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What Stupid Thing did you do today


Just apple cider and some rum flavored lager that was 5.9% but it was mostly being tired and making silly mistakes. I fixed it the next day and I’m steeping 2 X 45 ml bottles now. Little heavy still on Cinnamon Roll by 1.5% but I can live with it.


Pressed my cell phone power button 5 time quickly to turn it on


That would also go in the YKYAVW topic. I’ve done that to my regular phone, lol.


I went to work when I should have stayed home. The rains here in So Cal have shut down a lot of roads and it took me 1hr and 27mins to drive 2 miles. The guy behind me had a serious oil leak and wouldn’t pull over so I had to smell it the whole way and I was sick the past two days and my stomach was still queasy. Funny how the first few hours can dictate your whole day.


I’m in SoCAL too


Especially when one shits his pants within the first 30 min of his shift


Trying out a new recipe that is suppose to be Frosted Flakes. Well I reuse all my plastic bottles after a stern washing. I guess I failed to clean out the bottle I used for this mix and well now I have a batch (15ml) of what can only be described as Mint Frosted Flakes… I think.


I’ve discovered that if I’m going to reuse a bottle, i wash out and use the same flavor back in. If the bottle is a PET type plastic bottle, the flavor rinses out completely with no flavors permeating the plastic. It’s worth a try if you are trying to reuse stuff.


Some bottles, other than glass, just seem to hold on to a flavor. I have a large plastic bowl with a lid that I will fill with warm water and 1/2 a cup of vineger and let them soak for a few days covered.

Try that and see if it helps.


The soft squishy plastics hold on to flavors. The PET is clear and shiny. It’s a hard type crunchy plastic. But when testing juice, the flavor will rinse out completely with water only.


Just ordered 10, 15ml glass dripper bottles. This will not happen again lol


Agreed. The LDPE or whatever the name for the softer bottles do hold on to the flavor. The downside to the PET bottles are that they are hard as you know what.


In my youth perhaps


Suppose it’s better to say the bottles are hard as you know what rather than you know who. The bottles are hard and don’t squeeze well but they do make good tester bottles and ALL flavor is removed with one washing. Those glass dropper bottles are more worthless to me than hen shit on a pump handle.


@Nicotine_River made a comment the other day in a thread about storing flavors if not using glass…
"If you are placing any contents inside of Plastic Bottles HDPE Plastic is always best. Just a helpful tip from the Nicotine River Team! :slight_smile: "


That’s the squishy type tho isn’t it? I’m referring to the PET type. It’s crystal clear and hard as you know what. Most of the venders are using this type plastic rather than glass to avoid breakage and to lower shipping cost.


that would piss me off


I know the bottles you speak of and Wizard labs just changed all their flavor bottles to those recently. I actually like those bottles a lot.

P.S. Cancelled the glass order in favor of the PE bottles for testing. Thanks for the tip.


Decided to store my flavors in glass bottles. :+1:
Decided to start mixing by weight instead of volume. :+1:
Ordered glass bottles with regular caps instead of dropper tops. :rolling_eyes:


I cut jalapeños without gloves then rolled up some cotton for wicks. Yucko surprise.