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What Stupid Thing did you do today


Even if you already do, here is a tip for all that may use a C3100
Each time you charge a battery(s), and the display screen says FULL and your battery(s)
are at max charge for that cycle…ALWAYS hit your ‘DISPLAY’ button and scroll to see
what the mAh capacity is at that charge…BEFORE you take any battery out of the charger.
This will give you an idea of how your battery(s) is performing, and when you will need to
[Also, you can perform a ‘quick test’ anytime]…
ALWAYS check your mAh’s when you charge NEW batteries for the first time…this will also
tell you if your batteries are authentic [to a degree], or re-wraps, etc. If your new batteries
don’t charge up close to what they are rated…something is WRONG.
This is a great charger, and nowadays affordable. I have a Sky RC that will run circles around it in advanced modes, but it’s not 99% needed over the C3100 for what vapers do.
The Opus C3100 is absolutely the most cost effective for use in vaping.Hands down.


I didn’t but shall definitely be doing this in the future! Thanks so much for the advice :+1:



Have you used this on mod magnets before?


I have not but I have used in my job


The thing is that it works on metal


Would it withstand the day-in and day-out clattering of the lid?
I’ve had magnets come loose from super glue…ya know, after months of taking the lid on and off.
I’d be interested to know


I believe it will


Tried to order from VaporBeast.


That’s there new website. At least it should be.


Well, I was unable to complete an order from them, thanks to their being over aggressive on the “age verification”, but also in part due to their poor choice of the vendor(s) who handles that aspect of their online verification process.

I guess technically, it wasn’t a stupid thing on my part. Definitely was on theirs… But it would be on me if I tried to shop there again (if they keep the same system).


Great Info thanks


Reply to someone on the forums without coffee and a vape.


Went to work. Seriously, Sunday’s have to be the worst day to work retail. Everyone is so damn needy and unable to find anything by themselves


Dry burned a brand new Smok TVR8 coil by mistake and frightened to add any liquid to it now, just hate them dry hits
Not sure I can salvage it


I made this blah recipe for blueberry cheesecake, it was good but kinda blah. Someone commented on it and gave some great suggestions which I incorporated and made a blueberry cheesecake v2. And It was great, so good in fact I deleted v1. Today I got to thinking I deleted that recipe and all the comments. And I cant remember who gave me that feedback.

I’m loosing my short term memory, my head shakes, I’m going to see a neurologist, and although I don’t have a diagnosis I think I am coming down with alzheimer’s. Its getting to the point I may need a “what smart thing did you do today” thread.


I did something kinda stupid yesterday. On another message board a contest was posted. The poster that got the most likes wins the contest. 2nd and 3rd place also won something in the contes. I was tied for 3rd.

People started complaining about it being a “Most Likes” contest and they changed the rules to satisfy everyone that complained to a random draw. I made a bit of an ass of myself and even went so far as asking to have my entry removed.

My entry wasn’t removed and the random draw picked me as the first place winner. I felt like an idiot and had to eat a little crow.


I kept my mouth shut when I was well within my personal and professional right to blast someone.


Never mind. I get it now. You were talking about the topic of what stupid thing you did today.


Yikes! I wonder what you thought I meant