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Video games, do you play?


Did I miss something or someone? Huh, I thought I saw something. Huh, it was nothing.


Oh so that’s how you wanna play it!? Ok big guy here comes the pictures!

I know how told you I wouldn’t share them but your acting like it never happened so here is @Skullblade789 everyone!


Lol, you silly silly boy!!!


Found out there probably making a HD remasterd version of Soul Reaver, Crystal D had been teasing this late 2017. Am curious :wink:
One of the best intro’s i saw for a game fyi.


Borderlands 3 confirmed! No date yet just cryptic hints typical of Gearbox software. April 2019 looks to be a safe bet though.

It’s been nice knowing you all!


Just an FYI, if you’re like me and ditched your xbox 360 games or stopped using discs altogether, 2k is running a publisher sale on the Xbox store. I got the Original Borderlands for $7.99 (backwards compatible) and I’ll be grabbing The handsome Jack collection (again) for $19 and change.

Not sure if it’s the same on Playstation so you will have to check. If you play on PC this is probably hilarious to you because they are dirt cheap on steam.


Tried on the other forum, but hey, I just got an xbox one, and pubg if anyone is interested in playing, I dunno the policy for sharing G/T’s here though.


GOW for PS4 is releasing 20/04 , waited a while for that one :star_struck::star_struck::tada: ( that would be in Europe).


I have been playing COD WW2 lately. This game grew on me like a wart. I didn’t like it much at first but the more I play it, the more addicting it has become. Now, I can’t stop playing Search and Destroy …


PS4 and the latest FIFA for me.


Ohhh - looking forward to that. Forza Horizon 4 is coming soon for sure, first games I’ve been excited for since. . .umm. . BL Pre-Sequel I think (FH3 was a random sale-grab that I fell in love with, not something I looked forward to).

But I have so, so, ridiculously many hours in BL2. Not so much 1 or Pre-Sequel, but BL2 is easily my favourite game of this decade so far, and it’s almost over. Even better than DDDA which I got weirdly deeply attached to.


I think Borderlands 3 is long overdue! I’m hoping they release some info soon but knowing gearbox they are bound to catch everyone off guard with a release date. There are so many excellent games set to release but I have trouble getting excited about anything other than bl3.

The looter shooter genre is in desperate need of another game to hold us over. Destiny was excellent for a while, Destiny 2 was quite a letdown and I haven’t played it since shortly after launch. The big dlc set to launch in September looks promising but will require me to buy the previous expansions first and I’m not sure I’m willing to do that.

I just started my first siren playthrough and am also trying to finally get my Zer0 through the OP levels. Digistruct peak solo and as a melee Zer0 is nerve-racking!


Yeah. . .I used a trainer to do OP levels because I only solo and I’m not that good :stuck_out_tongue:


Trainer must be a PC thing? I got through 1 level solo, did the 2nd with my son and got to the end of the third where a surveyor dissappeard into oblivion making it impossible to finish the round. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I played the demo for FH4, the bumpers when you hit a wall is wacky lmao


Dues anybodey play L2 C4 x1 here?


You made me google that one :wink: , looks like a MMORPG, ( kind of like WOW), looks nice!
but not playing it.


Wish list (atm)
Death stranding
The last of us 2

Currently playing
Tekken 7 (online when i have a free evening :smiley: )
Hearthstone ( cardgame on ipad - only 1 class )
Brutal doom or other modded shooters
Mame ( self made arcade cabinet )


Started my biannually replay of the Mass Effect series a few days ago.
For some reason, I can replay these over and over again, and I never get tired of them :wink:


I played a lot back in the day. My first game I’ve ever played was winter games on a C64.

I skipped all these consoles that were popular later and played on a PC.

Games I played were, Quake, Unreal Tournament, Half Life, Team Fortress Classic, Counter Strike (alpha and beta), Wolfenstein, Battlefield and Call of Duty.

Then I wanted to explore a little and look into less stressful games…So I thought and started playing:
Perfect World, WoW (beta), Guild wars 1 (beta), Guild wars 2, Aion, Terra, Rift, wild star before it became f2p lol and Final Fantasy XIV.

Still playing that from time to time, but not like I used too, also lost interest since due real life, I just have no time to raid etc. Casual Gameplay was never my thing, hence I just stopped playing them.