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A recipe based breakdown of the GC homogenizer

I would like to start this out by saying that I have never written a review for a vaping device, or anything really outside of restaurants. There are several well written reviews on how the game changer works, both here and on the VC forum, but the short version is that this is a device that turns freshly mixed juice into a fully homogenized liquid that tastes as if it has been steeping for the perfect amount of time.

If you have more questions about how this device works, I would look into these other reviews (I’ll try to link them in the first comment below) because while this device is flawless to my eye, and I have had zero issues with functionality, the questions as to how it works or why it works were never questions I needed to ask…like most of us my primary question was “does it actually work?”, so I am going to write this review to answer the questions I had when I first heard about this device.

I guess let’s start with a little about me, I almost exclusively vape custards and bakeries, juices that most people would leave sit for a month before even looking at it. I also try almost all of my mixes at least weekly during the steeping process because I am curious and like to know what’s going on, so I have many recipes that I not only have notes on how they taste when done steeping, but also have notes on their development along the process.

Being a custard fan, I had many bottles at a month or more steep when my GC arrived, and over the past few weeks I have used the GC to mix up 20+ different recipes and the results have been truly game changing…the only thing in the vape world that has lived up to the amount of hype it had to me has been FLV rich cinnamon, and now the GC…

The juices I had steeped were tested head to head against GC mixes on a pair of hermetic rda’s with matching drip tips and identical 4/5 wrap 3mm quad core clapton coils on a espion mod. I did my head to head testing as a basic single-blind study with my wife attaching a hermetic to the espion mod without me seeing, and then handing it to me, then attaching the other when I handed it back. This could almost be considered a double-blind study because while she technically knew what she was giving me, she didn’t know how I marked the bottles that had been homogenized so she didn’t know which was which. I do not own a USC, so all GC mixes were vaped the next day, and all mixes put through the GC had the VG warmed to 130-140 Fahrenheit min-max, then homogenized.

First head to head:

I mixed the steeped version of this on March 13,
And the GC version 12 days ago, so the steeped version was over 4 months old…As you can see by the recipe, this is a very heavy and rich mix, Cap vanilla custard V1, sweet cream, and cake batter all need a good chunk of time to steep, and these are the exact reasons I chose this as the first juice for head to head testing. To my surprise, I preferred the GC mix over the time steeped juice, and I’m guessing that is due to some possible flavor oxidation over four months maybe, regardless of the reason the GC mix tastes just as creamy, rich, and thick as the steeped mix, but the steeped mix had a very slight off note to it. I should also note that this mix was an adaptation of an adaptation of an adaptation of @lukeloop amazing yellow matter custard recipe which you should try if you haven’t already…


I want to preface this test by saying that this mix is not actually very good, it is a first attempt at making a butterscotch caramel ice cream topping, but it happened to hit the one month steep mark three days before the GC arrived… I actually liked the fact that this recipe is not delicious to me, it has some off notes and some unbalance, because the bottle I mixed with the GC shares those exact same traits, this is also a recipe with MF flavors in it that absolutely need a month to really fill out and the two taste identical…great news for the function of the device, but now I have to figure out what to do with 2 bottles of mediocre juice instead of one lol.

The Last of the blind head to head comparisons:

At this point, due to the fact my wife doesn’t vape, and probably due to the time involved with washing out and re-wicking the rda’s, I lost my helper lol. This mix was very interesting for me, it is something I always have some variation of in a tank or squonk bottle at all times, this recipe only needs two weeks to steep but the one I had was already at 3 weeks. This head to head also shined a light onto one thing the GC can’t do…cinnamon mixes are still a little “bitey” or “spicy” after sitting overnight, so for the purposes of this head-to-head it technically failed to be the exact same as the time steeped version, but it should be noted that I tried it 24 hours after the first test and they tasted identical to me.

Every recipe I list after this sentence was not vaped head to head with a time steeped version, but they were selected to be ran through the GC for very specific reasons.

I chose this recipe for testing for 2 reasons: I have mixed up about 300ml of this recipe in 30-50ml increments over the summer and am familiar with how it should taste, and also because I know that one drop too many or not enough of any of these flavors changes the mix and it doesn’t taste like a pretzel anymore…safe to say it is a delicious but very delicate recipe, and I figured that made it a perfect candidate for GC testing. The results were clear, I’ll be getting my pretzel fix from now on without having to wait 10 days for it to actually taste like a pretzel:) side note, if you have all these flavors, or even if you don’t, try this recipe. It tastes like a sweet dough pretzel, one of the most accurate recipes I have ever had, right up there with @SessionDrummer Golden Grahams recipe.
This recipe is actually the most important test of the GC to me personally…I LOVE one on one’s donut flavor, but it is the only flavor I own that I will not try before the 3 week mark, I get strange fruity off notes until then, and it doesn’t become its true self until 4 weeks or more…I actually couldn’t wait overnight to try it, and had my first taste while the juice was still 1/4 milky…and omg the Krispy Kreme bliss…it tastes like it is supposed to, the way I want it to…sweet donut bliss just hours after I mixed it…fantastic.
This is the last mix I will showcase, I developed this recipe a while ago to be a shake and vape, as it says in the recipe notes I was going for a rainbow sherbet punch, based loosely off of the original sherb clone but designed to taste more like sherbet and less like sherbet flavored candy…With this recipe after two weeks the soda base loses whatever it is that makes it feel bubbly, and the liquid barn ice cream dominates the mix. The GC does indeed take things to a full steep, as this mix was exactly what it should be beyond the first few weeks of vaping, a vaguely fruity ice cream lol.

I am not sure how to wrap this up, mainly because some thing like the GC doesn’t come around often enough in life to facilitate a proper response… What do you say when everything you know about some thing gets turned on its head? The scientific world refers to this as a paradigm shift, things like discovering the sun is the center of the universe and not earth, or that the earth is a globe and not flat, I feel like, for mixers, this device is exactly that…the name “Game Changer” is more perfect of a name than anyone could come up with, and even still as I write this I feel like it just isn’t quite strong enough of a term…I don’t want to say life changing because it seems a little over dramatic, but it’s somewhere just below that, but only just. While we are on the subject of words that don’t feel strong enough to convey their meaning, a big thank you, thank you, thank you to @GameChanger for creating this amazing device, Giving me the opportunity to test it, and more importantly, a big thank you for sticking by your guns and having faith in yourself when you started this project and so few believed in you, that’s a lesson that should extend to the rest of us beyond just the vaping world.

So are there any downsides? Yes, I actually have more finished juice sitting in my cabinet right now than I ever did when I was time steeping, and I’m starting to run out of bottles to continue trying new recipes with lol. I guess that’s it? I hope if your on the fence about picking one of these up then maybe you gleaned a small bit of info from my verbal spillage, and if anyone has questions feel free to ask them! My forum time is limited in the summer months due to living on a farm, but responding to any questions on this post will be top priority when I am on here. Thanks for your time!


Other GC reviews:

Also, some pictures will be added in a couple hours when I get back to my computer


Great run down @Fishaddict420. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I did my best to do the thing justice, but the GC is good enough that my description feels woefully inadequate lol


Great stuff dude!!! Just what the doctor ordered. Quite a variety to test with. Excellent job!!


Thank you sir, I’m a little less worried about becoming dinner now lol.

I have many other recipes mixed up with the GC but these were the ones that really highlighted the GC’s abilities to me and my tastes, and I didn’t want it to be 72 pages long lol.


Lol, and I bet you could have. Great sampling. Now the dinner thing… I’m not sure.


great write up, thanks for all your effort here.


Once again I’m compelled to comment on both forums :laughing: a great rundown brother, I very much enjoyed it, so far that’s everybody that’s used it has come to the same conclusion, it’s an incredible device :ok_hand:
Thanks for sharing it man :wink:


I enjoyed your extensive review word after word, after reading the custard rundown, my brain was thinking, caramel and butterscotch… and bam there it was, bakeries? Fruits?.. and there again, drinks? You covered the lot @Fishaddict420 unbelievably nice job, thank you for your time and sharing it with us!


Thanks for review, and the blind testing is a great way to remove any confirmation bias. Interesting that the rich cinnamon remained “bitey”. I’m not in the market for a GC, but it did make me wonder how the GC would help in strawberry milks/custard mixes, where by the time the creams have steeped, the strawberry fades. Wonder if the strawberry would remain dominant, or the homogenisation would effectively fade the strawberry? Interesting stuff!


Was discussing the GC on another platform, and had a difference of opinion with one guy who is steadfastly in the “no substitute for time” camp. I made it quite clear that I have no first hand experience, but reviews like this are pretty conclusive imo. He (also no first hand experience) was stating there was no way you can stick a GC in a bottle and “magically” get steeped juice. I asked what magic he thought was happening when you bung it in a cupboard for 2 months. No answer. It’s clearly nearly all emulsification, just wondering if theres another process involved (with respect to strawberry fade)… I.e. does the strawberry fade due to being uniformly mixed, or is it bonding or combining in a similar manner to oxidisation?


I want one. I dislike making new recipes or ideas with certain flavours that need weeks to be ready, therefore I don’t do it. The GC will change that.


Nicely done sir. I really like the angle you took and basically answered any questions of “does it actually work”. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, those are some nice looking recipes. I’m a custard, cream, bakery fan myself.

I felt the same way bro.

Hook me up with the recipe and I will give it a try and then I could send the bottle to you so you can try it.

Yes, it will, I dislike it also and I think most of us do. So, do you have one coming?


I’m thinking about it. It’s one of those things I want, but I have needs to attend to first.


I think for many, this is a big statement. Because obviously, for me and everyone who did not know of or understand homogenization in regards to vape juice, we actually knew nothing about juice maturity. All there’s been in the DIY community from day one is “Time Is How A Juice Matures”. And there’s no “Because” after that, because no one actually knew what the because was. Well, industry professionals knew, but the DIY crowd didn’t. So, of course, all there was in regards to the process was speculation and guesswork. It feels like someone leaked the Magician’s Handbook online and showed us all how the Juice Maturity trick is done :laughing:

Thanks for the write-up. Well done! And funny line:


I know exactly what you mean. I don’t like to barrow money but I did barrow it for the GC and I don’t regret it. I did regret it at first. Before I started using it and now I have none at all.


Thanks for your excellent observations and posts. I’ll try to clarify where I can, and explicitly say so where I can’t. I am not a chemist and will make no pretenses about what I am not qualified to answer. However, I will say what I think, not know, about strawberry fading.

So the short answer to the use of any high shear mixer is that they are purely mechanical devices that produce a number of functions to achieve desired results, These include particle size reduction, cellular disruption, emulsification, mixing of powders with liquids which are otherwise very time consuming and difficult, and homogenization. (More below) Of course many of these functions are combined.

Nail on the head. As a requirement I had to take a course in the philosophy of science where it is made clear that absolutes are essentially non existent. It is by empirical observation under carefully controlled testing involving only one variable which will produce acceptable scientific conclusions and eliminate all bias. Otherwise “empiric” conclusions are made which equate to quackery, magical thinking, forgone conclusions etc. etc.

Ummm, nail on head again: no answer unless it is nonsense like “you can’t” “but you don’t …” etc. etc. I have never said that the conventional “steep” method doesn’t work. When I hear “steeped” I know that people mean vape ready juice. What I reject is assigning “rules” to what amounts to thousands of flavor concentrates which are all made with different chemical compositions. I think a reasonable question is "OK, tell me what chemicals are in the concentrate that are reacting with another that causes this vague “degrading” and “harm” and for those with a bugaboo about using controlled heat, at what temperature do these occur. Crickets…

The chemists are experts and getting very good at making concentrates for our purposes. But all our e juices have one thing in common; VG.

It is well established that VG is a poor solvent. Our concentrates for the most part are pg based and while very thin and much lighter has excellent properties as a solvent and therefore dissolves the flavor materials and keeps them dissolved.

With heat VG becomes less viscous (thinner) but as with nearly all chemicals it becomes more soluble e.g. it will dissolve the flavor materials. Combined with the mechanical forces of a high shear mixer it will homogenize the mix of dense heavy materials with the very thin ones and make it uniform. VG’s properties, necessary for vaping, is the obstacle. Some concentrates readily dissolve and penetrate VG. Some others damned near never do without the use of mechanical energy.

As ffar as the fading issue, I routinely make strawberry mixes. I have used a high shear homogenizer for well over two years without any fading issues with strawberries and with Lemon Sicily which many say tends to fade. I do recall these issues from years ago. What I think may be causing these issues is that the creams eventually overpower these flavors and or you may have too much EM in the recipe which will trick your senses. I use a combination of Red Touch FA and INW Shisha Strawberry which work very well for me. Since I don’t have to wait for creams and custards I have likely adjusted my mix where I have a good balance and don’t experience fading.


@Dan_the_Man, thanks very much for the kind offer. I’m over in the UK, and as I said, I’m not in the market for a GC. The reason for that is purely that I dont do much new recipe development now, I have about 30 or so mixes I love, and always have 2 - 3 litres in the steep box, so I just mix up a 250/500ml every so often to keep it stocked and rotate known mixes. I do occasionally play, but really don’t mind the wait.

Saying that, I’d have snapped one up a few years back when I started mixing, and, like a lot of us, really struggled!


Very interesting. Always wondered what was happening with steeping since the first days of mixing and witnessing the flavour change with time.
I just knew it tasted different, but didn’t know why.
Now I see people blind testing identical fresh mixed and GC’d recipes to steeped ones, and they taste the same… I guess now we know why!!