A PUBLIC and Civil Discussion on the Rules

I like that so much.


Voting is closed. Sorry to anyone who didn’t get a chance. I’m not surprised about the results. All that has been said here and the results will be taken into advisement. Staff will discuss, Lars will be contacted if necessary, the announcement will be amended if needed.

Any further discussion at this point is purely for your own conjecture/pleasure/amusement/need/whatever.


well that was a short break :slight_smile:


I tried to ban her but i cant…


You know how after a big storm passes, it’s close to twilight, and you go outside? Smell the ionized air, splash around in a few puddles, see a rainbow and watch the sunset, and enjoy the break from the summer heat and humidity? Yeah, that’s like here right now.


I never signed up for that, nor have I seen anything like this mentioned in the site’s guidelines. It’s not in my personality to point fingers at people and call for reinforcement when I don’t agree.
I understand some people feel the need to, but there are probably just as many who’d rather not, not to mention that a lot of the stuff is very much grey area in people’s perception as you can read in this thread.

People are allowed to flag anything they don’t like but it’s far from a responsibility that lies with the regular site users. Hence they also shouldn’t be blamed for being part of the problem either.

I assume that veterans don’t have the same powers than moderators, but it still means that those people have been here for a while, should know the rules and preferably follow them too and act with an exemplary behavior. If a veteran sees that something’s going awry, I don’t think it’s right to not act and wait until a moderator shows up or until a regular user finds the hidden flag button, just because his speciality are custards or making staggered fused claptons.

Wow, that vote went fast… 10000 visitors a day and it gets closed off after not even 60 votes?

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With what went on the last few days. I’m assuming @JoJo did some soul searching during her break. And as any good moderator would do took actions based on the course she decided to take… which is a good thing…

+1 JoJo

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For which part?

Well no one but the person taking offense can express such, so if they don’t feel their feelings are worth speaking up for, they have bigger issues. But that still doesn’t relieve them of the responsibility to let it be known, OR they accept (by default) that they don’t have a say in the matter. And that’s an even bigger shame IMO.

I was saying the responsibility lies with ALL community members. If you took it any other way, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.

If they don’t speak up, and are sitting there pissed off, no one else knows, or could be expected to know. So yes. Those sitting in silence are to blame for not speaking up, for whatever reason, if they’re dissatisfied.

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They are just regular users.


It still wouldn’t hurt to put a mandatory reason for the edit with it, with perhaps a copy of the original title as well


The original wording on the title can be seen when you click on the pencil after the edit is done.


i meant to reply to you with this but I got sidetracked many times over lol…we were asked categorically to either edit or delete the reviews, so very much tarred with the brush of filth lol :pensive:


Wow! This is a huge thread. Too much to read. And I missed the vote. I see this has become a pretty big issue. I don’t think it should be, everything is great at ELR besides a couple ppl going a little to far on the innuendos in multiple threads. Just tell those ppl to take it to the saloon or NSFW and everything is good.


Is creating a new thread for EVERY thing that crosses your mind a thing where you live?

Especially when more often than not, there’s already a thread (or more) on it… :sigh:


Dang bro. She is just asking questions on the forum. You don’t have to go in her threads if they annoy you that much.

Forums lol, always “ask whatever you want. There are no stupid questions”

Then you ask and it’s “use the search someone asked in the past, we would rather have no new conversations about past topics… ever”

Not mad btw! It’s just Wednesday morning let’s all take a breath and get along lmao.


I love rude ignorants just like you… keep em coming. I love it.btw there’s an ignore button for the same reason. Its called mute this user that works. Too.


Actually this is correct . There are many threads already created with information pertaining to some things .

I’ll give you all an example .

Private recipe sneak peeks
What are you mixing
New Recipe Showcase

These are all threads dedicated to Recipe Sharing . So that’s where we would like people to share recipes instead of opening a new thread just to showcase one recipe .

I know its not the same thing as what you all are talking about , however when a user get a nre flavor they can search for all of the info on that flavor instead of creating a new thread …There is nothing wrong with bringing back an old thread with new questions in that thread …

@VapeGnarly333 its not that people dont want new conversations we love new conversations . The problem is over the last 7years we have had to repeat and repeat and every once in awhile we get new members who hop on here with requests and questions that have been answered over and over before they search . We try to push people to learn how to research before just creating a thread that will just die after a couple answers are given .

For example

Here is a new thread that is a great thread especially since so many new flavors and mixers have emerged since the last thread similar was created .

Creating new threads for every question is frowned upon…


And I keep telling people “on ELR you can just ask, nobody will kick you for a stupid or an old question! It’s not a computer forum!”
Just wondering why it is frowned upon? Ask a question, talk about it with whoever is interested, possibly get a link to the other discussions and let the thread rest in peace like so many others. Databases don’t mind.
If it’s getting too bad then the mods could start with a pm instead of rubbing it in in public. I’m not complaining, i just enjoyed the absence of “google it” and “use the search” advice. When I started here i asked silly questions but lots of people happily gave me good advice which I could have found with the search function. But it was much nicer not to be told off.


The rules and advice for this forum are easily found and explained in the FAQ section.


“One way to improve the discussion is by discovering ones that are already happening. Please spend some time browsing the topics here before replying or starting your own, and you’ll have a better chance of meeting others who share your interests.”