Australia and vaping

And then there are the outright lies…

Found this after a radio ad this morning stating from a celebrity “doctor” that “new research” has shown vaping causes lung disease and cancer!


Wow, they look soo happy !!!

Do you know what you’re vaping?

E-cigarettes may expose people to chemicals and toxins at levels that have the potential to cause serious health effects, including increased risk of depression and anxiety. Vaping has already been linked to lung disease and can expose people to:

  • the same harmful chemicals found in cleaning products, nail polish remover, weed killer and bug spray

  • toxins such as formaldehyde and heavy metals

  • ultrafine particles that can be inhaled deep into the lungs

  • flavouring chemicals such as diacetyl (a chemical linked to serious lung disease)

  • the device has been known to explode causing serious burns.


Following the link within the above website to Vaping evidence summary - Tobacco and smoking at the bottom part where it is saying what the health effects are, one of them apparently is as follows…

“Vaping is not safer than smoking Because vapes are relatively new and haven’t been studied over a long period of time, it is impossible to say they are safer than cigarettes. The health risks associated with vaping remain uncertain, but they cannot be considered safe. Both vapes and cigarettes have health risks. The safest approach is to not use either.”

This is taken from the WHO at Tobacco: E-cigarettes where they have determined…

"Both tobacco products and ENDS pose risks to health. The safest approach is not to use either.

The levels of risk associated with using ENDS or tobacco products are likely to depend on a range of factors, some relating to the products used and some to the individual user. Factors include product type and characteristics, how the products are used, including frequency of use, how the products are manufactured, who is using the product, user behaviour – user’s puffing style – and whether product characteristics are manipulated post-sale.

Toxicity is not the only factor in considering risk to an individual or a population from exposure to ENDS emissions. These factors may include the potential for abusing or manipulating the product, use by children and adolescents who otherwise would not have used cigarettes, simultaneous use with other tobacco products (dual or poly use) and children and adolescents going on to use smoked products following experimentation with ENDS. Dual use, which is common, is at least as dangerous and likely more dangerous than smoking conventional cigarettes or using e-cigarettes alone. Further, not all ENDS are the same and the risks to health may differ from one product to another, and from user to user."

It really is a joke that they may as well be saying it is less harmful to smoke in the long run. :man_shrugging: