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Video games, do you play?


I gotten the cabinet itself for free but it was a total loss, i will see if i can find some pictures of it back in the days…
The only thing i left as a whole was the body and the marquee because it looks retro cool :smiley: , the rest i binned (old motherboard that had a size of a small LED screen and that housed 1 game)

The cabinet itself also was damaged and the bottom was a bit rotten away (was standing in a wet location and we all know what that does to wood MDF).


I’m on PS4 as well … Mourning6lory :sunglasses:


I’ve got the wii runing Playstation, SNES and Nes roms. It’s set up with the capability to read gamecube ISO files from a thumb drive but I’m running into issues. When I download the ISO files they aren’t unzipping as .ISO files. Anyone have any experience with this?


What are you using to unzip?


Winrar and when extracted its says its either damaged or unknown format


Go get 7zip that’s what I use for all my stuff.


This is the one that is making me want to smash my head on the wall. So 7zip over winrar?


Yes, it’s what I use for my Retropie.


He says thank you, it worked. It was irking the craps out of him.


Tell him he’s welcome!


I play dota 2 and I’ll tell you why it’s a good game. It’s because when you’re good at it and play it professionally you can play in tournaments for a total prize pool upwards of 24 million dollars, that’s pretty neato. It’s a tower defense game with a few roles and a team of 5 people, one mid laner and two top and bottom laners and your whole goal is to destroy their, “Ancient.” that’s just the gist of it. There are over 100 heroes with unique abilities that compliment each other and when you learn that you can develop a synergy with your team in team fights. Lots of fun

Although it is a fiercely competitive game, I urge people looking to get into it to research how to play so they have a better understanding as how the mechanics work. It’ll make it better for not only your teammates, but for yourself too as most players are pretty passionate about the game they can tend to use heated words and report you for not knowing what to do.

Once you learn not to be a noob and have some thick skin, it’s a great game.
I’d be down to play after a long time of just watching streams, I could even take the time to teach people how to play if they are interested



what are you unzipping now?




Wouldn’t you like to know!?


I love to play Video Games.


Well I am going to give the Witcher 3 one more go and Darkest Dungeon.


Witcher 3 was my all time favorite. It’s a masterpiece


I recorded the whole proces of the cabinet transformation and will be online soon but am still editing the cuts.


diep.io is my favorite website/game. except for ELR of course :grinning: I’ve all but quit gaming except for this simple but addictive game, Im so hooked.