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Working Xcube 2 update software and Tutorial


I think mine runs in tc fine I did have to adjust the tcor but after that it's fine it blows that about half of the owners got screwed you would think by now Smok would have FIXED this issue!!!!!!


I can’t argue this statement at all. The honest truth is Smok made a mod that is entirely too complicated for the average user. They somehow forgot that people need electronics that are USER FRIENDLY. I have to question whether Smok knows the definition of user friendly. When it comes to this App and having to buy Ti upgrade, ect, I find this to be just plain BS. What we have here is a company who can not get the dollar signs out of their eyes and in their rush to make the dollars didn’t even perfect their App and equipment. This spells disaster for both the user, and in the end, for Smok. Smok better learn the meaning of user friendly real quick or they are gonna put themselves out of business…


I also think that what seems to be about half of them are just plain fkd up broken pieces of shit plain and simply junk and they should be FIXING IT idk how but it's necessary to save their name sake.....


Now that I have filed a claim with paypal, efun finally replied to my video post after a week. I replied twice with 2 separate links but look at how they replied back.

Are they really this stupid or are they being a smart ass.

BTW, they haven’t replied to PayPal yet.


I'm glad your at least gonna get your refund 😉


I'm still pursuing my refund. They haven't settled yet. I'm into my 3rd week. They are dragging their feet and obviously trying play dumb.


That’s true, and I don’t think anyone has done that. On the other hand, to say that everyone who is having problems fully understands what they’re doing and it’s all the mod is another joke. You and I both know full well there are people out there who just have no grasp of anything techy. Hell those are the people who could never get their clocks set on their VCR or figure out how to set up Chromecast. Why would the cube be any different? And to compare this mod to other TC’s is also a joke. That’s like comparing a VCR with Chromecast :smile:

If this was Pioneer4You or Innoken I would agree. SMOK did save their name with this mod because of prior mods - their name was Mudd and that continues. You’re probably right about 1/2 of them being crap too.

I vote for dragging their feet. If what has been suggested is they had runs of production where nothing but junk was made, those units are likely getting sent out in batches. In that case efun.top may have a buttload of them they’ve sold and are dealing with many cases of refunds at once. No excuse, but makes sense to me.


Um no…TC mode with stainless steel.

I would hope if I was only using it in wattage mode that it would work or these would all be completely different conversations…


We are talking about a TC mod that’s not working as advertised. Techys have problems too. If this was a laptop or new smartphone then your statement would make sense. You have to cheat on every setting to make it work. Please tell me what is working as advertised?

That’s a matter of opinion. I had an M80 and I was happy with it… not for the TC though.


What's working as advertised? For me everything but SS wire. I've tried everything I can think of to make TC work with SS but no success. I'm not sure if I got good SS wire though. I'm not familiar with it, but what I ordered was 2 types - both 316L, one 24 ga and the other 26ga. I have no way to measure these wires but they look the same size to me. Also, the thicker, 24ga is soft. It's soft like nickel. I don't think it's possible that it could be SS and be that malleable, but then again like I said I'm not familiar with SS wire. Is there a process whereby SS can be made soft like this? I don't know but until I can find some SS wire that can be verified as true SS and try it again, I can't trash the Cube about it. And if I did get some and SS worked in TC mode properly, then I would answer your question that everything is working as advertised.

Edit - I should have said the wire that's supposed to be thicker instead of the thicker wire. They're both the same size as far as I can tell.


You stated before that you have to cheat on the TCoR and it doesn't read the correct ohms and you had app problems. Making it work and working as advertised is 2 different things.

For a lot of people setting the EXCube by the book doesn't work. I don't see any advantages of all the user controlled setting with the EXCube. There are pages and pages of what users have done to make it work.

Good TCMs work right out of box.

Most TCMs work just as well with 0 headaches.


When I first got it I was unfamiliar with some concepts such as coefficient and how to properly build coils for TC. So there was a learning curve for me. Now that I know more what I'm doing everything is great. TCoR for Ti stays to default and I have no app issues. Everything but SS is working as it should and all problems I had getting to this point (except for SS) turned out to be errors on my part, not the mod. I've tried fixing my SS issues by playing with coefficient, watts, app versions, everything. But no go. So you're right, I've cheated trying to make it work...previously when I was doing coil building wrong, and with SS trying to make it work. Point is I can't be the only one who had a properly functioning mod and thought it was broken simply because I didn't know what i was doing. So either I'm an idiot with a terrible mod and just too dumb to know it, or I had a good mod, made mistakes and didn't get good results, learned and found it was actually a good mod. I'm fine with whatever anyone thinks is the case.

Oh and I'm not 100% sure about this, but....there are various grades of TI and SS wire. Is the coefficient the same for all grades of either type? I don't know but I doubt it seriously. Will the default coefficient be ok if there is a difference and you swap grades? Maybe. Either way I think it is quite forward thinking to make it possible for the user to adjust this setting so as to fine tune their experience. Most TCM's might work right out of the box, but most don't have that option either. Good or bad? You decide.


My guess is no. I have some titanium alloy wire - and the default Ti-coefficient definitely doesn’t apply to that… Grade 1 and 2 should be the same though. As for SS, my guess is that 316 and 317 are more or less the same…


Thanks Lars.@daath Did you read my earlier post about the SS wire I got? I was saying that I got two sizes, but that one is very malleable - just like Nickel. Do you think I may have gotten something besides 316L and that's why I can't get TC to work? I have a strong suspicion that is the case, but it vapes like a mad dog on VW mode.


It does sound a little weird - If you can't get it to work in SS that might be the reason...
My SS is 317 and it's very stiff and springy.


I bet you tell that to all the boys :wink:

Hehe, sorry....I kinda felt like this thread needed a little humor





I have witnessed, from being one of the first cube owners since its release, is, the people I know that have had issues vs non-issues have been on a very similar timeline. The few friends I have that own one and bought it the same time I did have no issues with their TC. The people I know that are having issues purchased them later, more specifically around the release of the black one.
Now this could all be a coincidence but this pattern is a little to consistent to be one I think... Maybe there was a "bad" batch and maybe there wasn't? Maybe I am not having any issues because I am using stock SS coils? Maybe, maybe, maybe....who knows? It is obvious that no one really does and we will continue to go back and forth at each other with no resolve....
Yes I believe some of the issues are user related, only because I have had the chance to help a friend at work get his operating correctly. I also believe there are cubes out there that for whatever reason do not work for people and everyone starts fighting with each other to find out why.
I guess what I am saying is, there are way to many variables here to just lump it into one reason, the easiest one being Smok. I am by no means defending them, for I do not love them or hate them, I just see that not every issue is created equal.
Smok not replying to people or helping them with their TC issues, as shitty as it appears, may just be because they don't even know yet? Maybe they are silent because, until they can figure out the reason they quite frankly have nothing to say and (hopefully) are working tirelessly to find a solution?
Meanwhile we are starting to go back and forth in heated debates and that anger towards the issue is starting to be directed between the users in a finger pointing battle that has no end...
I'm not talking about anyone specifically, nor only on ELR, just that it doesn't seem to be going anywhere and nothing is resolved.
I wish I had the answers and I feel sympathy for the people that can not get theirs to work but I do not know of anyone who is having problems that isn't a veteran vaper or isn't tech savy.
That being said, the people I know who are having issues, are people with their own builds and not the people like me who are using a stock coil.
Please do not take that as me saying it is their fault and their builds because I am not. Maybe the chip just wasn't designed correctly to take in account all the different wire grades, materials, builds and what not, so it all goes wrong? Again...speculation. All roads lead to one big ? ending in one big WTF!
I don't want this to be a stock coil vs builds debate but has anyone had these issues using a stock coil? I am genuinely curious?
Maybe if I grabbed some Ti/SS and twisted up I would be having the same issues as the rest of you?
Maybe Smok was so smug that they designed it to be flawless with their tanks and their ridiculously expensive TC coils and didn't bother testing all the other variables that are brought to the table when people build their own?
Again...who knows?
Yes it shouldn't matter if it is a stock or a build, especially when 75% of the people build anyways and is by no way the consumer's fault for doing so

@daath, I know your setup is similar if not the same as mine. Do you use the crown stock coils on your cube or your builds?


You're right and that's what's so confusing because my builds work on all my other TCMs with no issues as long as they are built within spec.. It's more of the reason I feel some of these mods are really screwed up. And with last purchase not working at all.


Of course this shouldn't be the case but I am really curious to do a side by side comparison. A stock SS coil against a similar SS build on the same mod and see what happens?
Generally the people who build do not buy stock coils and vice versa so maybe it is a good way to narrow down the cause of the issue? What we would do with the result if this were the case, I am not sure but at least we would have something more concrete?

Until someone comes forward saying they are having the same issue using a stock coil I'm willing to bet this could very well be the reason. I really wish I had the time to sit and test this theory and trial and error different builds/resistance to see if there is a window of success one way or another...sadly I do not. I will in august of 2016 though! haha