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Working Xcube 2 update software and Tutorial


I’m at work right now so I’m not in front of my computer but does the drop-down menu say on chip configuration or last configuration? Because I would try it with the on-chip configuration to see if that would help


Tried both no go…


is it only the 1.093? Man that’s pretty f***ed up!?!


It sounds to me as you have some kinda of data left on your chip? Like something that isn’t being removed by the wipe?!
I can verify these files work. Not only have others used them, I have as well, so I can check that as not being the issue, so it comes down to something with your chip.

Can you do me a favor and screen shot the app when you plug in your cube before/after the wipe so I can see your config settings and then click on SETTING under config bits and screen shot all that info to me? That is of course if you want to :wink:
Just PM me


I know what’s wrong… it’s from Smok… a piece of shit. Inconsistency should be used when describing an xcube2. I can’t believe people still roll the dice on these mods.

Man I wish you luck. If you ever get it sorted out I wouldn’t try another upgrade. My 1st xcube still has the 1.080 update and that’s where I’m leaving it.


Well yes we know this but in the mean time he owns it, so we might as well try to get it sorted if we can. Smoke certainly isn’t trying for the people that have had issues.

We should be able to completely reset to default settings/chip but without seeing it in front of me, it’s hard to say what to change where


I appreciate all you do to help users get their xcubes up and running. Smok should put you on their payroll and give you title like, their Official XCube2 Ambassador or something like that.


Or Beta Test Coordinator. Seriously, I commend you on the good work you’ve done helping so many people.

I personally have an x cube II that I had been holding off on updating specifically because the updater tool was only listed as beta. Working in the tech industry, I know that beta means that the product is known likely to have some issues and comes with very little support. Not saying I agree with Smok’s rollout and support decisions and I feel sorry for the people like pro_vapes that have had to endure it. I think Smok’s biggest fail though was just pulling the stable release version before fully testing and debugging the beta. I’m still a happy 1.08 user at the moment. Hopefully the issues are just software related and new releases will correct this in the future. The longer they delay on those fixes for users with broke products is just bad PR and lost trust and future revenue.


I agree with you 100% :smile:

At least it is update-able and hopefully it is all sorted because of it!
I myself do not care for Smok’s products, I’m not saying they are all bad, just that they aren’t for me. I’m happy with my 2 cubes but I’m less then thrilled with the tfv4. I’ll stick with my 2 cubes for now and I don’t see myself buying any more of their products. Only because they don’t interest me.
I figured since I was one of the fortunate ones that hasn’t had any issues with my two, I could use them as the “control” to help if and where I can.
I am far from an expert with anything inside this russian roulette mod, nor do I care to be! BUT if someone’s settings are off or they can’t use the new update tool like me, then at least I can do my duty as part of the fam and share!


@DarthVapor what do you not like about the TFV4 and what do you prefer. I gotta say even the worst stock coil I have used (4 coil) had been superior in flavor to all but my Plume Veil with a delrin chimey. I’ve got a bad flavor in my Bellus I just don’t like Japanese cotton…gotta try to get it running on hemp before I go a travelling for another week. My steeped juice supply is on life support and I’ve got to work over the weeked. I’m starting to freak out a little.

Need that “what can I make” function to work! Lol.


I must tread carefully here… I know the TFV4 is loved by many…

I personally do not care for it as a whole, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I hate it. I’m just happy that I won it and not bought it.
For me I don’t care for the design and how clunky it is. Even filling it can be a chore, unless you have a needle tip bottle and everything seems so…loose?
I personally don’t think the flavor I get from the uber expensive stock coils is all that great. Sure you can pull down some huge clouds but it has that slight off taste to it that dare I say, I think is from the fact they are kanthal. This is my first sub ohm tank I have used that has kanthal and I can more than taste the difference! For the insane prices they ask for these things, they could at the very least use stainless steal. My first triple coil didn’t even last a week before it started to turn…at $5 a coil that is unacceptable I’m sorry.
Before I get pounced on, yes I know that using the rba is the way to go with this tank but I have already explained why I do not.
The thing is a bear to break down and clean and put back together…I am an insanely busy guy this time of the year and the next 8 months, so simplicity is something I look for in a tank and the TFV4 is not it.
Thankfully my hinge on the top doesn’t pop open on me…yet…but I can’t imagine having to use the band on it everyday and I hope to God I won’t have to.
You ask me what I prefer and I prefer my crowns. I don’t want this to turn into a crown vs tfv4 debate, because that is a endless battle.
For me the crown is literally everything I want…need…out of a tank. It is ridiculously simple, built solid, easy to clean and the stock coils are hands down the best I have ever seen. I spend $7 for 5 .25 SS coils that last me 1-2 months easily and I can recycle them.
The top fill feature is spacious, allowing for quick and easy refills. Again…simple.
For the price of 1 tfv4 I can buy 2 crowns and still have $ left to buy a pack of coils.

For me it is more than just clouds and flavor I look for in a tank and as much as I love big, complex pieces of tech, I need something easy, simple and solid.

Again this is only my opinion and what I personally prefer for my needs. I am not saying that the crown is the best tank for everyone or that the tfv4 is bad, just simply not for me.
Even if I had the time to build I still wouldn’t use it , because it is more than just the clouds.

I have seen a lot of talk about how people can taste the kanthal in their tanks and I never understood this until I used the tfv4. I don’t necessarily taste the metal, it is something I can’t really explain…almost a slight harshness or something.

Personally I don’t believe there will be another tank that checks all the boxes for me. There may be new tanks that produce bigger, more flavorful clouds in the future but I can’t see it being as simple and well crafted as the 3 easy parts the crown is made of.

More power to you if you are in love with the tfv4! Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all! We all have our own needs and expectations when it comes to equipment and there isn’t a right or wrong.

So in a nut shell that’s about it…I do love my 2 xcubes and I haven’t had issues, but there isn’t anything else that smok has that interests me. I believe they need to slow the hell down, take a few steps back and revaluate their products before shoveling out more. The cube has the potential to be their flagship mod if they would take the time to improve upon the issues, but they are already throwing out another mini?? With all the issues people are having, they make another cube instead of working on the one that is already out…this makes no sense to me.


Cool man, thanks for that writeup. This isn’t a debate, you like what you like. I have a crown and a billow v2 in the mail, but I plan on building them both.

I understand about checking boxes. Simply put, it has to fit your life. I don’t have time for stuff that doesn’t work or is inconvenient either. I think the Bellus may end up on the sidelines because it’s hard to build for me, no hemp, and it can be really, really messy.

I’m really looking forward to my DNA200 for the simple fact I dont have to carry batteries and a charger while I travel. Daily use that sucks for me, I want to swap Batts and go…anyway, I’m sure most, if not all get what you are saying. People on here all seem to understand the way opinions work, unlike seemingly the entire rest of the net. Hence my “feeling the love” post in the pub.

btw, I HATE-hate the 4 coil tfv4 while others think it is the best. That thing tastes WAY wrong to me. The 3 coils is best slightly over the 6, which uses a bit more power for a bit less flavor to me. I have a pretty notorious palate amongst friends and coworkers, but I just can’t taste kanthal, TFV4 Ti dual coil…meh. I’m serious about the palate, my desk coffee grinder costs $1500. I’m origin picky on vanilla beans, as I bet you are. I buy only one very particular fish sauce, hoisin, you get it. I think maybe I dont taste metal because I run over 50% PG and always have? All of my 100% VG have been sink fodder, maybe because my flavors are all PG? Anyway, yeah, opinions, keep -em coming. Btw, FWIW in my experience hemp outlasts ANY cotton by 3-4x. Might make it worth trying a build.

Hell I’ll PIF you some hemp and a Ti coil for your deck if you want…when I return to the US. I’d leave the Ti straight now that I think of it, it wouldn’t withstand shipping even in an unsecured box.


Exactly. What I look for is great flavor, good cloud production and a question - is it rebuildable? I refuse to pay for stock coils (well except for Nautilus coils) ever again. To me it’s the biggest FU in the vaping industry. Yeah I know, busy. I’m busy too, just not so busy I’ll keep paying to use my tank after I bought it. So with my TFV4 I used the 3 coils head that came with it. Not impressed. The quad coil is still in the package. I went straight to the RBA and won’t look back. But as you said it’s all about preference anyway, and I will add it’s also what a person feels is right for them in their own personal economy. Some people have no issues buying stock coils, and if they are working for them and helping them stay off smoking, well where’s the argument?

You think you need to tread lightly? What I’m about to say there is no way it won’t offend anyone regardless how I say it, but oh well it’s how I feel. I’m not convinced the problems are nearly as widespread as we’re being led to believe. Why do I say this? Because of my experiences helping family and friends with their computer issues. We would talk on the phone or whatever, I would hear their problem. I would ask questions and try to diagnose (with their input via phone, text, email, etc) but when these methods failed, I would find a way to get my hands on their computer. Then I discovered TeamViewer and from that point on, would refuse to help without it. You can’t or won’t download it, or have no internet…sorry, take it to Geek Squad then.

Point is, far more times than not, once I got my hands on the computer I would find it was user issues. Either something they were or weren’t doing, or their failure to understand/follow instructions. The xCube is not a mech mod, or some simple click and vape device and in my opinion is either for the advanced, tech minded user, or for tech-minded user who doesn’t mind a learning curve. Now put away your Gatling Gun because I’m not calling anyone stupid. I just feel due to my experiences that until I get my hands on a “bad” one, I’m not going to condemn SMOK for producing a shitty product. When I first got mine I thought they did just that. But the fact is I had a lot to learn about it and had just gotten into temp control. Again, I don’t need to hear from anyone how they’ve been using TC since i was in diapers, I’m sharing MY experience. But out of that experience I learned one important fact, and that is if I didn’t grasp some of the temp control concepts and wasn’t already a bit of a geek, I would have thrown my xCube II into the river and trashed them like everyone else. So yeah, I really want to mess around with some of these problem mods to see if I could remedy a problem, but I don’t think everyone who reports issues is full of crap, so please don’t kick my ass.


we have to be honest and agree that some user’s just aren’t doing things correctly… not to piss anyone off but also some nubies just buy them cause well…just cause… and don’t know alot about the variations that can come with mods this technical?


I wasn’t going to say it but I completely agree :wink:

And about stock coils, yes, busy is an understatement for me!! I know I am spending more $ buying my crown coils and I am totally good with that. It is $1.20 a month for me and I can live with that! For a guy that works 3am-midnight, 7 days a week for 8 months straight I have no other choice. $1.20 a month vs $9 a week or more for stinkies is a no brainer!
But Ill be damned if I’m going to pay $25 for tfv4 coils! Once what I have is gone, the tank will sit on my shelf until off season when I can twist.


True. But also let me add that I’m not saying SMOK sent a great product out that was flawless across the board. Hell I’m having big time difficulties getting SS coils to stay in TC mode. I don’t know why but I’ll figure it out eventually. Is it my builds, my wire, the mod? Who knows, but I don’t think it’s time to start trashing the mod and SMOK, screaming from the rooftops that this stupid thing is useless in SS mode…pejorative, pejorative. No, until I know for certain I’m not doing anything wrong I’ll ask for help, retry, study, and then only after exhausting every conceivable troubleshooting effort, will make any conclusion about the mod’s ability to work in TC with SS. @daath has his working and I can only imagine I will too eventually. But how many people (and I’m not talking about just here) are out there trashing the mod because they don’t know what they’re doing or how to troubleshoot, etc? My guess is a very high number.


Dude if I had your schedule I would be the same way. Sometimes my work get totally nuts too, but the big difference is I work from home. So first off I vape all day every day at my leisure, and second all my mods and stuff are always within reach. If I had to leave the house for the entire day I would need to be able to vape and go, and that would mean stock coils I’m sure. Or 5 mods hauled back and forth every day :frowning:


My XCube 2 works flawlessly with TC in SS mode, even better after 1.093 as I don’t have to adjust ohms anymore. The Koopor Plus though, I can’t get that to stay in TC mode with SS - jumps back to wattage after a 2 second pull… Ohms are off on that as well - It reads as 0.32o but the coils should be 0.25o - the XCube reads it as 0.26o. Adjust ohms can’t adjust that big a difference…

@SthrnMixer, have you tried adjusting ohms down on you SS?


there are only a few of us that seem to have had success with them so I can say for sure that they have sent out bad one’s I just wish for some they would Smok would be more supportive for those that truly are bad…


Or, there are far fewer of us technically minded enough to figure out issues or enlist the help of technically minded people to use what is essentially a very complex mod in terms of comparison.

I’m going to say that if anyone has one of these mods and you think it’s a brick. You don’t want it, and don’t want to try and sell it, you can send it to me. I’ll tinker with it and try to make it work. If I can, I will tell you what I did. You can either send me a shipping label to send it back, or I will buy it from you if we agree on a price. Pretty fair offer if you’re not going to seek out customer service from SMOK and don’t feel like fooling with it anymore. Plus this would satisfy my suspicions.