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Video games, do you play?


I’m old, but I still play fairly regularly. Mostly Overwatch, COD, Fortnite, MK 10, etc.



Farming that fool in Three Horns Divide for a good Unkempt Harold= :angry:


I checked out the Oculus Go stand alone VR headset yesterday at Best Buy. I was pretty impressed. Will be delivered tomorrow from Amazon Prime. $270 out the door for the 64GB unit. I figured since I have saved over $4K by not smoking, a little present was in order. Maybe I can start up a virtual vape lounge.


There’s a standalone now? I have the desktop rig in my room - I don’t use it much tho, only huge games really out for it are FO4 and Skyrim VR, and I played those to death in flatland, so, as much fun as just wandering around is, I kinda hate actually playing them.

Be fair tho - I’m not nearly as much into gaming as I was when I was younger. I still like games in general, but rarely find a specific one I actually want to play.

That said - VR is freaking amazing. It’s just so, well. . .you’ll see.


Trainer = gameshark for PC. Honestly, killing the Gameshark, Action Replay, and so on are a big part of driving me off of consoles. I like screwing around with the games. I like to mod, and just mess with things - -but trainers are just straight up cheats, and I enjoy those as well to skip grinding I have no interest in, get past things I don’t have the skill for, or just have superpowers and watch all the pretty explosions.


You may find this interesting:

Nothing concrete but it’s reasonable to assume that they are at least toying with the idea. Phil is smart and relates pretty well to gamers so I could see him getting behind it.


The Oculus Go stand alone came out about 2 months ago. I played a bit with it last night, but will really get to try it out much more tonight. It is freaking awesome so far.


I love Borderlands 2 as well. I currently have a Berzerker at OP 4. I had to start over again when I switched to ps4 from xbox 360.


Fortnite, Pubg, r6 siege… xbox one


Used to be into the quake series FPS, jumped off at QC (which blows big time). Playing Kenshi (recommended to anyone wanting a open rpg/rts challenge) and retro nes/snes games (mostly mega man series) when I have the time.


Nice @Mausberg


Did you play Quake too? :smiley:

Back in the days at the local lan’s we used to hook up the coax cables and bash it out in Quake World. Have yet to experience the same intensity in a FPS ever since. Then again we were hormone infested zit squeezing nerds, life were more intense in general back then :smiley: “let me tell you about when I were young, billy!” :joy: :innocent:


Hehe, you could say that. Started up, and ran a large PC Gaming Clan that centered around FPS competitive play. Quake, QuakeLive, QuakeWars, QuakeWorld, Doom3, Unreal Tournament, CSS, and more. Had the great fortune of hanging out with some of the best players, mappers, and level designers. Did some comps, built up a big community, and it was a blast. Was a second full time job for sure. Miss the family and fun of it, but it took up most of my free time for sure.


That I can appreciate. I remember schlepping my (and clan mates) rigs out to LAN’s. You’re right about that. Something about the intensity for sure.


Sadly remembering the days gone by on HEAT (56K modem) and Gamespy [sniffle …it’s OK I’m that old]


Duke Nukem 3d modem to modem !!!



Good old Duke :wink:


I loved TFC. I played it constantly from 99-2002, was in a clan and had great fun. Then one day I decided I had played enough. I haven’t played another game online since. I got into Skyrim years later and enjoyed it, but those TFC years were special.


@Brunkezz I miss The King !!!