_River the smart play though is to hand pick your flavors with Lorann, Inawera and medicine flower and medicine flower you will only be selling 5 10 and 15ml tops its strong but the fruit flavors are amazing and on point ECX lotus brand is medicine flower if u want to check out how someone is already selling it


I have had VG from RTSVapes and other companies that i’m sure source the same VG.
tastes like GOLDEN SYRUP / BROWN SUGAR / CEREAL taste… its horrible. and then the VG NIC they have is just that repeated…

My first larger order was from @Nicotine_River I couldn’t be happier with the service/delivery time/price/quality.
the VG and VGnic quality is super. there is no nasty choking throat hit surprises or tongue irritation and at larger quantities cannot notice any flavor / conflict present. Keep up the good work NIC RIVER. thanks for international shipping of brands I cannot get shipped elsewhere… hats off.

BTW HI, new forum user, been lurking in ELR chat for a week or so now. mixing DIY neophyte. already assembling a great arsenal from all the help provided here, its truly amazing, “truly!” Jem


Glad to have you here. Happy Vaping!


Newer member here myself (likewise did a couple months in the recipe section before I steeped into the forums -typo intended. ;p)

On the topic as a whole, I’ve officially emptied my first order of VG. =(

I started with Humco’s 4oz bottle (off the shelf at Wally World), emptied that before I really had a chance to start ‘comparing’, but didnt have any negative issues with it (muting/funky tastes/etc). Before that was done, I ordered 500ml VG and 125ml of PG both from WL’s.

Given that I have to mix at min. ratios of 75vg (due to physical issues with PG) and usually 80-85vg, I really need to find a good palm-based VG that I can hopefully order by the gallon at a reasonable price.

I’ve been talking to @Whiterose0818 a bit in PM about it, as well as a ton of reading up…but I’d like to have some additional real-user experiences here before I try to pull some cash together and pull the trigger on the next order. Funds are really tight right now, so I figured I’d get a better deal by going larger this time. Only thing is, I don’t want to end up with something that isn’t at least on par with WL’s quality (for others who’ve used it reference’ only, not trying to plug), because it seems that over the last month or two using that one, it’s been really ‘transparent’ and the juices shine through more than any ‘coloration’ by the VG itself. Could quite easily be my lack of experience though (again, I’ve only used the two, and the Humco went too quick to tell). @Amy2 said things about LB that I easily relate to WL’s. So TY for that!

I’ve also heard good things about:
Essential Depot
in particular…but if anyone has thoughts on things, I’d greatly appreciate all first-hand experiences that are willing to be shared!


Do you by chance remember what brand it was??
If so, please share (or PM if you don’t want to bust their nuts in public. lol)


i started with LB and thier starter kit everything was great except not a big fan of the flavors then i switched to ECX and at that time started to have problems with my juice, i still had 500ml of liquid barn so i started to use it and the problems stopped. that is why i poted this question to start with . i. just cracked open my nicotine river vg and will know in about a week ive used the same recipe to test all three companies VG so as far as LB all the quality is on point but you pay a premium compared to nicotine river and ecx they all have nicselect nicotine so obviously you cant go wrong there except price differences ill tell you a gallon of VG throught NR is 1900 through lb its much more


Great question!!

Personally, I really appreciate it when vendors offer 10-15ml glass bottles as their sample size, and then 1oz/30ml as a medium (or considered large if it’s a high strength/low percentage brand), and 60ml for those in the “weak-sauce” or high-percentage category (for when their flavor alone almost makes it a mandatory purchase).

Nice to meet you BTW…I figure we’ll cross paths on orders soon enough (in a good way!) lol :wink:


Nice to know!! TY! …price (and reviews) is why I was heavily eyeing ED’s palm-based VG, their’s on Amazon is 17.99/gal last I checked.

WL’s is 26.99/gal which is just too much for my liking IF I can find the same level of quality for $6+ cheaper. I don’t mind ‘splurging’ on Nic…as it’s the single most critical aspect of our liquids (not just taste, but accuracy in levels/dispensement/etc).

So I tried NN’s sample twice (Mom had some sent to her house, and I had some sent to my house) and sure enough, the recent ‘issues’ that have been complained about for a few months now have not been resolved. Her batch definitely tasted ‘hotter’ (stronger than 100mg nic), and mine tasted weaker than 100mg (as I had a local shop’s 100mg to verify against) -all used at 3% in the same recipe, with all other components being identical. So even though I LOVE their ‘flavorless’ and ‘no throat hit’ aspects, they’re off my list until they can get their shit straight (If they can at this point). When I was running low, I ended up going with the 120ml ‘sample’ from CXTC. I figure it’s worth it.


honestly i stay away from amazon or ebay when it comes to my liquids , these vendors are a part of our community and are there when we need them and when we cant stand them lol , i actually had no clue they sold thier stuff on amazon


btw where is WL im not familiar with the abbreviation sorry


I agree with you in the largest part, but Amazon’s as big as -scratch that. They PASSED Walmart in financial figures recently which was a huge first! So they’re a far cry from eBay in my book. You almost have to look at Amazon for price comparisons if you do anything shopping related online these days.

I definitely get (and agree with) what you’re saying about supporting those that support the community though. And it’s already making an impression on me that NR seems to be (and have been) quite active here!! So I get that. It’s just that I’ve not been familiar with them in any way, shape, or form, before starting to spend more time here (in these forums). So that part of the picture is being drawn as we speak!

As I mentioned above, and given @Whiterose0818 mentions in PM, and yours, and a couple others…up to and including the reply I just typed to NR above lol -I figure it won’t be long at all before I have an order in with them.

When it comes to doing business, I definitely vote with my wallet, as well as my conscience!

EDIT: (Really needed to rephrase this:)
When I shop, I have a short ‘go-to’ list (for reasons of community support/quality product/etc) and I also have an ‘avoid like the plague’ list (because of lack of professionalism/sanitary issues/consistency/safety concerns). And I’m not one to hold back on either when asked for an opinion. lol
/Edit: sheez that was poorly phrased originally. LOL


My bad. WL = Wizard Labs (in Florida)


i’ll chime in on this…i am going to agree with the majority about INW: super concentrated stuff, you’ll probably only need to carry like 2 sizes, 10 or 15ml and 30ml. INW is highly revered in this forum, not sure about other forums, though. a few flavors have been mentioned, but if you need more, just ask.


not only does NicotineRiver have the best prices, but also the best customer care in the event you need it. Grant, the owner, has made himself a part of our community…and thats good biz, if’n ya ask me.


Loraans is not one of my favorites, with the exception of a few flavors. I think their pineapple is the best of anyone’s, but I only buy it when I am purchasing items other than flavoring from a website. Loraans also has a few flavors no one else has. [LA’s Cream Cheese Icing is becoming very popular, and their Bavarian Cream is very good, maybe the best]

The biggest problem I have with Loraan is half their flavors work well in baking but not in e-juice for me, and they are expensive. Their oils are good, but pricey.

I have used flavors and oils from almost everyone that was available, in baking, candy making, etc. for much longer than vaping has been around, even longer than the internet has been around…had to order from catalogs thru the USPS.

I agree that Inawera would be an excellent choice, and in your hands, it would be undoubtedly the best place to buy them.

Personally, I love your 60ml ‘bullets’ with the twist top, no matter what the strength of the flavor is, or how often I use a flavor. I would probably buy some flavors in 120ml , but 2 of your 60ml are cheaper than 1 120ml in many of your flavors.

Whatever you carry, I hope you always offer it in a 60ml bullet with the twist cap.

Thank you Grant, and Jody, Sam, Adair, etc. …you guys kick ass.

P.S. For the record, NR’s VG is sourced from Malaysia, is pure palm, and is Certified Rain Forest Alliance and follows sustainable farming/agriculture disciplines …all of which are very important to me.
It is also sweet, clean, consistent, and worry free.


well said and i think you answered every question possible


Thanks for that! You just hit my main 'requirements!'
Palm and consistent! Sweet and clean being close secondaries!


Yes I can 2nd that, very hapy with range and price on @Nicotine_River the site even converts it to your currency, making it super easy.shipping for me is the only hassle but thats out of their control. still the shipping options provided me with my package in 5 days from USA to NEW ZEALAND. i cant even buy 1/2 the flavor options from the manufacturer because they dont offer international shipping. that is a big hurdle right there… as for quality goes. their nic / pg / vg is excellent quality.
if i had to compare it to an RPG item probably a rare/unique purple sword.