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You know you're a vaper when


All the time.




YKYAVW you meet up with some friends you haven’t seen in a while, and when they ask what’s new you have to really fight the urge to tell them all about your new ejuice recipe.


YKYAVW you go into a B&M, look at their stock and say “Got a recipe for that and that. Cloned that. I’ve made better. Who doesn’t have a recipe for that? Isn’t that just Cap Vanilla Custard!?”


This made me think “I’m amazed no one has created a YKYAMW thread yet!” :laughing:
(You know you’re a mixer when…)

Mixers: a special breed of vapers! :wink:


Your mod has its own pillow. And gets tucked in at night


That is just strange. I used to detatch tank, wipe everything down, and tuck it all in the nightstand drawer, but now I just have a couple on the nightstand.
My mods are bedwetters cause I only use RDAs.


Yep, gets to be like first kid/second kid mentality.


Right right… But is that due to the increased financial burden, or the cumulative IJDGAS anymore? :thinking: :laughing:


Yes, yes it is.


@Bugalien = Oldest Child :crazy_face:

MrsDarc is an oldest child [eyeroll] “very particular” about where everything belongs …especially my everythings :wink: …opposites attract! :heart_eyes:

Oh wait… YKYAVW you refer to yourself as a “Vaper” “
”…I’m a Vaper …I Vape"
preeeetty sure that’s not what the rabid non-smoker’s internal dialog is saying


YKYAVW when the best part of your week is chucking huge clouds out of your parked car window and a Citizen has to walk through it to get into their car door …eyes squinting and nose wrinkled, holding their breath as they are accosted by a heinous cloud of Strawberry Cheesecake …and look of disappointment that they didn’t get to be as offended as hoped. Sweet sweet disappointment…


YKYAVW you are so glad you have the end of that spool of wire secured after you wrapped it up tight. Jeesh! That was a PITA!


@BoDarc Priceless ^^^^ !!!

YKAVW part of your getting ready for bed ritual includes making sure all used mod batts are in the chagers, and fresh batts are loaded back into the mods for the next day.


Busy as heck.
Had to come and see what to watch during some snow days.
Of course that’s all it takes, next thing you know your sucked back in to the site and people here.

Also I’m still vaping like a smoke machine at a rock concert. This will blow your mind but still using my Boraes tanks. Haven’t bought any hardware in what seems like forever. Decided to start paying attention to the new products hitting the page. These boraes tanks can’t last forever. Can they?
Been using the same coils also. Been so long can’t even remember the name of it. Going to have to go back and check some of my previous post and pics to figure out what the hell the name and how I made the damn things.
Vaper for life!!!


Glad things are well, and totally understand about real life “stacking up” on ya!

And hey, if the Boreas are keeping ya happy, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke! :wink: In fact, you might want to see if they make spare glass for it. You know how quickly these companies like to make way for the next “new and improved”… Lol

Appreciate the update, and glad to know all’s well! And always nice to see your smiling mug pop in!


YKYAVW you get nic sick from testing a new tank.

That Geekvape Blitzen I won is doing just great on my first wicking. It is my first RTA and my husband and I both actually like the vape it provides. Being tank haters so far, this tank vapes nothing like the premade coil holding things that just sit idle in my atty stand.

I keep testing, and testing…

Now I need to eat something.:nauseated_face:


Is there a ykyadw thread?
You know you are a dripper when you accidentally drip into tanks you are testing so you can review.

I am a tank hater. I admit. I won a Geekvape Blitzen and it is good, I guess, I have been using it, and testing. I keep accidentally dripping in the drip tip…


YKYADW you can steer around a corner using your knee while driving :sunglasses:


That is a perfect description of anytime I drive, lmao. Love it!