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We need more participants in the giveaways!


@Whiterose0818 will engrave it with whatever you like but it was premade so I took as is and may add a vinyl design at some point.


Heres a @Whiterose0818 I want. :heart_eyes:


Oh ya those are some sweet mods! :ok_hand:


Here’s the Whiterose thread if you want to see some others. I saw a blue Galactic one here you might like. :wink:


Lol that sounds like something I’d like! Thx @Mew


Amen, amen, and again I say amen. If the “silly” rules get to convoluted I skip it. One of them was "post a funny picture"
Now some of the pic’s were pretty cool, but I am way to ignorant and lazy to post funny pic’s.


I know, right?


I know, right?


where is the goon giveaway?


That contest is over


that figures, something I actually WANT to win


And now you can follow this thread to keep tabs on the contests you want to enter! :grin:



Was it you that posted a emoji instead? I thought that was pretty funny :grin:


thanks, I do try. :sunglasses:


think we need more for HeavenGifts Contest: Guess Who These Big Celebrity Vapers Are (Ended)


How many more?


I thought u were in charge.lol. i just did a quick count


Lol only of posting the links homie! I know I did 1 entry to up the count. Just checked and there’s enough! :+1:


15 playing, require at least 25. Deadline August 10, 2017. Prize #1 CARRYS T4-R, Prize #2 CARRYS T4-R Baby.
Half the world wants the :baby: