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Video games, do you play?


Who all here owns a PS4 Btw?
I am still kicking on a PS3 but might get one in the holidays


I have a year or so to play video game decause i have to play with my son :rofl:
But before that I had played in many many devises from 1986 and after…
Amstrad CPC 6128 (yes with colors)
Amiga 500
Sega Mega Drive 2
PS 1 2
and of cource PC from 386 and after
So many titles… so many…
But yes I remember like yesterday the Bomb Jack, Arkanoid, Wonderboy, Doom, Mortal Compat, Street Fight, Unreal, Battlefield, Age of empires, etc etc


We’ve got the PS4.


For those who are interested in trying Player’s Unknown Battleground, you might be interested in Fortnite Battle Royale.
It’s as the name suggests, last man or team standing wins. And as a bonus, it is free to play on all platforms, PC, XBOX and PS4.

I’m currently playing it on PS4, very fun and addicting. I encourage everyone to give it a go.


I laughed like a mad man when I recorded this a couple years back. I’m not the “camping” type but the fools just kept trying to capture the point. This went on for about 15 more dome shots before they got wise and caught me reloading.


I love the old Quake. Pretty damned hard using a trackpad and no mouse on a laptop though hehe…


Doom 3 Tournaments !!!


A little Quake 3 maybe ?



Just recently got back in to WoW, I play overwatch on and offhad a spat with destiney 2. Too many others to name them all bit playing is my outlet after work and dealing with customers.


Using a trackpad of the laptop does add a new dimention of gaming tough :smiley:


Did we used to play cod on 360 together?


It’s possible if it was one of the older iterations.


Black ops 1 and 2


I played the occasional match but mostly Zombies. MW3 was the last one I went heavy into the PVP side. Even there I usually stuck to the knife only mode where you get a pistol after kills, I think it was called one in the chamber.


Ok must have been someone else, he had your tag as his gamer tag.


My memory may be failing me but I’ve had this tag since shortly after the episode on Doctor Who aired. The only reason for the number is because Microsoft’s system thought it was profanity lol.


Do you have a cutlass92 or some variation on your friends list?


I purged release day of xbox one, I need to do it again lol. I asked my wife the day I signed up here if she knew if you had a gaming channel on YouTube, she didn’t. Honestly I probably just related your name to gaming so it kind of makes since.


Well where you in high school when you where playing those games?