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Australian Government ***BANNING ALL NICOTINE IMPORTS***



The Australian government is doing it’s best to kill vaping down under.


This will not only affect 300 000 current users but also stop about 3 million smokers in our land from trying what I have found to be a life changing event.

This will maintain the governments strangle hold on the tax revenue of 16.5 billion annually made from cigarette excise.

All Australians need to sign and spread the word amongst friends and family to let our voice be heard.


The loophole is you just need an Australian Post Code and valid email to sign. Which I have provided in the link below. So if you feel so inclined please join me in signing the petition in the link below.


Further information and full details of the planned hijacking of an industry that’s changed my life.





Attempting to add a signature to the petition but I’m getting a spinning wheel and no acknowledgement :thinking:


That sucks. I signed and I hope my name counts. Good Luck my Aussie Brothers and Sisters!


Thanks @marsh8 for the Postcode finder.

@Dan_the_Man, I too had the spinning circle, BUT, turned out to be my AdBlocker/ScriptStopper’s. Turned them off, and submitted.


@Jellybean make sure you don’t have any adblocker, or script blockers running.


Will I still be able to get e-cigarettes?

If both you and your doctor believe that the use of nicotine e-cigarettes can help you to stop smoking then you can still access the products with appropriate medical supervision.

You will need a prescription from your doctor for an e-cigarette containing vaporiser nicotine, and it will need to be obtained on your behalf by a medical supplier or from a pharmacist who dispenses it for your use as the named patient. The company or the pharmacist will need to be given a copy of your prescription.

You are no longer permitted to import nicotine for use in e-cigarettes directly from an overseas supplier without a valid import permit.

If you have been using non -nicotine containing e-cigarettes, you can locally purchase (where legal in your state or territory); or alternatively you can import e-cigarettes which do not contain vaporiser nicotine.

Other nicotine replacement therapies including sprays, patches, lozenges and chews will remain available.

An Australian pharmacist may dispense or compound vaporiser nicotine for use in an e-cigarette by a named patient holding a valid Australian prescription.

What will happen to my existing order if it’s not delivered by 1 July?

The Australian Border Force (ABF) is obliged by law to seize e-cigarettes containing vaporiser nicotine which arrive in Australia on or after 1 July 2020.

The ABF is also obliged to send you a seizure letter giving you an opportunity to object to the seizure of the e-cigarettes. For example, a valid objection may be because they do not contain vaporiser nicotine. The government, through the TGA laboratories, may also test products that are suspected of containing nicotine.

Will I get a refund if I paid for my order and it’s seized by the ABF?

No. If your product is prohibited under the new regulations, then you will not be entitled to a refund if it’s seized by the ABF from 1 July onwards.


Done, let’s hope for the best



Done… I bet customs right now is shaking their heads at all the nic flowing into the country. :tada:
in less than 10 days all that will dry up, and hurt their jobs as there won’t be so much more work to do.

It all has an economic impact. a damn shame too.


Hopefully this helps… the government’s & every1 needs to hurry up & get wit the program & quit all this ban b.s…, vaping has saved soo many lives…, fuck what the government’s don’t get…, they have more than plenty enough fucking money!!




Been so busy (sidetracked) with the COVID-19 thing that I completely forgot our (Australian) Health Minister was trying to make this happen. I have enough nicotine in the freezer to last me 6-9 months (hopefully) but I doubt very much there would be time for an order to get to me before the 1st of July even if I ordered today :cry: Oh well, looks like I’ll be searching for a sympathetic doctor who’s not afraid to write me out a prescription. Aaaargh! :rage:


Yeah mate, seems so. The conspiracy theorist in me says they’d rather we all went back onto the stinkies so they can reap the benefits of the extra tax revenue that would generate. When you consider we’re paying $40 per pack, it’s a “nice little earner” as they say. Goons the lot of them :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


That was the first thing I figured out, we have been done over big time! Possibly from NZ before July 1 but definitely not from the US the way the post is at the moment.

Did you see the fine up to $220 000?
Apparently they want to put it in the same class of drug as Meth, go figure that one.

I think they have rejigged the wording so that even that is off the table.

I hope that I’ve misinterpreted but I think the Health Minister the HUNT has reamed us with a 10 foot pole.

Stay safe brother!


It reads to me that you can only obtain with a script and “supplied by a medical supplier/pharmacy”.
So just a script will not cover it anymore.

And… this seems to be saying that customs will be enforcing this also…

They’ve snuck this one in so quickly… not sure if anything can be done?

I am screwed too! :roll_eyes:


G’day @marsh8. I’ve already taken the punt and ordered some nicotine this (Saturday) morning and yes, I forked out the extra and have paid for DHL Express. Hopefully it’ll get to me before the 1st July. I usually just get a 250ml of 100mg but decided to get 2 x 200mg instead.

I “know” I cannot vape zero nic so I’ll have to come up with a solution. Maybe vape zero nic and get my nic fix with gum, lozenges or those nicotine inhaler things.

Yeah, what a joke! Besides the obscene amounts of tax revenue they want from the “cancer sticks”, looks like they want another $220,000 from each one of us that’s trying to do the sensible thing. Geez Louise! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Reading the intro again it states that they “intend to ask” that the GG amend the regs. If he agrees, we’re screwed. Here’s hoping he doesn’t but I’ve “panic bought” just in case. Geez this is messed up. Aaaargh! :rage: Anyway, thanks for the well wishes and good luck to you (and all us Aussies) with this “debacle”. Cheers bro’.


I know this is going to sound funky, @Dardy… and I know you are in a pickle… but…
I am Smoky Blue for a reason. I do dearly love my “smoking” yeah yada yada!! :stuck_out_tongue:
if you can find mixes you enjoy… start thinking on tampering down in nic, but you can tell yourself it isnt tapering down, it’s just adjusting. Before long you will not miss the nic, and will be a flavor vaper.

I do not know what your nic comsumption is, but even stepping down from say a 6% to a 5% can help conserve your use of it. If you remember, your goal was to step away from smoking. Now… you are forced into no nic. I feel so bad for you, but now its that you need to set new goals, and look at this in a more positive light.

I know this is not what you want or want to read. I do. I could not imagine being limited on what to buy or use, but it is coming for us all. These statements are not limited to just you… I really do feel so bad for you guys down there.

If you think more of a conserving… and yes… since you have that amount coming, Stash half of it. Seriously put it on “reserve”… for those in case you have to have a hit of nic.

Nicotine does so many good things for the body, but it is the people voted in that make the rules. You guys need to fight for it, and change who you vote in. Even then it might not help.

So far… I went from at this time last year, with the nic salt testing I have done for quite a few labs, from a high 6% nic salt or if you want, 60mg nic salt, and that is a hella lot… tapered down to a 18mg freebase then to a 16mg, then 12mg, then on down to 6mg and the final move I made was a 3mg… New Years I went zero nic, Valentines I went to a 6% but I dropped it in a week, down to 3% and then I have been nic free ever since. I have had to, due to the nicotine affecting both high blood pressure as well as my heart. Too much nic can do that for us. On the other hand, it’s good for Alzheimer’s patients, and bee stings! :stuck_out_tongue:

If I can, anyone can. I know it is hard, but the cravings subside within 3 days… You can do it. :slight_smile:
I still vape nic free, and some days I am an ultra-light vaper, others I chain vape… but I have no nic at all. I do have 2 8oz of nicotine in my freezer for those times where I might want some nic… but its there waiting in case :wink:


You are so right Smoky, I dropped our nic to 3mg and not long after, I really started chain vaping. So I mixed up some 0mg to chain vape and alternate between them if i find I am ripping through the juice.
The only thing I miss then is the throat hit but I can deal with that.

Thankyou for posting your suggestions, we r in a shitty situation, some ppl on reddit are completely stressing!! & I don’t blame them.
We make the switch and it’s taken away.
Hopefully if any extra ppl from Oz head in here they might find some additional strategies :hugs:


Thanks @SmokyBlue. Pearls of wisdom as usual :wink: Have taken your suggestions and encouragement onboard and will do my best. Thanks again, you’re a sweetheart :heart_eyes:.


You know if you need to release pressure, feel free to post up here.
Think outside the box too… big hugs right back… :smiley: