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Amoretti Flavorings


Thank you for your gift ! I am trying out the Natural Elderflower #1079 today I snuck a taste early on and knew it was guna be wonderful…Oh but what 1 month will do to that it made it Beautiful !!! Such a great flavor hands down probably my favorite from you guys even over the beloved Speculoos cookie I adore so much !

I used Natural Elderflower at 1-3% in my mixes. The one I tried today was at 2.5% here it is I posted it.

watermelon elderflower cocktail

Ingredient %
Cucumber (TPA) 1.76
Jamaican Rum (FA) 0.5
Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) (FA) 0.76
Natural Elderflower ( Amoretti ) 2.5
Red Summer (Watermelon) (FA) 4
Watermelon (TPA) 2.76

Flavor total: 12.27%

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Sounds yumolicious! One of the flavorings ive been wanting to try.

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Go for it ! It’s good

Natural Elderflower water soluble #1079 you won’t regret it

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Doesnt appear as tho their old site is up any longer, the only one i can find sells at 2lb bottle minimum.

I was trying to find it an hour or so ago when i was talking with the owner of Bigglesworth Labs, i was talking about my 7UP cake, an unpublished mix, and he was interested in grabbing some NBday Cake. Id send him some but im nearly out of it, stuff is goooood!

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Can you email them. I must have an email somewhere.

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I sure can and good idea. I still have Terence’s email. :slight_smile:

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Yea Terrace that is who I talk to over there !

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Thank you all for posting your reviews on these flavors. I’m very interested in 1 particular flavor. There hasn’t been any recent activity on this thread, so I did some digging. There is a new catalog on their site that lists which items are WS. Here is the link if anyone else is interested: Catalog of extracts begin on PG.39



Has anyone purchased any extracts from this vendor lately? If so I’d love to read your experience and notes on some flavors.



Which flavor?

While they make some pretty good stuff, and even some excellent flavors, for the most part they are pretty weak. Considering the price/ml they just arent worth it. The reps at the company were all very nice and their customer service was excellent.

If you do order something from them make sure that you double and triple check to make sure you received a WS product, twice i was sent and oil based liquid by mistake and there are several other here too that has this issue. But, like i said they have excellent customer service.



Is amoretti flavors weak as in OOO flavors weak? I had thought about amoretti until I saw the prices

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Honestly i have tried very few OOO flavors so i dont really know their range. Amoretti %s are close to CAP/FW/TPA % wise.



Thank you for your input! I’ll go to school on you and not buy any amoretti. I did an experiment with one of their flavors, however I don’t have the freedom per se to say anything about it. Ask @Amy2 as I’m sure she would love to tell you what happened…for science!



Thank you for the intel @Ken_O_Where. I wasn’t aware that the majority of their flavors were weak. :neutral_face: The one flavor I’m looking at is the WS Sweet Potato. I’ve looked through the forums here, Reddit and VapingUnderground for flavor notes on various Sweet Potatoes from traditional Yam to Ube, and most receive very low marks in regard to meeting the flavor profile and potency. Here, @Amy2 wrote:

Sweet potato- clean sweet crisp a bit earthy slightly woodsy/ pleasantly creamy. No root more earthy in that note. I tried this one first because I for 1 was expecting to maybe be put off by it as a stand alone I was completely wrong it is fantastic all on it’s own. 5 stars

I did email their customer service, and you are correct; they are excellent. I received a response this morning regarding ordering their WS products and sample info.



I completely agree with @Amy2’s notes, It was one of my favorites of theirs. I also very much liked Natural Birthday Cake, Speculoos Cookie and their Watermelon was pretty good too tho i dont much like watermelon. Clear Coffee was just a bit blah and while Red Licorice tasted pretty good it smells weird to me, i dont know how to explain it. What i do know is STAY AWAY FROM ELDERBERRY! I tried a single tiny drop in shot glass of water and it took me hours to bleach that taste out of my mouth. hehe. But seriously both elderflower and elderberry are horrible, to me.

Let me rephrase what i said as it may have sounded harsh which was not my intent. Personally feel if i am spending that kind of money i want a Medicine Flower level of potency, the realism of their flavorings is there but not the potency to price ratio.

Of the few sweet potato flavorings that i have used this is my favorite.



I see. Noted. Comparatively they are equal to some of the favorite vendors here like CAP, FW, TPA etc. Only a few stand out against the rest. Sounds normal. I will definitely stay away from the extracts you sited. Thank you.

Also, of the Sweet Potato flavorings that you have tested, which one is by your standards, top shelf?



looks good, guys



Elderflower is one of my favorites of Amoretti Hahaha goes to show how much TIS I get a jammy cordial of darkberries while you prob get a mouth of flowers.

I agree you 100% the potency to price isn’t there yet. The realism is accurate and they’re delicious just not strong enough.

love their speculoos and sweet potato as well.



I have been meaning to talk about that experience maybe here in a few after my coffee kicks in I’ll talk about our perils in science! You brutha took one for the vape team.



I got Sour Cream (WS) Amoretti for a project a few months back and liked it so well it’s found it’s way into several more recipes. Good flavor and about equal to TFA in strength I’d say.
Filled the missing notch that I wasn’t finding a flavor for anyplace else.