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Video games, do you play?


I’m old, but I still play fairly regularly. Mostly Overwatch, COD, Fortnite, MK 10, etc.



Farming that fool in Three Horns Divide for a good Unkempt Harold= :angry:


I checked out the Oculus Go stand alone VR headset yesterday at Best Buy. I was pretty impressed. Will be delivered tomorrow from Amazon Prime. $270 out the door for the 64GB unit. I figured since I have saved over $4K by not smoking, a little present was in order. Maybe I can start up a virtual vape lounge.


There’s a standalone now? I have the desktop rig in my room - I don’t use it much tho, only huge games really out for it are FO4 and Skyrim VR, and I played those to death in flatland, so, as much fun as just wandering around is, I kinda hate actually playing them.

Be fair tho - I’m not nearly as much into gaming as I was when I was younger. I still like games in general, but rarely find a specific one I actually want to play.

That said - VR is freaking amazing. It’s just so, well. . .you’ll see.


Trainer = gameshark for PC. Honestly, killing the Gameshark, Action Replay, and so on are a big part of driving me off of consoles. I like screwing around with the games. I like to mod, and just mess with things - -but trainers are just straight up cheats, and I enjoy those as well to skip grinding I have no interest in, get past things I don’t have the skill for, or just have superpowers and watch all the pretty explosions.


You may find this interesting:

Nothing concrete but it’s reasonable to assume that they are at least toying with the idea. Phil is smart and relates pretty well to gamers so I could see him getting behind it.


The Oculus Go stand alone came out about 2 months ago. I played a bit with it last night, but will really get to try it out much more tonight. It is freaking awesome so far.


I love Borderlands 2 as well. I currently have a Berzerker at OP 4. I had to start over again when I switched to ps4 from xbox 360.