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What Stupid Thing did you do today


I thought it was a follow up to my post and was wondering just how many people I pissed off this morning, lol.

Forgot what the thread topic was is the stupid thing I did today.


Ohhhhh… nope, nothing to do with that. :grinning:


Well it is/was a new day… I guess we know what ya did stupid today lol
(Please don’t get mad… just joking with ya…)


No way I would get mad with joking around.

Thin skinned people and changing up a contest midstream does irk me though, lol.


How many entries you going to make today!!!???


Entered in that same contest and lost 3rd place because of that rule change and did not speak up. Well fuck it. Can’t have everything.


Depends on many more mistakes I make between now and bedtime. The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.


Spent another £50 on new and replacement concentrates, just do not know how to resist looking at new recipes on other side and finding out your missing one concentrate, then you go to order it and by 15 more DOH


Yep. This rabbit hole runs deep and long.


Haha, needed 3 flavours paid for 15. How does this happen every time.


I managed to break a new Ijoy Limitless atty… I didn’t like the way the coils were positioned on my mod so I took a screw driver and tightened the contact screw on the bottom of the atty and managed to snap the screw, done…had to go buy a new one so bought the new Limitless Gold, love it!



You should be able to purchase a counter tap (or screw extractor), that would allow you to remove that screw, then just put in a new one.


Yeah I agree have some at work I’ll try that thank you!


Last night I was drunk mixing again (hehe) and I copied the wrong numbers down from my recipe. I put the percent down instead of amount of flavor… I now have 20% Cinnamon Roll instead of 6% in a 40 ml mix and I also added twice the nicotine by mistake before I caught it… bangs head against wall. Easy fix but what a headache to fix this morning :sunny:

@Mizzz_Z_Hobbit You will find this funny I think lol


I just did the same damn thing on my last mix


YIKES! Were you drinking Fireball? :smiling_imp: This could so easily happen to me, I can’t even laugh or karma will get me, lol.


Fireball is the root of all evil. I think that’s in the bible. If not, it should be. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But the next day you’re praying for your head to stop pounding!




I accidentally put my other half’s 18mg liquid on my dripper!
Won’t be doing that again (hopefully) :joy: