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What is in Campfire Outdoors and S'mores?


I think you’re sniffer is better than mine LOL. Def. oatmeal cookie in there. Getting the nuttiness too. I’m going to fill another tank to see if I can better detect that hint o bourbon.


Black Fire (FA) is like liquid smoke. Like when you smoke stuff, like food. It’s very strong, so be careful :slight_smile:


Potential breakthrough here, gotta ask the tobacco vapers though… @Kinnikinnick, I see you on these more than anyone; tfa ry4 type (maybe another tobacco?) you get a pine taste from it? Seriously thinking that might be the “Aspen infused” part of this. Never done a tobacco juice, but I am reading where people pick up pine forest from this one. This may very well be the taste we can’t place! Eager to see your response! (So is @SessionDrummer) lol


OK, realizing “no-steep” can equal badness, after dripping about 8 drops of RF SC OC into mix 2, it was good at first, but the next day, it seemed to muddy the mix. NOT steeped, but just as an FYI. I DO think you’re right about there needed to be an OC in there. I may have to pick up the TFA and FLV ones to see.


What is OC?


Lol. Thanks for asking. Saved me having to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My first thought (being my usually warped sense of humor) was “Just what exactly would the essence of Orange County be?” followed closely by “And are you really sure about adding that to this particular mix?” I mean, I can see it going into a crankcase as an additive/enhancer… lol

Talk about negative side effects of TV… Oi.


@mixologist13 Sorry, oatmeal cookie


Hmmm need to test the RF SC oatmeal cookie further i remember it being good but not great and not very “oatmealy” lol. The TFA version is strong AF so go easy if you use it. Other options i can think of are ooo oatmeal and my recent discovery is NicVapes Oat Circles, which gives a very nice authentic oat note to mixes(it is however accompanied by a subtle and sweet non flowery honey note


I giggled when I read that too!


I am not super experienced, and sorry if this sounds absurd! But when you said this, I thought of a flavor I purchased on Nic River. PUR Nilla wafers and milk. I think you are probably saying you are looking for a seperate cream and a vanilla. But I wondered if the cookie part of this flavor could be part of the mystery of that oatmeal cookie flavor and enhance the graham flavor. I have to sample it again, the first time I tried it, it definitely needed more steeping. But I can try it again and let you know what I taste if you think it would help.


It might be. I just received my nillas and milk but haven’t tried it yet, what is it like ?


My first sample was just milk mainly, a little vanilla, not a lot of cookie. But I wanted to give it some time and try again because I was hoping that cookie flavor would develop. I will put it in after I empty my tank and see if it changed! This is what I noted then “Nice vanilla milk taste. Not much wafer taste, just a hint of something that is hard to explain. Like graham cracker, or malted milk. Will mix nicely.”


I am vaping it again now. It tastes totally different than the first try. It was mixed 5/28. The milk flavor is not as overwhelming. I taste a nilla wafer, some milk, and something else. Not exactly malted milk, but close.


What do you tend to use the PUR Nilla at? I find it to be incredibly potent for a PUR flavor. Even after a month of steeping, there was no fade and it actually got STRONGER, whew…

Also, after working with FLV Marshmallow, it is great. Definitely different than FA, has more crunch, less softness. Add them together and I think they would work great for a s’mores.


I mixed my tasting sample at 4%. To me, it doesn’t taste super strong. It tasted very strongly like milk the first time I sampled it. That was a few weeks ago. Now, it is almost 7 weeks old and I don’t feel like it got stronger, it seemed to pull together as one flavor more, if that makes sense. I am still not sure what I am going to use it for exactly. Maybe as a cookie cone flavor for an ice cream? I may try it to substitute for graham cracker or biscuit in something. I love those little cookies! So I hoped I would love it alone. I like it alone, but don’t love it.

I do still feel like my taste buds are still stunted from smoking. I don’t always taste all of the notes in certain flavors. I started vaping in early December.

What % have you mixed it? Have you used it in recipes?


I last used it with LA Cream Cheese Icing, even as low as 1.5% (the nilla), it was quite strong.


Interesting. How long have you been vaping? Just curious because I am noticing that a lot of people’s taste buds are recovering more quickly than mine, and I still need stronger flavors.


Don’t sweat it @Jenny1978, I’ve been vaping almost 9 years now, and I still love stronger flavors. Might be more to do with personal tastes, rather than smoking recovery/ing. Just my .02.


That is an excellent point! Maybe that is just all it is!!


@Jenny1978 I lied, 6.6 years LOL, feels like 9 …