3dprinted vape stuff brainstorming

I can def offer all that custom if anyone wanted. Thats no problem but as a production product it would be hard , say if im not the only one selling it


Heres some more of the modular pieces of the rack.The goal being the rack can grow with your flavor stash.

1 Height extender. Adds 4 more racks vertically

2 Angled couplers. 45 degree or 90 degree. This allows you custom build your racks shape to anything you want.

Still a work in progress.


I think i may have to scrap the idea of a color for each flavor brand. Theres just too many flavor brands and not enough colors i can do plus it becomes more expensive needing to buy so many colors. I will probably offer it in a two tone scheme like all black and one other color of choice. The name tags alone tell you what brand it is so a color for each is kind of redundant. I only got the idea because i always appriciated how nomz does it with the color labels.

Heres how its looking. Dont mind the vanilla one , its a prototype. The back has a slide out rack for 4oz bottles.



@STR8V8PING if you printed anything you’re going to toss, just keep it and send it with my package when that time comes. :blush:

AGAIN… Just lmk when you want me to send you some Green Backs! :wink:


Thanks bud, will do lol. Still some time away but things are coming along pretty good so far. I keep making little changes here and there. I can be kind of a perfectionist when it comes to this stuff.

Normally my motto when it comes to designing 3dprinted products is keep it small. The rack def goes against that but i what i been doing now is reworking little things to get the print times down as much as possible without sacrificng any quality. Little tweaks here and there add up. So far iv cut the time down by about 35 percent by just little changes.

Each one of those colored racks are actually different even though most people wouldnt notice the changes




TBV in :canada: has been doing the color thing for about the last 5 years.

Your Stuff is still looking great. :+1: