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You know you're a vaper when


You know you’re a vaper when you lose your cat in the fog…Seriously I’m thinking about getting an orange tabby next time. Damn kitten has been easily ambushing me in bed at night.

You know you’re a vaper when you introduce yourself as “the human fog machine”. That was my little nickname on the cruise. Sometimes shortened to foggy.


YKYAVW you’re watching a show like COPS or LivePD, and there’s a smoker, and you hope the po-po tells them they should be vaping instead. Or cringing when the cop says they should quit but says “e-cigs” are no good either. Before I was vaping, I would have probably agreed with him too. A little education goes a long way.

Reminds me, a month or so ago on a LivePD, there was a dude vaping an iPV4s and an Iron Maiden. At the time, the same setup I was using.


This happened to me last night. Was trying out a new RDA and tweaking the DNA settings…then I stood up and thought I was going to puke.
I really need to make some nic-free juice for testing purposes.


fiddling w/ lower build, liking the flavor i am getting but concerned about battery life, damn i gotta lay down for a minute!


I was a cotton-mouthed mofo last night after testing. Drank a bottle of water and felt better almost immediately.


when this catches your attention


YKYAVW your emergency evacuation kit include everything needed to vape for several days.


When you have seriously considered buying a solar panel to charge batteries for “emergency situations”.


I have so had that same thought. :grinning:


Does a 4 port battery charger that plugs into a cigarette lighter count ?


Not if you don’t have a car handy! Lol. I’m talking EEEEMERCENCY!!! Off grid/chemical warfare/maybe EMP Pulse type emergency. Lol (hopefully)


Not only considered, it’s on my save for later list.

You keep a couple of those mods you don’t really like but they have pass through charging and when the shit hits the fan, they’ll work with this.


Emp disables electrical devices…think your device might be out of order.

Thank good for backups without batteries installed


Your back up devices and any electronics you intend to use in a grid down scenario should be stored in a Faraday box, bag or both. I don’t have any yet but I’m aware of the need for such precautions.


Dang need to add a back up battery charger to. Emp disables electrical devises odds are battery charger will probably be plugged in and out of commission.


You NEVER know, … when the shit’s going to hit the fan !!!


@Mizzz_Z_Hobbit + 1


you have a small panic attack when the car window doesn’t go down fast enough because you’ve clam-baked yourself going 65 down a highway


And a bargain for only $40!


YKYAVW you have two Bugout Bags and one is wrapped in grounded sheet metal.