About the Vendors category

This is where the vendors can post their great deals to our community.

Vendors please contact me for permission to post in this category.

Vendor Rules

  1. While vendors are allowed to participate in the forum as a vaper, you will only be permitted vendor ads, self promotions, or posts concerning your web links in your vendor thread. Repeating: There shall be NO self promotion by a vendor outside of their designated vendor thread.

  2. Contests and mentions of contests are allowed in your vendor thread only (limited to one contest at a time). There shall be NO tagging allowed for any contests. No outside actions can be mandatory, such as retweeting or liking a facebook post etc.

  3. Links to internet sites concerning the vendor, vendor gear, vendor eliquid recipes (free or purchased), or vendor affiliate sales items shall be kept only in your vendor thread.

  4. Any and all manufacturers products promoted for use or sale shall be promoted only within your vendor thread.

  5. You can respond to conversation about your products outside your vendor thread only if you (meaning by member name, vendor name, or your exclusive product) are brought up by a user directly. However, please direct the conversation to your vendor thread. No coaxing or bribing members to tag you so that you can post in a vendor forbidden thread.

  6. No vendor to vendor trolling will be tolerated. You are not allowed to post negative comments or opinions in any thread. You are not allowed to post your deals/links in other vendors threads. These infractions will result in you being suspended or banned.

  7. No drug/dry herb related pics, videos, posts, links, or drug/dry herb references are permitted. Also if your website is all dry herb/wax related product you will not be permitted to post your links.

  8. Vendors are are not allowed to post anyone’s personal information.This is something we take very seriously. This infraction will result in the you being suspended or banned.


Interpretation of, and actions taken by Staff for rule violations are final and not open to dispute or appeal.


Is this where I would contact you? Or would I need to contact you via PM somehow?

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@Kingship_Vapor Yes, a PM here, or through the feedback form on ELR is fine - You can also email me - I’m lars at the domain name dot com :smile:

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Sorry to say that i didnt find place to PM you. :sob:

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You just click the user name, then “Message” :smile:

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same problem , how can pm u ?

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hi,daath,this is coco from vapebe.com,

can i know how can be a forum vendor?

waitting your reply.


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hi,daath,merry christmas!

john from smokstore.us,

could i have the permission to post one thread in the vendor forum,could you please give me the permission?

best regards,


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Hello daath, could we please have permission to post in your vendor forum?


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Hi @daath,
Good day!
David from VaporWhale.com, I have emailed you yesterday for applying the permission to share our great deals with vapers on ELR’s vendors category and any other allowed areas.
We’re new and fast growing vendor providing competitive pricing and free international shipping, vapers can just find out latest vape gears on VaporWhale.com.

A wave of really really cool deals from the whale is awaiting :slight_smile:

Best RGDS,

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@daath Hi, this is Ebest.top
Is that possible to be one of the vendor on e-liquid-recipes ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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hello , friends, how can I post on the vendor forum ? and what is you email ?

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Hi @daath ,
This is new vendor VaporsClone.com, could you grant us the right to post deals in this category? email sent last week, thank you!

Best Regards,
VaporsClone team

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Hi @daath,

I would like to be listed a vendor please. Please contact me back in regard to this.



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Hi @daath
This is Pearl from CigaBuy.com. Cigabuy is based on China and offer popular vaping products with very good price.
We expect to have the permission to post here and we would absolutely obey the forum rules instructions and rules.
Hope to get your positive reply. :blush:

Pearl from CigaBuy.com

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Hello daath,

Nice to me you, this is betty from tinydeal. We have vaping devices with better quality and affordable price. Is it ok for us to be a vendor here?

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Hi @daath, wish you enjoy your weekend.
This is Doris from 2Fdeal, we were trying to reach the admin for the permission of sharing our deals and promotions in the forum. Hope this message may help us for the vendor status and get the permissiong for posting here.
Thanks for your time!

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I sent you a PM. :slight_smile:


Hello, I am Jackie from Angorabbit Vape Cotton. Could I be vendor of this forum?

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Hi @daath,
Good day!
This is BuyBest, we were trying to reach you for the permission of sharing our deals and promotions in the forum.
Hope this message may help us for the vendor status and get the permission of posting here.
Thanks for your time!

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