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Want to sell my Ultrasonic cleaner + heater


Hello Community! :slight_smile:

I’m moving far far away and need to sell my USC - it’s pretty heavy and i don’t want to carry it so far.

Please help me to find anyone who needs it. Have used it slightly for half a year and it works perfect! Will give it away for almost half a price.


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Ultrasonic cleaner - Final thread

i bought this baby for more than 200$ + shipment, now selling it for 139$ including shipment!


Bump to help @WhiteRaven sell his USC
Re-listed on ebay:



thank you very much @ozo !!! :))


Help? Anyone? :slight_smile:


If anyone wants a good USC…this is one, and a good buy.
Info on mfg:

Shenzhen Derui Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of ultrasonic cleaner, Since 2004 our
company began to research the first generation of digital ultrasonic cleaning machine to now work the way it excited type, with more
than 10 years experience in the design and manufacture ultrasonic cleaners, with the design, development and production of diverse
range ultrasonic cleaner including lab, dental, medical sectors, opticians, ophthalmology, jewelry branch, watchmaker branch tattoo,
electronics, industry,workshop etc.


thanks again Dear Ozo! :grinning: