A PUBLIC and Civil Discussion on the Rules

I hear what you guys are saying about the titles.

Letting others edit titles is somewhat akin to letting them edit posts, because the title is part of the post. This feels disrespectful and rude to some who have their titles changed. However, some feel that being able to edit titles is not a big deal because it happens rarely and is only meant to improve the title for readability/search-ability/etc. This is still not seen as a good enough reason to allow the titles to be edited unless by a moderator, because it is imposing your own will onto another.

I’ve said I will look into it. Can we leave it at that?

Also, I know Tavi. :slight_smile: Just stating it for the public record.


To be fair, Grubby inserted himself into the conversation. I wasn’t trying to single him out, but rather have him answer some pointed questions in reply to his assertions.

Was I disrespectful? I certainly wasn’t trying to be. As for your editing of other’s titles, I’m sure it was with good intentions. But let me ask…did you speak with the author about it first? Did they get the opportunity to say yes or no to your proposed changes? Personally I think that’s the least that should be done.


To be fair, no. But I did send them a message to explain what I’d done and why I’d done it - they were all brand new users and the titles (imho) wouldn’t have gained much traffic.

I do appreciate your point about asking first.


Naw, really wasn’t singling him out, he just provided an excellent example I could expand on to show my point of view. Of why mods should be they only ones editing members posts.

I didn’t resort to vulgar insults, or name calling. Thought I was rather polite about it…


You were indeed. Civil discussion always encouraged, right?


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If I ever needed to be calmed down then for the life of me I don’t know when that was. Yeah, I’m passionate about the subject. But would folks rather me just keep my head down and my mouth shut…go along to get along? I don’t think so either. None of us should.

@JoJo thanks for your input.


Another Libertarian here so I say to hell with the rules.:tada: I believe my legally married gay neighbor has the right to defend his legally growing pot plants with his legally concealed deadly weapon.:fist:
This has always and will always be a great community because the majority of it’s members are nice and respectful of each other.
I do feel that personal attacks and insults should not be tolerated.
My .02 cents , peace and love people!:kissing_heart::hugs:


And they wont be. Fair warning to all, while banning people has been a last resort in the past that is no longer the case.

From here forward the mods have the option to give one a time out. Ive made a lot of friends here, and some not friends too, but i want everyone to know that it doesnt matter, everyone is on equal ground.


I however tend to disagree with the attacks and insults. If someone is not being defended correctly and that person was asked civilly to stop the harassment. I will not hesitate to defend someone that needs it. Sorry, but you can put me in time out, I will get my point across that you are being a douchenozzle. (Not you, just if there was a situation.)


Uh, I feel I should ask before logging on (lest I be bannished from the realm). Can you clarify how the rules apply to Discord? We can still beat @anon44012888 like a circus monkey in there, right?


Discord, rules? I think everything is good the way it is over there. If not we can make any number of sub channels so that we can continue to beat him like a red headed step child. Oh wait, im a red headed step child. Beat him like he stole the syrup!


So does that mean we should beat you like a red headed step child in discord?

**** Warning this is starting to get off topic *******


I taking a few beatings in my day but im old now so please direct all beatings to Aaron.

Lets get this train back on the tracks. When we first started discussing rule enforcement i said that discord would remain as it is followed by “for now”. In the time we have been using chat i have gotten just one complaint. Things are different there and i would like it to stay that way but change is inevitable, like when we moved from IRC to discord.

BUT there we can have specific channels with attached warnings, aint anyone walking into one without knowing wtf it is about.


My best suggestion so far (was there a second place? Probably not).


  1. Lars works with staff to build a ruleset he’s comfortable with concerning forum activity and membership.

  2. Staff enforces them.

No need to be asking us weebles for input. It’s becoming evident that the stress you’re feeling is causing real issues. Are the rules as written sufficient in you guys’ minds? Perfect. We live by them or we don’t fraternize here. Easy. We understand why you opened it up. You care. That’s most excellent. But as evidenced by a lot of back-and-forth, and even ugly personal attacks, it can be quite a kettle of fish to fry when it’s openly debated. End of the day it is Lars’ site, not ours. Anyone who believes otherwise is mistaken. Anyone with an issue with a rule as written can address it with staff offline. Opinions are like, well, we know. Get too many in one room and you’ll soon need to open a window or three.

Should it really be allowed to get so contentious that a staff member has to log off and GTFO for a while? No. If I was in any way a part of that, I sincerely apologize. But staff is staff and genpop is genpop for a good reason. You run the shop, we just hang out here. We don’t have to get out mops and lysol for spills. You do.


I’d have to agree with you on this 100%. Or more teaching about new flavors and what mixes well and goes well together.

I know all these rules are really important to keep everything on track pursay but it starts to feel so frustrating to see this, the main issue for days on end. I’m sorry please dont be offended here. I’m not trying to do that at all. I think the voting sounds great and I’m all for that @JoJo.

I just wish I could come here and see new and innovative talk about recipes and flavors! I remember it was like that when I came here a year ago. It would be great to have a mixing group here and start getting creative together!!

That just my two cents. I’m not trying to dismiss any discussions about the rules or anything. I’m just being kindly honest.


Excerpt from a legal advice site. Dovetails nicely with what JoJo has written in guidlines:


So to cut it short…


Please stop the red headed stepchild jokes! I too am a red headed stepchild and my feelings have been hurt!:rage:

Sorry…couldn’t help myself.


Exactly that ^
ELR has grown out of it’s baby grow…but all things you say you miss from what it used to be like?..create them?..There’s an infinite amount of threads to be made…so make them?..all the questions about mixing and flavours and all things DIY still need to be asked…so ask them?

Your looking at things the wrong way, so what if there is more stuff that you’re not that interested in, there’s also a shit load of new people to cater for, who have more questions on all aspects of vaping…lead by example, make the things you want the most, you have the tools at your fingertips to do it.

The only reason things have changed is because of growth…you show me a well run forum that doesn’t grow, shit forums die, and this isn’t one of them, and because everyone here has made it so good it will inevitably attract more people…you cannot avoid that and you cannot have it both ways.
Good forum = more people
more people = more topics
more topics = more diversity

It’s up to everyone here to make the forum how they want it to be, there really isn’t that many trolls here, farrr less than any other forum I am a part of.