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You know you're a vaper when


Well now, ain’t that special.

Old man, what the hell is your social 2, right behind Jesus with 1. Shit, I may be ugly, but damn shouldn’t you be thinking about getting into heaven? You got damn near both feet in the grave. Be nice so you have a fighting chance.


huh? Guess I’m lost was just jokin round I’m thinking that alhz shit might be getting me after all


I was messing with you too.

Still my number one person for DIY.


Cool, You’re too good of a friend to lose.


:heart: Bromance :heart:


Before you know it they move in together and share a bed :laughing: or at least a bedroom


Yeah, I can see that coming :two_men_holding_hands:


LMAO, you guys are nuts. He is too goid of a friend to lose as well.

Maybe I will dial it down a bit.


Sure. :wink: We understand. :door:


Okay, Mister!!! :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Rofl, I’m okay with one of us being manly, doll


Just because I am a Sailor does not mean I swing that way. However I do not care about your creed, gender, or religion, we protect all. Or Sexual orientation.


Aww, what a wonderful reply :kissing_heart: You melted my heart a little there.


I have my charm sometimes. It exudes when it wants too. It’s got to get through several layers of coffee and crankiness and bluntness. Lol.


Obviously :wink: lol


when you have actually used the phrase “#vapelyfe


:laughing: I totally resemble this remark :laughing:


My brother texted me OMG in response to something…I immediately read it as zero milligrams


When you try like hell to explain something to your SO, and give up. Then say you would not understand it is a vape thing.

Too many times.


You’re just enjoying the flavors while driving and cars pull up to you and ask if you realized you busted a radiator.