A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes

Thanks. I basically wanted to play it safe to avoid the risk of creating something nasty straight off. I’ve only tried one juice that I absolutely loved, and once other that I rather liked, so it seemed likely

Ohh we all need a truly interesting juice in rotation to remind us how great the rest of them turned out.

I just had to find a use for the 2 (LA) flavors I’d deemed unusable for my individual taste. LOL This isn’t awful just weird as can be.

It was the Maple (pancake syrup) (Capella) That I had to dump 200ml of as there was no way to recover once I’d contaminated the mix with the maple. Even my single flavor testing didn’t prepare me for the way it obliterated every other flavor I’d added before that.
Most of all Have no FEAR.
LOL most all of my attempts are quite usable and at worst a few drops of Sucralose will make even a less than stellar mix taste like Purple Unicorns and Pink Bunnies.


That sucks. I was boning up on additives earlier, and was relieved to see that there’s one (AAA) that reportedly saves anything and cleans coils

Thanks for great information.
I have a couple of questions, I like a good “throat hit”, so after some researching it seems that my PG/VG should be 65/35, is that correct?
Second question, Should the Nicotine Base be PG or VG? If so, why?
Does it add any value, for the quality of the recipe, to buy 100 VG or PG nicotine?

I appreciate any guidance before I purchase the incorrect ingredients.

This is really helpful, thanks for putting it together.


Thank you VERY MUCH for updating this great guide, together with



Sorry, I was a bit premature. My program ran successfully but did not work successfully due to some changes in the HTML. So it is not (yet) updated. I’m working on it.


Thank you for updating, main changes?

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If you click on the pencil next to the title, you can see for yourself:

The arrows allow you to scroll through the different changes that have been done.

Again, just to be clear, no update has happened. Yet. The site has changed a bit in the last 2 years and my program failed to do a proper update.

I will be working on this when I have time, and hope to have the post properly updated by this weekend at the latest.

The update will use current data - today’s top 100, not the top 100 from 2+ years ago. Most of the text will remain identical, but the recipes will change, and so will the flavors, and number of flavors. That sort of thing.


Thanks! Useful to know!

The original post has been updated - for real this time - on Nov 10, 2018.

(Except for one small section, An Economical First Order, that I have to revisit because I did that manually.)


I wish I had seen this yesterday before I ordered a diy kit and flavors to get me started. It would have been so much easier than browsing flavors and sorting out what I’d need and writing it all down. I’ll definitely be revisiting this thread before I order supplies again.


The reason we all LOVE this thread is because that’s true for many. However, ELR is like Art School. There is plenty of Science and technique to learn here but beware narrowing your own Creativity. Be wary we don’t tell you what to “paint”. A brilliant jumping off point …I mean you can’t venture down your own path until you find it.

The general idea here is most important …say you venture off and discover Green Tea is your thing …when searching for Green Tea recipes,be sure to click the Search Results heading “Rating” so the most popular results rise to the top. “Highly Rated” just means more people mixed it and found it to be awesome. That can help you to be different (and successful!) in your journey.


You’re basically echoing the exact approach I’ve taken and am taking. It’s good to have some confirmation that I’m starting off on the right foot :grin:


WOW…Many Thanks for the great information. As a new DIYer, I am sure going to look hard at the formulas you provided. Great stuff.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Such a great job behind it, you’ll always have my respect, I’m sending people to have a look at this post even from other forums.


Such useful schtuff! Thank you so much. I’m getting a big cart ready and trying to figure out exactly what I need to make the recipes I want…then remembered this post and figured I’d better come jump over here and make sure I wasn’t forgetting any of your essential flavors that I don’t already have. :wink:


Is there a Nobel Prize for DIY mixing?
Because this is priceless.
I don’t think one has to be a complete newbie to take advantage of this either, here’s the thing…
I have around 200 flavors, many that were purchased on clearance and largely unusable.
(Purilum bananascotch?)
But suffice to say 200.
But now I can compare my flavor stash to these flavor lists and order the ones I don’t have, and mix all the top rated recipes one after the other.
Also, some of these recipes, once mixed, could act as “stones” of sorts. Mix it, love it, then replace maybe an apricot for a blueberry or whatever and get another good mix.
Pretty great stuff!