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Video games, do you play?


What system do you play on?


I bet you can guess what my gamer tag is as well boss! Lol, it’s only slightly different on PS4. But it’s the same on Xbox.


A 3 year old stationary Windows machine :slight_smile: I did upgrade disks and gfx though :slight_smile:


I miss the Doom 3 tourney days …


Yhea I was never that good.


Xbox one and I play rainbow 6 siege very heavily


I just purchased a shield pro media server to watch our KODI TV on

The NVIDIA Shield TV has quite a collection of games as it plays all the android games.

KODI TV is a media server with addon apps that are able to search for TV programming on the internet.
it runs on many platforms, NVIDIA Shield is but one

so, I been playing a couple of games. They have changed allot since I first played Asteroids back around 1974.


Dota 2, Minecraft and Hearthstone


Sniper elite 4 was very good and one of the best this year imo. The DLC is very well done


I like it a lot so far! Which DLC is that?

EDIT: Oh, the “Deathstorm” - We haven’t gotten to that yet! :smiley:


there are 4 parts of the DLC and all are very fine! i got the season pass early on so it worked out well


Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most amazing games ever made. I left CS:GO, Diablo3, Dota2 and ARK just for Playerunknowns.


I’m liking Civ 6. . . sorta. The AI is kinda wonky and just totally loses its mind sometimes, and it’s weird to have a city that speans ALL of Austria/Hungary and a little of France. . . but mostly I like it. The Aussie civ is kinda hilarious to play as – make some seriously ridiculous desert cities, and on real-start earth maps you get plopped all on your own with a continent and only ‘barbarians’ to conquer. And it is at that point I remind myself it’s just a game. . .and try not to think about real world corollaries to what I’m doing murdering those spearmen and horsemen that keep trying to sack Sydney 500 years in.

Also, example of wonky AI: I played as the Polish, had no military at all, and around 500 BC I think all the AI players decided that meant I needed to be attacked for no reason. Fine, my fault, unusual to have NO army anyway – but then I kinda kicked 4 civ’s asses, and 3 of the other 4 spend the rest of the game periodically denouncing me for being a warmonger, even tho I demilitarized after my WWI, eventually getting rid of my entire army again. . .until the modern era where Gandhi had been denouncing and demanding silk from me for so damn long I nuked Mumbai. I met and made an alliance with the Aussies a bit before that, and since they didn’t know me in WWI they liked me. So it was kinda interesting to have a WW II that was Australia and Prussia vs. India, China and Spain.

I’m not proud of it >.> :stuck_out_tongue:


Online games ;
Tekken 5 - Tekken 6 - TTT - Tekken 7 - PS3 - PS4
The Last of us - PS3
Hearthstone - Ipad

Loads of indi games :smile: (Limbo - FTL - Inside , ect ect … ): & Doom 4 , love the carnage ! :star_struck:


I use to have multiple systems (PlayStation, Dreamcast, ect.). Now the only system I have is a 3DS and my phone. This is mostly due to the fact that I can no longer play the button mashing fighter games I loved as a kid. I miss playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. :sob: Recently, and I get the feeling I might get shit for this, I have gotten back into Pokémon.


I had to bump this one! I love me some vidja games. I haven’t had the chance to play much recently but hopefully when my “boo boo” is all better I’ll get some gaming in.After playing an embarrassing amount of Destiny I picked up the sequel. It’s fun but definitely needs some work to keep its player base happy.


My son got Destiny 2 yesterday as an early Christmas present. He seems happy with it so far but he hasn’t had a whole lot of time to play it yet.


He will have fun. Of course he will be asking for the DLC that comes out in December lol. If it’s anything like the first it’s almost impossible to play without continuing to buy the expansions.


I play Vega Conflict…daily. I have 4 players. My clan is in the top 150.