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You know you're a vaper when


Anyone ever try to vape their phone? Just me…?


YKYAV…when lunch break just takes too much time away from all those cloudzBROcloudz


I tried to simplify and get rid of some things last week. Now I’m waiting on three deliveries.


Possibly… :nerd_face:

I’ve also tried to put my phone to sleep by clicking the button 5 times. Word to the wise, on an iPhone, that brings up that “Quick SOS” thing. LoL.


I have reached for my wine glass in the morning instead of my coffee cup. :wine_glass::coffee:


Yeah me too, but that’s always intentional. :wink:


And then thinking “I wonder how many watts it would take to…” or “hrmmmm, now how do we keep the cotton in the hole in place while we fill the uke…”


YKYAVW you can have a discussion involving metals and wire gauge and type and use the words “pallet”, “fragrance” and/or “aroma”. That actually happened to me on the cruise. I was in the cigar lounge during some rough weather discussing how coils and flavor with this guy. A woman walked in and asked if we were talking about wine.


When you bore the crap out of the guy you give a ride to work to for an hour each way talking vape-ese to him…and you don’t care. :grin::grin::grin:
He’s never smoked, but he might start vaping just to SHUT ME UP!


That’s me, 100%. I’ll bore vapers with all my vape talk…


When you get out of your car and a paper towel falls out of your lap.


Paper towel falling out of lap when getting out of a car?

Vaping doesn’t come to mind , but

Were you blowing your nose before you got here, might have a cold. Don’t shake hands.

We’re you eating ribs on your way here? If so where are my ribs ? Don’t shake hands might have sticky fingers

Do I really want to know what you were using the paper towel for on a safe side dont shake hands . Might have stink finger .


I keep a clean towel, paper towel or tissue with me. For RDAs, when you purge, it leaves residue on the top of your mod. For RTAs and subohm tanks the towels and such come in handy for weeping or the occasional refill and you have juice around the cap.


Of course some people may have a 100% success rate with never dropping a smidgen of juice…ever.


And please don’t take offense, I am just yanking your chain a bit.


Oh your so good at the yanking part! :heart_eyes:


Use tanks when away from home.

Troll leaked worse that the titanic. Nice flavor but got retired when I got the tfv8

Really enjoyed building the coils on the tfv4 and the troll.

@Cutlass92 showed me a nice little tank that can be both. Okay maybe one option ain’t so little…


But the clouds bro!


Maybe I’m just sloppy when driving. I’ve noticed since vaping, paper towels have become my preferred clean up necessity. Matter of fact, I’ve always got some close by.


I’m just joking with ya. I got napkins in the glove box. To clean the drip tip from time to time.

But not in my lap. That’s reserved for my wife’s :raised_back_of_hand:

Nope not what your thinking @Cutlass92