Ascorbic Acid and Other Additives: Super Topic

Alright, calling everyone out.


Has anyone used ascorbic acid?

I am hoping to get a hold of some soon and use it in a mix to sour or perhaps sweeten?.. I can only find maybe 2 or 3 sites that pertain to it in the use of e-liquids.

Does it add taste?
Is it sweet?
Is it safe to vape? (it is vitamin C, I believe)

I tried some citric acid and it did not add any sort of sour/ tart taste. It started to mute flavors at 1% using it in a 10% VG solution (Yes, I got a 1:10, citric acid powder to fully dissolve in VG) At 2% it was starting to get harsh (I Sub-ohm at level 6 nic, I know what bad harsh is)

Would ascorbic acid be what I am looking for?

While I have your attention, has anyone here had experience with monkfruit extract, xylitol, or erythritol, or tartaric acid?

If so PLEASE elaborate.



I have zero experience with any of the above. If I have used it, I surely didn’t know it. Sorry I can’t help.

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Ditto No experience w/ it.Sorry ! I want to say @Ken_O_Where may have a friend on another forum forgot his name he is here sometimes too he may be able to lead you in the direction you need.


I would bet that Ken or @A_B_Dada has information on using it.


I’m not gonna be much help on this one either…

My “additives” experience is going to be limited to…
Citric acid
Malic acid
Ethyl maltol
Apple cider vinegar
Distilled water

I’ve never read or seen any experiments with ascorbic acid but I’m very interested in hearing your results. I’m also waiting for some feedback from the community on monk fruit sweetner, ever since started offering it.

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Other than having a glass of orange or grapefruit juice every day…that’s about all I know about ascorbic acid. :pensive: Sorry bud.

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That’s okay, I will happily take any knowledge you have on those.

I got the Pyure (Stevia) that you had found a while back (Good snag!). I’m using at 2% and its still letting most of the flavor through but still not too sweet.

Does this need time to steep into the juice?
Or perhaps is the sweetness muted at 2%? (Too much?)

Edit: Oh ya, 2% is way too much…


I cant help you on any of this either, i dont do many additives and no sweeteners other than ethyl maltol.

About citric acid, i remember AB mentioning that even at minute amounts fruit flavorings can benefit, much lower than most currently use.

I searched /r/Deeper_DIY for ascorbic acid but found nothing, sorry.


I havnt used it either. I’m trying to do stuff without extra additives.

The closest I’ve come is sweet and tangy tpa.


I’ve not had anything like this as a specific flavoring or additive, but I’m willing to bet ascorbic acid is not removed entirely during the extraction process of fruit flavorings, particularly citrus. However, most vitamins are degraded pretty bad when subjected to heat, and friction generates heat quickly so any extraction that puts the fruit etc. under much pressure, grinding, pulverizing or whatnot is probably killing much of it in the process.

Flavors I would almost guarantee have it in there that I have in my stash are -

MF - Grapefruit
MF - Mandarine
MF - Peach
FA - Lime Tahiti (Cold Pressed)

Ones I would highly suspect -

FLV - Orange Citrus
FLV - Tropical Citrus
FLV - Pink Guava

The list could go on and I’d bet the number of fruit flavors that have at least some amount of ascorbic acid in them would be long and surprising. But I wouldn’t imagine the quantity would be very high wherever it’s found.

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Sorry can’t help you. I for one do not use additives. I blend juice for a shop, at least till August 8 I do. I will not add additives because no one knows their effects on the lungs and I will not take chances with my customer’s health. I have experimented with distilled water. At the right percentages it does thin the juice without using PG which some are allergic. I will not use EM because it mutes flavors. I will say that EM has it’s uses, sometimes flavors need muting, but I shy away from mixes that need to be toned down. Sucralose which is used by some of the flavor companies as their sweetener I will not use. Sucralose can not be processed by the human body. Stevia, don’t know it’s effects but still don’t use it. Saline, really thought about using a little saline in my juice but then read that when the saline is heated it releases chlorine. Not good. Truth be told, you can probably find something negative said about most additives when used in the manner we use them. I say, keep it simple, and keep it safe to the best of your ability…


Sweet and Tangy, hmmmm… What do you think of it? Elaborate.

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It’s more like a sweet tart when I mixed with it. Not really sour. I just used billberry FA and sweet tangy tpa. It was pretty good

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Sorry can’t help with regards to Ascorbic Acid?
I have started my journey with Erythritol as a sweetener.
Been impressed so far with it.
It adds the sweetness to the flavour rather than on top and it also adds a very slight coolness to the liquid, but not in a minty,menthol or Koolada way if that makes any sense?

It doesn’t gunk the coils either which is a bonus!


That’s who I was trying to tag but could not get his handle right ! Thank you


I was sure that is who you were thinking of.If anyone would know anything he would be the one to ask. I think I need to hire him for some consulting but then I would have to hire someone else to dumb it down enough so that I could understand everything he was telling me!


I’ve not worked with it yet, but you can get it and it’s safe to use.

Here you go:


I use it as an anti oxidant for canning it and ascorbic acid

DUH, it and citric acid. NTFB

@Pentine some interesting reading here if you haven’t seen it before.

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I haven’t used it either. But as @Mofogger was sort of the guinea pig with Pyure around here, maybe you can try it and give use your thoughts? I will keep an eyeball on this thread. It’s very interesting when a new ingredient pops up.

Oh, by the way… Pyure needs to be refrigerated. My bottle turned black!