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You know you're a vaper when


YKYAVW you need more than 3 trips to clear your nightstand of mods, attys, juice, cotton and wire to your “vape station”…

…for that matter, you have a “vape station”.

Just wanted to add: 1st post here, hope to get to know you all better in future!


Welcome @Capt_Frootloops!
I’ve outgrown my “vapestation”. I need a second house complete with it’s own set of vape-tools that aren’t to be shared with any other activities.


Good to have you here :grin:


I shook my bottle of beer today idiot or what? lol


Something I’ve come to realise lately…YKYAVW when someone see’s your Mod and asks…'Oh do you vape?"…and the answer of ‘Yes’…just doesn’t seem to cut it…
I feel an almost incessant need to go into an in-depth conversation with them about vaping…and mixing…and building…like they need to know that I don’t just… ‘Vape’

“Do I vape??..Oh I vape…how dare you”…

Has anyone else experienced this…:worried:


How did it vape though, was it smooth? :joy:

OMG! YES! It may be because compared to most of the youngin’s who vape around this area, I look like an elderly hippy. It’s not “Oh hey! You vape?” It’s “Uuuh…you vape?” With a look like I’ve got two heads. Makes me want to get a cane just to brandish it threateningly at people.


Exactly that!!..lmaoo…oh good…not on my own then :laughing:


Rotten kids. :neutral_face:


I Have Had Just About Enough of You !!


I do the exact same thing


yeah smooth with side notes of stupidity and obsession with DIYing


When you try to used cigarette and not happy with the smoke.



you need a new cell phone and say to your self i could wait , then buy vape stuff smh ( i really need a new phone )


Yes… I’ll bring it up in conversation and then notice their eyes glaze over…and I try to stop talking but I can’t.


Pfffbt. Easy, not a dilemma at all.

How can I tell you ask?
Does the phone work? (99% chance that’s a yes.)
MOAR vape goodies!! =D

So for me, that would mean a ton more flavors I could have! You want a real dilemma? Try limiting your choice of flavors and vendors. Pfffbt. :laughing:


true but barely


Your friends think your on making meth, because your mixing station has turned into a lab to rival the 3M company’s.
You buy Nic by the gallon.
You buy VG by the barrel.
You’re on a first name basis with most flavoring companies.
You have F&F (flavors & fragrance industry) magazines in your bathroom.


Does it recognize vapey words like diacetyl and diketones when you’re typing? Because that’s what really matters.


I always think of diketones as a name for an all girl band lol


It’s one of @Norseman 's favorite words. :laughing: