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What Stupid Thing did you do today


LMFAO, bet that was SPICY.


Ok, so this happened about 6 years ago but I thought I would share. This was before I did any diy liquid, and was simply trying to buy eliquid in larger quantities to save money. At the time you could only buy bottles in 10ml …for $10. I found a website where I could purchase by the litre!! Oh joy!!
I got 1L of Canadian tobacco, and 1/2L of menthol.
The tobacco one was ok, 60/40 24mg.
The menthol one didn’t have the nic strength or the pg/vg % on the bottle. Oh well I thought, I’ll give it a try.
Loaded up a shitty old ce4 clearomizer (fine gear at the time). Sat back to relax with a nice menthol vape. As I took my first draw I noticed something was wrong. My lung started to feel cold, I stoped inhaling and blew out the vapor…I could feel it behind my eyes!!! It was like EXPERIENCING menthol. Hard to describe but, exerything was menthol! Each breath I took for five minutes after, was pure menthol. It was HORRIBLE!
I had purchased menthol flavouring, not e-liquid.
Lesson learned…don’t be an idiot.


A while ago I was rubbing in some icy/hot on my calf and knee and I really needed to pee. Guess what happened?


Reminds me of the comedy bit that Eddie Murphy did about his cousin getting caught washing his pecker off in the sink after discovering he shouldn’t have put a certain type of cologne on his privates! :rofl:


OMG, I’m laughing so hard right now.


i added 17ml of PG to my mix instead of VG.


I was getting ready to add the nic I store it in 30 ml amber bottles, so I decided to stir it up a little, so I use my little mixer mix it up pull it out of the nicotine bottle and accidentally hit the button on the mixer ( I was wearing shorts) and nicotine sprayed all over my legs ( freaking genius huh?)


Are you okay?


Last weekend I was mixing up a few recipes when i dripped 100mg nic onto my finger.

Being an idiot i licked my finger thinking it was flavoring…

Nicotine sickness is real and very unpleasant. Laid in bed for a few hours afterward and didn’t feel normal til the next day.

Still can’t figure out why I licked my finger with gloves on. The wife still says I should have went to the ER.


Glad you’re OK. That stuff can be very bad news if not handled properly.


Then I made another bottle of juice , and forgot the nic so added 12 mg as usual and later decided to taste test some so, I load some up on my wick hit it nice and hard and almost threw up I forgot to mix the juice after adding the nic which I might add was 100% VG base so all 12 mg of the nic of course was on top I didn’t need to vape for the rest of that night!


just went to top of one of my boreas tanks with TBCC (tobacco strawberry caramel cream) and grabbed my roomies western tobacco + menthol bottle instead, which I hate. dumped that tank right in the trash lol.


Hey Fresh
did you read my stupid thing I did? Uhh… from one idiot to another tasting
straight nic sux! I felt so sick I don’t want to do that again!



Poked my finger with wire, while making coils " Again " !!!


Coiling is war. I have shed blood for my RTAs, RDAs. Sometimes I will start a coiling session by poking a piece of wire directly under my fingernail, just to set the tone for what’s to come.


Well this was yesturday but i called in sick to wait for vapemail and didnt realize it was a holiday and no mail easter monday… Face palm… Lol


Did you call in today too?


I called in to pick my wife up at the airport yesterday she doesn’t
fly in that day it’s today so I had to take today off too


My Dripbox 160 was spitting juice so I used a q tip to clean the tip. It loosened the mouth filter unbeknownst to me so when I took a hit it fell onto my coil and melted. :scream:


Not a stupid thing from today, but a stupid thing from last year.
My first rta, the griffin 22. First rewicking, could not find the wick retainer ring after cleaning the tank. Dug through the garbage can, searched inside and outside for it. Assumed I had lost it or it had gone down the drain. Atty continued to work fine, except some leaking, changed coils and rewicked until replacement arrived from heaven gifts.
Put new coils in, new wick retainer ring, primed, etc. Put chimney and top on and got an atomizer short.
Took it apart and missing wick retainer ring sitting on top of new one. :astonished: