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Amoretti Flavorings


Sour Cream sounds really interesting. I use sour cream traditionally for fruit dips, mixed with brown sugar; so that is definitely a flavor I would be looking to purchase. Thank you for mentioning it and for reviewing it.




Ingredient %
Cucumber (OOO) 4
Dill (DIY) 1
Onion (OOO) 3
Pickle (OOO) 1.5
Sour Cream (Amoretti) 5

Flavor total: 14.5%

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My first and still one of the best I’ve made.



Hi @Bob_Bitchen. Thank you for sharing your recipe with me. I’ve never seen a recipe with this flavor profile. I would never had thought that this could be possible. I don’t have any of these flavors, but I have bookmarked it in my favorites to give it a shot!

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I only tried the one, they sent two, 3 actually if you count the oil based. I REALLY made a mistake testing it the way that i did as it totally biased me against it. One of them smells amazing tho i dont remember which, i think it was the Elderflower.

Amy, as you said that it that it is one of your favorites i will fight through my dislike and give it another go. I tried making something special for @therabidweasel and couldnt even test it myself.

When you said this: [quote=“Amy2, post:159, topic:55708”]
Hahaha goes to show how much TIS

I heard my mother lovely voice say this:

Well now, how do you know you dont like it until you actually try it?

And this:

makes it sound incredible.



This is the Elderflower I use W.S. Extract # 1079

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Their guanabana flavor is the best ive had. While it does take about 8% to get the full body of the flavor, its completely worth it to me. MOST.EXCELLENT.FLAVOR.



Awesome to know thank you ! Hope your doing well in your endeavors haven’t heard from you in a while, good to see you here.



The one i taste tested was the Elderberry Sambuca type, Elderflower is a much better smelling flavoring. I mixed up a couple to start:

And this one i need to wait on a flavoring:

I have a couple more on paper that im considering mixing today but i reckon i should wait and see if i like where these are first. Thanks for the gentle nudge, @Amy2. :slight_smile:

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I’ve received the WS Sweet Potato last week. It smells VERY similar to the Ube Sweet Potato I would cut and bake with my mother; slightly earthy - natural sweet potato.

Today I received my sample flavors and to be honest they all smell fantastic! I’ll be making 15ml testing bottles this week. I am very excited.

  • Natural Tres Leches - A very pleasant and tasty smelling flavor: Alcohol smell upfront, but underneath is a rich milky smell - no cheese* with a hint of vanilla. Not sure if I smell caramel underneath it all

  • Guanabana Fruit - Never had the Guanabanana fruit, but the smell is strong. It almost smells like a yellow pear & banana?

  • Organic Compliant Natural French Vanilla - Strange…this smells like a milky cheese…like vanilla cream cheese

    • 6/28 - HEAVY cheese aroma (slightly afraid to test this one)
  • Natural Birthday Cake - A lemon flavor right up front; can’t smell the cake too much. It reminds me of some of the “Fruity Pebbles / Fruit Loop” flavors…but not with an aggressive lemon “pine sol” smell.

  • Heavy Cream - Smells sweet and heavy in the nose - almost like condensed milk…I can’t tell if that is a cheesy note I smell in the way back or just a heavy cream. It’s not off putting at all



Tasting Notes - Heavy Cream

I’m still new to mixing so I hope I was able to describe this flavor well. I normally write my notes very simply. If anyone else has utilized this flavor please feel free to share your notes. I will test it again in 3 days, 1 week, & 2 weeks.

These are the notes I have posted when you search the Flavor List on ELR.

★★★ Mixing %'s similar to CAP, FW, & TFA ★★★

Single Flavor Test ★5%
70/30 | 1.5 Nic

► Smell / Taste / Feel
• Realistic Heavy Sweet Cream
• Very Sweet • Milky • Creamy • Dense/Thick & Flavorful
• Smooth & Silky • Full Mouth Feel

► Notes
• No cheese notes / off notes
• Additional sweetener - NOT needed • Can stand on it’s own / no support required
• Pairings: Creams, Custards, Ice Cream, Fruits, Pastry

► Usage: 1.5 - 2.5% min | 3.5 - 5% med | 6-8% max (testing at max % pending)
Mix: 3.5 - 4.5%



Tasting Notes - Sweet Potato

★★★ Mixing %'s similar to CAP, FW, & TFA ★★★

Single Flavor Test 5%
70/30 | 1.5 Nic

► Smell / Taste / Feel
• Pleasant Aroma - Smells similar to a ★Yellow Pear • Sweet & Slightly Earthy Sweet Potato
• Light Sweetness • Full Flavor • Slightly Grainy “Rooty” Texture
• Mild Mouth Feel

► Notes
• Floral note on exhale…? - Not too off putting - Sits on the tongue & nose
• Pairings: Pastry • Creams • Bakery | Dense creamy fruits?
• 2 week steep time? - ★ retest on 7/12/2017★

► Usage: 1.5 - 2.5% min | 3.5 - 5% med | 6-8% max
Mix: 3.5-4%

■ Sub: Yam (TPA)



@amovapeteam . I notice you havem’t posted for aaaages. Still active on this site? I was drawn to your flavours by Amy’s enthusiasm, and noticed some really interesting savoury flavours anongst the water-soluble range. Brie! Oregano! I would love to vape Brie…ummm, I think?

As dairy-intolerant, i seriously miss the taste of Brie. Heck, i don’t think i’d ever have made it from veggie to fuly vegan without a kick in the backside. that dairy intolerance. I loved my cheese too much.

I 'm a bit crushed to learn, from this thread, that the water-soluble are all PG-based. Cos i’m allergic to PG. Dammit!

I was also wondering if they are gluten free (yeah, you guessed it)

and I suppose the bacon flavour is extracted from real pigs, not veggie bacon bits?

All-in-al;, I think I’m just gonna have to pass up on Ammoretti flavours :frowning: But, anyway, I do think it would be nice if one could tell the answers to all the above from the website!

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first of all Jay210 the real pig was funny.

are extracts are natural flavored but non from pigs.
Second you are passing on us without trying the flavors first.

We do carry vegan kosher and VG based extracts on request

t the Brie and Oregano are Kosher PG but No Dairy.
How do that sound.

If you are interested in samples please email me directly



hey @ Terence :slight_smile: sounds awesome. Was amazed and delighted by the swift reply…then my brain suddely went AWOL, due to flu bug. I seem to be recovering now. Sort of (it’s now turned into a bad cold, seemingly)

Well, I will email you as soon as I can trust myself not to talk gibberish!



Thank you for the tasting notes…very helpful :slight_smile:



You’re very welcome MysticRose!



Welcome back, Terence!




HI Buddy,
Never left just observing from a far



I’d like to take you up on this if possible.

While I await your reply, I do have question for you after doing some very brief browsing on your site…

What’s the difference between your natural flavors, and their “normal” counterpart? (EG: butterscotch vs natural butterscotch) Forgive me if it’s stated somewhere, but the menu layout isn’t very phone friendly (while searching for vaping flavors), so I had to resort to doing a general search using “extract water soluble” as my search terms.

Thank you for being present on ELR!



Hello Sprkslfly,

We are first a Ingredients Manufacture for the baking industry,
so they require certain labeling and " Natural" Terminology.and Specific Ingredients ( Carriers) for there applications. Sorry we don’t advertise aggressively for the vape industry, but we are at trade shows.

Yes it is possible to receive samples just email me directly with your address and flavor request to

I will provide you the the catalog.
Enjoy your Wednesday