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You know you're a vaper when


TV is on mute when this commercial comes on and you get excited thinking they’re finally advertising vapes on mainstream TV and this one is SO PRETTY! :heart_eyes_cat:


YKYAVW when you post pictures on instragram and the first person that likes it is a vape company that befriended you.


YKYAVW when you go to your car with your xtar vc4 charger to charge batteries when the thunderstorn knocked out your power.


direct to skin inhalation



YKYAVW your glass breaks and you have to wait 4 weeks for a replacement. And you use a backup tank that sucks. Rather then go and buy cigarettes


You have an entire collection of mods, tanks and rdas that haven’t been used in years but refuse to part with them “just in case”.


You have a vape-junk drawer full of stripped orings, glass and grub screws from really crappy equipment



You buy extra tank glass for your favorite RTA in bulk.


when i rebuild this coil with 32 awg :exploding_head:


I shake every thing ! which was no big deal until I shook a whole liter of Coke wasn’t pretty


Ha, I did that twice. And sadly, I ran out of other parts so I can’t use the atty anymore but I sure have plenty of ceramic chambers for it.


What parts so you need?


Iron Maiden RDTA parts


All of them or like o rings and grab screws?


Mostly glass. I could probably source the screw bits easily enough but I’m not short on them. I stocked up on glass and ceramic bits but now they no longer sell the glass, or the whole unit anymore.


So you need glass, do you have a micrometer?


Stop it!!! All the questions!!!


Looks like gearbest has it.


Yeah, discontinued. It hasn’t been available anywhere for a year now easy.