Australia and vaping

That was two years ago. And there just now reacting? Why are they reacting to American studies that have nothing to do with tobacco replacement when it was a group of young adolescent and young adults vaping a oil based product. That was marijuana and illegal in the first place.


Yeah, I knew a few people who were on the Chinese ciggies at one stage, smelt revolting. I don’t realty see many people who vape out here so not sure how prolific the black-market stuff is.

I have enough Nic, flavours and rebuildables to last me as long as I want. That is not the point though, I know how well this did for me getting off the smokes and how much better I feel, it’s damn annoying that the rate things are going this pathway may not be available to those who need it in the future.


Black market disposables is everywhere in the suburbs . Basically every shop that sells ciggies sell disposables I’m in Victoria.


I see more and more patients at work with them in their beds on the wards now. Funny how they don’t disappear all day now. The smokers still do


Agreed @Ianc13.


As terrible as this sounds to me I’ve honestly got to question if they do care or to be precise care more about the taxes from combustible tobacco.

It’s the obvious as the nose on your face point.
The proven fact of combustible tobacco causing millions of premature deaths yet it is still a legal product to buy.
When you sit and think about it, that point alone is simply mind boggling. But rather than to at least enter an educated debate on the possibilities of vaping and how to utalise it let’s just ban it bit by bit and keep the dollars rolling in.
I appreciate tobacco couldn’t be outlawed overnight as there would be anarchy but phase it out similarly to what NZ proposes.

I see a lot of people vaping now admittedly mostly on what I think are disposables. Some may just give up, some will pay extortionate (black market) prices to continue but I suggest most will just return to smoking. These changes will only serve to make things considerably worse for all with more horror stories in regards to the black market supply.
Regulating vaping is the obvious decision. Only licensed and reputable vaping businesses should be legally allowed to sell anything vape related, including nicotine. Fair enough have some large fines etc in place for anybody or business that breaks the law which obviously includes selling to minors. I know that that would mean high taxes but that’s better than the alternatives.
The hypocrisy in all decisions to date just can’t be denied.


@Gazza7 mate, of course this is as obvious as the nose on your face. To use my favourite … it’s as plain as piss holes in the snow. Canberra has never had our back in this or anything else. These last 3 years have set that in stone for me. How can happy carefree kids, running around the playground at school, grow up to be such evil, uncaring parasites? There has to be more to life than accumulating obscene amounts of money surely.

All the points you raise here and in your previous posts are spot on. I too see a lot more people using those cheap black market disposables and it concerns me that no-one really knows what the hell is in them. I asked a guy at work why he’s using them and basically, he uses them because he can’t buy juice with nicotine and he admits he’s too lazy to get nicotine via script and add it to his juice. I get frustrated and tired of trying to help people these days.

Brian from Legalise Vaping Aust sent me an email regarding the recent “sham” TGA public consultation. Here’s a little snippet … Cheers.



Treasurer and supermarkets are unhappy there’s a 5 billion dollar black hole in tobacco taxes which means more Aussies are moving to chop chop or vapes.


The word on the street (internally) that all flavours will go there is new legislation in place from the beginning of the year that there is no tobacco flavour allowed for sale with cigarettes.
Because e liquids will are to fall under the same legislation that the same will apply, including them looking at plain packaging.
Prescriptions will still be need to purchase liquid nicotine, though from approved dispensers. aka chemists, and SOME vape shops.
As for the tax there is talk a 100ml bottle will be taxed at rates like Germany - per ml and around 32c per ml.
Making a 100ml currently AUD$40 ($16.00 - wholesale) that will be from AUD$70-$80

As for already nicotine e liquid available, it is still being discussed.


How long do flavours last?
Will VG/PG be taxed?

Greatly appreciate your inside knowledge


Flavour concentrates shelf life vary, from 12 months to 3 years depending on how the are stored and the manufacturer.
E Liquid or flavoured e liquid as you are referring, if stored correctly may be 12 months to 48 months again depending on manufacturer and how things are sterilised prior or on the packaging lines.

As for VG and PG they are the same with shelf life. Vg and PG can not be taxed or flavour concentrates at the tobacco tax as a single product as they are used in everything you consume or use everyday.
Soaps, hand wash, shampoo, drinks, gum, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, alchol, beverages, brewing, vodka, snow cones, slushy mixes, medications etc.
So to try and police where pg, vg or flavour concentrates are used is almost impossible as they are used every day in everyday items


I greatly appreciate your inside knowledge too and thanks for sharing it.
As much as I don’t want to pay more tax I must admit that would be preferable to the ridiculous situation that currently exists.


The more I more I talk to Darren, the more it becomes obvious that he has FAR more than just a working knowledge of their products. You can REALLY see this by looking at many of his recipes.


All over facebook marketplace …

led me to this:

to this: (this place might just be selling at 0 nic but some of the images state nic on the main image but when you click through it is removed on the page image. They deliver to your door in (melbourne).

And then these:

& some closer to you (adelaide)

But can we police it - No of course not it’s too hard to stop this at the border :roll_eyes:


Wow, I don’t really do much on social media except for my MTL group on FB. Nothing like that has ever come up in my feed…


Only have to go into any tobacconists, catch an Uber. One a month ago had a neon acrylic sign stuck to his dash. Disposable vapes here. :rofl:

They are all nicotine which is fine but they are illegal, most vape shops around have lost half their revenue to these illegal sales. Plus at $40 each why would you bother. Just buy and xlim and a 100ml for about $70 which would give you 20 disposables ?? It’s about not knowing and there lays the issue. Most fb groups for vaping are run by distributors or shops and only wish to push … buy my juice etc
Not to engage in a more meaningful way to help people quit smoking, look and learn about how easy it is to do a pod, dtl etc

The main reason disposables are everywhere as you can buy them wholesale at around USD $2 each which is about $3 AUD then they sell them for anywhere between AUD$35-45. That’s why every man and their dog is selling them in STRALIA mate! :rofl:

There is nothing MAGICALLY about vaping, creating a flavour or mixing an eliquid. What ELR is about an awesome community and great helpful resource

Ps search fb marketplace and put in the word FRUIT BOWL, FRUIT BAR See how many hundreds you get


Ahhh, yes. I am country SA so I don’t see those in my travels.

Shame the authorities don’t crack down on them instead of penalising us responsible vapers who do the right thing.

I run a MTL vaping group on FB and pretty much everyone on there does the right thing (or so they say… :man_shrugging: ). Surprised I don’t get anything in my feed given I own the group but never do.


That’s the thing that pisses me off about disposables.

The ads don’t come up in my feed, as Jetz said - just search Marketplace, highlighter, fruit bar fruit bowl, fruit stick even just fruit. They’re right there.


Like you pointed out if they wish to stop it, just impose the same penalties as cut tobacco and do a FB marketplace search. Not that hard… you only need to ping a couple and word will travel quickly.


Ahhhh, but then they would not have the moral outrage to target legit users and get us off those horrible vaping devices and back to smoking cigarettes which are much less problematic… :thinking: :thinking: