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You know you're a vaper when


He can be the manager :laughing:


I’m already trying to manage @VapeyMama when it comes to Dike Tones with little or no success…


Keep trying, honey. :wink:


Working on it as we speak :wink:


YKYAVW…when you are watching a movie and you have to rewind it because you missed that boobie shot 'cuz your cloud blocked it out.


Y. K. Y. A. V. W I wished this was an article on Battery Mooch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good one bro :+1:
Totally miss the emojis


Thanks bro. Same here


YKYAVW not only have you googled how many ml. are in a gallon (3785.412), but you’ve also checked how many ounces of flavoring you would need to make your current, favorite ADV.


YKYAVW you spend hours of your free time doing flavor shootouts late into the night, and then go to bed and dream about all of the new flavor combos! :laughing:

(I guess more specifically, that’s how you know you’re a DIY vaper :wink: )


You know your a vaper when you can’t see your cat sitting on your lap. Maybe I should have gotten a tabby instead of a saimese…

You know your a vaper when you open the dishwasher and find an Aegis.

You know your a vaper when you plan your wardrobe around your mods/attys.


thats truly a YKYAVW thing at the highest level , lol great one



…when you can identify the capacity of pretty much any small bottle on sight and have a very decent idea exactly how much juice you just put in your dripper down to the hundreth of a mg by weight…


Lmao you’re not kidding!! I was just thinking about that the other day, I could probably win some kind of eyeballing-measurements contest! :joy:


I see a “bazaar and nearly useless” contest coming. We can entertain family and friends for…minuits.


YKYAVW the only black friday /cyber monday sales you were concerned with were vape related smdh


YKYAVW you restring your kid’s toy ukulele with 24 gauge ss316l wire… :laughing:


I used 26g Kanthal as a replacement hinge pin to fix a carburetor float once. Worked too. I’ve also tried to drink my mod and vape my beer.


I think we’ve all been there after a few beverages…