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You know you're a vaper when


YKYAV… “what is this nonsense spelled backwards?” …then it sits in, …that’s when I knew I was a vapor, I was a mist cloud floating along, like a fart in the wind


I always have paper towels handy. I use a handkerchief as well. One of my mods is usually wrapped in the hanky. I carry at least 2 mods with me, the small one is wrapped up lovingly in my fanny pack (yes, I said it). I dont want purse or fanny pack debris in my drip tip, or juice all over my other things. The other is in a holster with a juice bottle next to it.

Because I only use RDAs, I am always wiping my mods, attys, sometimes hand, and blotting pants or shirt… I could go on…

A paper towel or hanky also comes in handy so my mods don’t rattle around in the car cup holder, and to wipe that down as well.

First Steam Crave Aromamizer Experience

Theres a lot of stuff going on in your response… I…i don’t know where to start…
hanky…fanny pack… holster… its got everything


I carry a lot of stuff to have fun with. I NEED my stuff or I will be naked. I will not leave the house without a mod, juice, and at least one knife.
I once found 4 knives in my purse after I didnt clean it for a while, that was not including the one on my belt and one in my pocket.


I do a laundry load of vape rags. I got tired of “wasting” paper towels so i cut up some old socks, long undies, etc and use those.


Doesn’t the fumunda cheese give it an odd flavor?


You’ve been missed bud!
Good to see you posting again! Hope all is well.


Gibbs’ Rule 9.


YKYAVW…you go to the gun range…run through a box of shells…and immediately think “these empty shell holders can make a decent atty holder…” :thinking:


I love it!!!


I’m gonna have to keep a few next time I go!


Hey you better be careful though! Someone might get triggered!


YKYAVW… You take your teenage daughter to the makeup store and instantly head over to section with cotton pads.


Start looking for something in cabinets or small compartments like your car, and you have at least 1 or 2 bottles clinking or banging around in.

when you have friends over and they ask, “what are all these bottles for?”

When you go the department store, solely on organizing your vape collection

You see a food recipe (like a dessert or candy) and start trying to calculate the percentages for conversion to vape recipes. (Snickers, cheerios, zebra cake, wawa salted caramel and mt dew pitch black)

“watch, wallet, keys and vape.” before walking out.


You gotta go to the hair dye section and get some rayon.


Oh, I see, you’re one of those RAYON people. I used rayon for awhile. A friend bought one of those giant 5,000,000 ft rolls from Sally Beauty Supply and gave me a big ball that lasted quite awhile.He still tries to give me more, for some reason I just prefer Puff brand cotton. Oh and thanks for the gloves, you can keep the leopard print latex bodysuits :astonished:


Yes I am one of those people! I get a flavor from cotton, and I have tried lots! They just all taste off.


I hear ya. Most brands of cotton I get an off flavor too. And I am sure you know I was teasing about rayon. I have no problem with rayon and would happily use it with no complaints if I needed to rewick and someone handed me some. Its a good wicking material.




Who else says “Where my vape at?” when you can find it, or do you call it something else?