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What Stupid Thing did you do today


I almost choked on my coffee when the tornado sirens went off at 1:45. As far as I’ve ever known they test 12pm on Wednesday. The cats were unperturbed, the weather is too cold for tornadoes so I turned on the TV to see, yeah it’s just a state wide test. It’s not so much what stupid thing I did but what stupid thing the State Emergency System almost did to me. :confounded:


Lol didnt have too she showed uon before i needed to leave lol


I got up before 8:00 AM :expressionless:


Well today I was mixing and my scale set to oz lost a lot of ingredients
on that stupid move :cry:


My friend from work ordered a wismec predator kit, his first decent mod and dropped it in a lake the day after it was delivered. I don’t even think his coil got broke in. :cry:


Apparently that was God telling him to get a better mod.


I just knocked this off the table with my elbow and in shear reflex panic I broke its fall with my bare foot …
The mod and tank are fine but I’m farely certain I’ll never walk again…:dizzy_face:


Is that a four battery mod with a 10ml giant tank on top? I bet you said “aww, shucks” when it hit your foot.


“oh darn it that’s gonna smart”…or something like that…

Then my head exploded and all the windows shattered…and I now have 2 big toes on the same foot


Holy shit dude… I carry mine around to use for weight training… I don’t even want to think about how bad that must hurt. :weary:


on a scale of 1 to 10?..about ninety twelve…

I’m walking like Keyser Söze …only much less cooler…


That picture… So wrong, but so good


I’m having someone take a look at it…it just doesn’t look right to me at all…


Probably a good call, that does look slightly swollen.


Think I might lose that nail too…


Reminds me of Full Metal Jacket. Something about being a Modern Art Masterpiece.


Had a brain fart and put a .12 build on a noisy cricket 1 that was a very rowdy single hit lol calculates out to 588 w a little higher than I usually vape at.


It is an experience not worth repeating huh? I did it once…once. Lol. I went from a reclining position to standing straight up on the floor in about .5 seconds. After the hit my wife ask me why was I staring at the ceiling. I told her I was talking to God. :laughing:


Yup pretty much the same thing lol - funny afterwards not so good immediately afterwards.


I think I let my NC sit for about two weeks before I tried it again. Scared the crap out of me. And it took that long to get moisture back in my mouth.