Artsy Farty Thread

I thought that creating a permanent arts thread would be a fun addition to our collective sharing of thoughts and ideas.

So a thread for those to share their art, ask for assistance, or discuss whether a work is actually art. Obviously, vape recipes will be excluded as the rest of the site covers that.
But, any other physical or digital piece may have a place here.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see a range of embroidery, sketches, short films, paintings and other ephemera.

To start, It’ll add my finished teeny tiny Turner. Now, I need to get down to creating a fitting frame for it.


Do crusty, dandruff-laden keyboards count as ephemera? :mask:


hahahaha, that’s a mighty pile of plastic dust from a few weeks of model making.


Oh, I forgot to mention that some of that dust was generated to make a commander inspired by you. He should be finished by the end of the week and is a leader of traditional soldiers who wield dangerous weapons in order to keep others safe. So, you seemed like an obvious choice.


Trail Mix…


Gosh I’m flattered…I think.


Well, I need a badass to lead this group and you came to mind first.


Are you starting a round of disassociation? If so, my two words are petticoat mandibles.

As ISIHAC has had over 50 years of being ‘In pip’ I don’t think that explaining standard rules, or core variations, is needed.


A round of Word For Word may make it clear.

I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, Series 77 - YouTube


Not a badass by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just a warrior in a garden…if you get the reference.


Indeed, and when the triffids come, I know who to call.


Well, I have been meaning to post about what has been keeping me far from the forum of late, so this thread is fitting (although I have to admit I very much dislike the term Artsy Fart or Arty Farty :laughing:).

I have previously posted some of my paintings and mentioned that I have a Redbubble (print-on-demand shop).
There is going to be a Mother’s Day Market in town (this Sunday) so I ordered a bunch of my stuff to sell! :open_mouth: :grin:
I’ve never really shared my paintings publicly and I’m getting more nervous the closer it gets :grimacing:.


Some beautiful works there. For me, the stark contrast in the black and white trees leapt out at me. Probably as I have a love of the early style of Tim Burton.


Great work! I especially like the blue one. Reminds me of one of my tats.


Your blue waves have reminded to start on my annual update to my only obvious tattoo outside of my shirt line. Yours remind me of a few examples of Japanese calligraphy but woven more like roots.

Mrs. Squirrel wants the addition of purples and the annual repair of all the damage it suffers over each year.

Always a tiresome job each anniversary, as I am lefthanded (the really subtle one is a line of dots on my right index finger - so I remember how many years I’ve been married.


I would have 17 dots if I did that…
How many do you have and do you have a photo so I can see placement?


It’ll be five dots for her as she’s Mrs. Squirrel Mk. 2, though my Little Monster, who is about to turn 8 was named by me.

I tend not to let such temporal anomalies bother me.


Oh, I’ll send photos after doing the first session. It does take a bit of planning, as washing, cleaning, cooking or any other rigorous action can screw up a hand tattoo and it does mean that I have to be able to clear a 4 day window to help the inks settle and then be really careful for two weeks. Collar bone, ankle and sternum tattoos are a walk in the park by comparison to hands.


@Sevencasper LOVE your work. When my wife had a studio she painted and did ceramics, and her paintings were similar to yours. Most times comments were along the lines of pointillism, and/or aboriginal.


Thanks for the positive feedback everyone :hugs:

I am hoping to get back into some practical creation soon, I am feeling inspired after spending a while on the computer photo editing (learning) and am looking forward to trying some new things.

:grin: I like Tim Burton’s style too.

Nice tat! I’ve always loved the different styles used in tattoo, this clean skin’s never gotten around to getting one though (always overthinking and can never make a decision).

:grin: I am inspired by Indigenous Australian art and try hard not to imitate but use it for inspiration (plus pointillism is very calming).