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Introducing the GC, Game Changer Homogenizer


Im gonna have to grab one of these…Ultimate test MF based Custard using VCV1 Cap…Lol i dont doubt this works as intended bc the people i know that have it have verified it …And now The ogre himself and who’s gonna tell an Ogre hes wrong :wink: Ty for the review


Very nicely done sir!

These devices are truly amazing (in several respects). From the quality of machining, to the materials selection, to the performance.

It truly is a Game Changer.

The single biggest hurdle for me in DIY (especially with regards to single flavor testing) has been the time factor.
Especially for things like creams and custards (from 2-4 weeks on average).
And then with certain MF extracts… (Butterscotch anyone?) which demands a full month to reveal the true level of goodness available!

Seriously. I hadn’t thought about that combo, but I bet a butterscotch custard would be off the chain bro!!! :drooling_face:
Might have to give that a go on the next session!
And having it ready to vape in 24hrs or less?
Best believe it!

Homogenizers are what the “big dogs” use (and I don’t mean DIY). Think FA. Think large scale high-shear production environment.


WOW, if it wasn’t an Ogre telling me this I wouldn’t believe it. Amazing, absolutely amazing. I’m amazed… :grin:


Lol…I figured long steepers right …

Exactly …Even when developing a recipe its a pain bc after the steep you may have to start all over …This may have me cranking out recipes lol


Okay so it mixes extremely well.So does a blender,although I will give him the fact that it does it differently,I don’t believe for a second that it’s a substitute for time and the steeping process.
Also cost effective?Not at 1\5 of 2 grand.This device could be mass produced out of plastic and sell for 10 bucks from what I can see.looks like a shaft with a propellor on the end inside a tube with holes in it.It pulls the juice in through the top hole and sends it straight out the bottom avoiding air being pulled in and a vortex being created,which honestly I don’t think is so terrible.


I couldn’t agree more. Wow, and then WOW again.

Thank you @SmilingOgre.




I don’t have one of these @Djsi, and @SmilingOgre can surely chime in, but I’m pretty sure THAT ^^^^ is part of what makes this such a game changer. I have tried repeatedly to REPLICATE these results using an El Cheapo “frother”, that fell into the $10.00 camp, and hehe, it’s not only not even close, it’s not even in the same ballpark. Most times, despite my best efforts, the whisker/frother DID indeed just inject a crap ton of air into my mix(es). That left it milky for sometimes a day or so. I had less than stellar results, and more than once, it seemed to actually MUTE my mixes. Now I knew this might happen.

For me, once I hear people start talking about Medicine Flower mixes being totally set in 24 hours or less, I pay attention.


Think about this:
How do you think that /insert ANY manufacturer’s name here/ mixes their BASE MOLECULES (meaning the actual flavor compounds that make up any given flavor: for example Strawberry, or Vanilla Custard)?

Do you seriously think they are combining base compounds and leaving them in a 55 gallon drum in a dark warehouse for weeks to months on end before they consider them ready to ship to a vendor??


Well, in a nutshell it is my opinion you would be wrong


Exactly. My attempts with similar devices yielded the same results.


You are welcome and your test would be wonderful! Great idea!


Great post! Thanks as always my friend.


Lol, thanks for the watch and response my friend. You would love this thing!..


Thank you for the watch and candid response. It is not my place to argue your beliefs and in the end if steeping works for you, you’re gold.


And your opinion is highly regarded by this Ogre!


Yes, indeed. Not only that but it’s @SmilingOgre telling us this and that means a lot @Djsi. See, we know him and for an Ogre he is top notch. I think maybe because he is an Ogre is the reason we sit up and listen.

I don’t believe they do, no.

Hi @woftam you have been missed my friend.

Yep, I think all of us can attest to that.

Yes, I think I would. :smile: I haven’t been this excited in quite some time now. :joy:


@SmilingOgre I wonder why that is ?? I mean aerating ?? Not sure if that is the correct usage here, but my results (specifically when wisking/blending where air WAS injected into the mix, and the mix went cloudy), were that I had reduced flavor, punch, and sometimes a lessened high end. I HAVE been able to use my whisker and did not froth/inject air into the mix, and had better results. I still had to let the mixes steep, but it seemed the more air I injected into the mix, the worse it got.