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Amoretti Flavorings


Specifically pertaining to the Extracts line, that are water soluble, would* it be safe to assume that these include PG and alcohol? Or are there ever any other carriers used in this line (such as PDO, aka Propanediol)?

I totally understand the company’s position! And to me, it means that much more that you guys are keeping “open eyes and ears” to both the ELR and vaping community in general.

Edit* - atrocious grammar error due to a missed word. ><



Someone NEEDS to try that pumpkin…



I think I saw two… Would that be pumpkin or pumpkin spice?! Lol



Well, if it is anything like how natural the sweet potato is it will be a damn near perfect representation of a pumpkin. Their sweet potato is one of the most realistic flavorings ive had.

And d00d, a tip for you. Get the Speculoos Cookie. If you had these as a kid, i loved them, here they are in vape form. So gud… @Amy2 has it too.



Lol. So I’ve read. :wink:

I’ve only got two problems. One is easier to overcome than the other.

  1. Never had them. And I’m, generally speaking, very much a creature of habit. (That’s the easy part.)
  2. The way my mind works, I can’t read that first word without automatically thinking speculum…to be immediately followed by loose. And that my friend, does not conjure any kind of image that is even remotely enticing!!

Pardon the pun, but it’s like the taste is already tainted before I’d even try it… rim shot

/This in NO WAY reflects or has anything to do with Amoretti. Strictly speaking to the cookie’s name folks! /




Are W>S Line Contains PG and VG blends for Vaping. Any Extract with Alcohol are usually for Baking.

PDO is not in are facility.

I asked you do email for the product guide on vaping.
What are you intentions with our products??

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Appreciate the reply and information!

Intent at the moment is strictly in regards for which flavors I can use for vaping.

But it’s also very much within the realm of possibility (in the future) that I might consider some for use in cooking/baking. =)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but my thinking so far has been, that if they’re safe for vaping, they’re almost guaranteed safe for cooking. Obviously we have learned in recent years that the opposite is not true (as we don’t suggest that anyone use flavors that contain oils, or added coloring, or sugar-based syrups such as molasses, etc for vaping).



Do you want the product guides
for both?? I am trying to see if your interested in getting samples

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I definitely am! And guides for each would be lovely! I’ve just been really busy the last couple days… Will try to have things together later today and pm you with my info and interests!






PM’d as well as emailed! =)
Thanks again!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that these guys are fast in getting things done! The samples processed as a normal order in their system, shipped yesterday, and I received multiple emails (at each step of the process) as to keeping “the customer” updated along the way!

Very impressed with the operation (experience) so far!!

Terence, I very much appreciate your generosity, and can’t wait to get these into testing!



Hello All. Here are the notes located in my flavor stash on the Natural French Vanilla (Organic Compliant) concentrate. These are only my opinions on the flavor. If you have similar or different experiences, please let me know.

Thank you kindly

Natural French Vanilla (Amoretti)

“French Vanilla: The name refers not to a vanilla variety but to the classic French way of making ice cream
using an egg-custard base.Craig Nielsen, CEO of Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, said the eggs give French
vanilla a “richer, deeper note” than what’s found in plain vanilla.”

★★★ Mixing %'s similar to CAP, FW, & TFA ★★★

----Water Soluble | Organic Compliant----

Single Flavor Test 5%
70/30 | 0 Nic

► Initial observations
• Very Thick Concentrate - Molasses / Pancake Syrup in thickness & Dark in Color
• Aroma: Very Overpowering Cheese / Sour Cheese Milk Upfront with a Hint of Vanilla & Cream (shaking concentrate intensifies cheesy aroma)

• Knuckle: Creamy Sweet Swiss / Brie Cheese with Vanilla | Moderately Sweet

9/17/2017 - (2.4 Week Steep :heavy_check_mark:)

► Smell / Taste / Feel
• Lighter Cheese / Egg Notes • Creamy Egg’ish / Cheese Vanilla
• A Lighter Vanilla flavor with mild Egg’ish notes • Creamy
• Moderately dense mouth feel

► Notes
• Not tart | astringent or floral | Reminds me of a Vanilla Custard
• 2 week steep time (min)

9/27/2017 - (4 Week Steep :heavy_check_mark:) FINAL
Wasp Nano | 316L SS Fused Clapton | Org. Jap Cotton | 40W

► Smell / Taste / Feel

• Tester Bottle Aroma: Noticeable ↓ in Intensity of Egg Aroma / Cheese | Overall Pleasant French Vanilla Aroma! | Med. Aroma Intensity

• Knuckle: Sweeter & Creamier Dairy Flavor with light Vanilla/Egg Note

• Vape: ★Overall Pleasant★ Milky Smooth Cream / Custard Flavor | Eggy-ness = Lighter with hint of Vanilla | Mod. Flavor Intensity
--------- Full, Rounded & Heavy Mouth Feel

► Notes
• Faint Hint of Cheese & Tart /Dry note (not off putting & barely noticeable)
• Very Noticeable Amber Golden Color to Cotton = Added Sweetener?
• Flavor Has Developed Substantially = ★4 Week Steep Time (Min) | May develop furtherafter 4 weeks +

► Usage: 1.5 - 2.5% min | 3.5 - 5% med | 6 - 7% max
Mix: 3.5 - 4%

■ Sub:



I e used it to make e juice recipes only sweet corn water soluble though



i will replay to you directly.

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I somehow missed this thread when it was active. Recently I found that a juice I’ve worked to try and clone is using Amoretti flavors so I went to the website and loaded 4 flavors. $114 - and I just ain’t feelin it. Anyone know where to get smaller bottles of these extracts? I wouldn’t mind spending the money if I knew for sure that the flavors are what I’m after, but I don’t want to buy 2 oz of any flavor just to learn if I like it.



If you PM the Amoretti gent here, I’m sure he’ll hook you up with some test samples. He was super friendly, and very kind in providing me with some awhile back.

I would exercise due diligence, and caution though. I had experienced multiple “issues” even acquiring the samples that were so kindly, and willingly provided gratis. A couple of times.

All in all, it took three separate shipments to get the correct flavors, and more than a handful of PM exchanges to get the necessary info understood (both on my part, and his).

Some had separation (one was oil based as I recall), another had crystals at the bottom, and basically, between the frustration of trying to get the correct and suitable product for the application from the Amoretti team member who’s supposed to be the expert in these flavors (and is assumingly assigned to represent the company to vapers)… Well, I’ll simply say that I wasn’t instilled with enough confidence to ever risk repeating the process. ESPECIALLY at their prices. YMMV.

He bent over backwards (in trying to help, and that was impressive. And shipping and processing was always fast. But I still had a unmistakable, and undeniable level of unease after the whole thing was said and done. And that’s something I couldn’t ignore.

I wish you the best of luck though (and anyone else who decides to try them), should you decide to give them a go.



I’m assuming this is where we’ll dump our SF test results ?? If so, setting this up now in prep.

Sweet Corn (Amoretti) 10% (2-5-19) – I was anxious to try this one, having only one good corn in my arsenal. Smelled quite “kernely” in the bottle, and the initial vape continued that, wherein you could almost taste the kernel, not the Freetos effect. This one however was a bit harsh, and almost salty. Not sweet at all that I could tell. I continued vaping just to make sure I got it right, and then the somewhat salty harshness did the rest of the tester in. It does have some very good corn kernel taste(s), but there is little to no sweetness, and the salty-ish harshness leaves me wondering where, if at all, it could be used, at least for vaping. Other uses might be better. 2/10.

Marshmallow (Amoretti) 10% (2-5-19) – Although this smelled out of this world in the bottle, it was obviously TOO thick to be used as a vaping flavor. Heating it up thinned it just a bit, but with the remaining thickness, and grainy nature, this was better suited for cooking or beverages. Amoretti was kind enough to offer a Toasted Marshmallow as a replacement. No rating given.

Maraschino “Bing” Cherry (Amoretti) 8% (2-5-19) – This flavor was completely white, and opaque when shaken. Was unsure whether or not to proceed, but continued testing anyway. Out of the bottle, smelled like one of the best Cherries I have smelled. After 2 week steeping however, the bloom came off the rose. The 8% was a tad milky/cloudy in the bottle, and the great cherry was there, but it was tempered by a fairly dry, acrid-ness, that did not present well. This one did not appear to be too heavy @ 8%, cloying, or medicinal, but my recommendation would be NOT for vaping. 1/10. Really good mixer for drinks though !!!

Toasted Coconut (Amoretti) 10% (2-5-19) –

Natural Graham Cracker (Amoretti) 10% (2-5-19) – First tester on deck with almost 2 weeks steep. At first I kept getting a somewhat heavy coconut off of this one, which subsided while vaping. At 10% was nicely full, rich, somewhat sweet, with a nice lower end. It was in the park for a GC, but didn’t scream it, much like TFA’s GCC. Actually it might be MORE of a GC than TFA’s GCC. Had a very slight salt undertone, but in no way was it overpowering, or off putting. Not as sharp as CAP’s GC, but not as subdued as TFA’s, sat right in the middle of the two. The coconut continued to peek out from time to time, but not consistently. As far as a natural GC goes, it sits on the high side of the middle @ 6.5/10.


Amoretti Home User Line

:+1: I was thinking earlier @Sprkslfly will prob want to do the natural water soluble as (Amoretti)(Natural)(Water Soluble) since i noticed they sometimes have Natural, unnatural? water soluble and oil solubles