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VG vs VG does it really matter whose


I buy the Capella Cool Mint, Sweet Stawberry and Vanilla Custard in the 4 Oz Bottles because those are the ones I burn through mixing like a lunatic.


According to their websites, Nicotine River and Liquid Barn sell the same VG (Musim Mas), which is Palm based, same Nicotine too ( Nic Select).
From what I can tell from reading this thread, it seems as if this is the best VG available, is that correct?
I’m not interested so much in price, I just want the very best quality.


in my opinion yes , i first bought from LB then ECX now NR


+1 on NR
you can try nude nicotine, its very good but you have to pay a bit more for it.
do yourself a favor and get a sample of 100mg nude nicotine


VG or glycerin is a waste byproduct of biodiesel production, and lately the market has been somewhat depressed. In fact, there is currently only one major producer of VG left in the USA. Nevertheless, glycerin is still used in a range of different industries, including surface science, personal care, antifreeze, and the food industry. Knowing where to buy glycerin is the first step in creating quality products.


We’re just gonna leave this here… If anyone has questions let us know! :slight_smile:


Yes, I have a question…thanks.

I’ve heard recently the following claims -

  1. All VG is a by product of bio-diesel production
  2. There is only 1 VG manufacturer

To your knowledge is there any truth to either of these statements?


Super sorry for the delayed response my friend. We’ve been contacting our supplier to figure out some information!

We ourselves know for a fact there are multiple VG manufacturers. You can easily tell the difference in taste, color, and viscosity of the product itself.

In regards to the VG being related to bio-diesel production. This is the question that stumped us for a bit. We have never heard anything of the sort before and neither has our supplier of the product. So, in regards to that question our team is going to say no since we can’t find any evidence to support it.

We hope this helps!


I can answer the question posed by @SthrnMixer, even though I have a feeling it was a rhetorical one.

  1. it’s not.
  2. there’s not.
    Sorry to butt in but I hope this helps :grin: :


Thank you very much. The information is only academic for me anyway - well, and to prove a point to the relentless know-it-alls who try to sound all “official” with their claims. I’m very satisfied with the response you gave and appreciate the time you took answering me.

@DrChud thanks. Wasn’t rhetorical really. More of a neener neener to someone who probably won’t even read this :slight_smile:


Glad we could help you!


Either way I liked the way it was put lol :thumbsup:


Where can I buy 100 % rapeseed vg that you speak of ?