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BBQ is better with a vape


@adary THAT, is BADASS !!!


Thanks man. Next bbq session will be a real BBQ and vape. I will post photos for sure :slight_smile:


To quote a very old and wise member here on ELR …

“Pics or it never happened” !!!


I smoked a Tri Tip last night to have the next few nights. I smoked it fat side up, so the fat would trickle down over the meat. Will post pictures and taste report later.


@Daven You had me at ^^^^^ …


Couple of platefuls of Apple Glazed Pork Belly Burnt Ends for the first time this weekend, very nice, will certainly be doing again


I shouldn’t visit this thread when hungry :slight_smile:


Found this on amazon. There are videos on YouTube how to use it. Fill with the pellets…light it with a torch… let it burn for 10 min… blow flame out… and lay on grill or smoker. Burns about 6 hrs. Works great


Actually I use this one:


Did some of these with apple glaze over the weekend and took a few photos along the way

Preparing to be put on grill 1kg of Belly pork covered in a homemade pork rub


Placed in smoker @ 225F for 2 hrs 15 min


Placed pork belly pieces into foil tray and added ½ cup of Brown Sugar and ¼ cup of honey along with 50g of butter, over them


Covered with foil and put in smoker for another 1½ hours till tender and squidgy between fingers. Tip away the liquid

The Glaze

1 cup of BBQ Sauce (I used Bullseye Smokey Bacon) but any suitable for pork will do

½ cup of Apple Jelly or Jam

¼ cup of Apple Juice

Simmer sauce on low heat till smooth and pour over Pork belly pieces tossing lightly to ensure a good coating all over, put back in smoker for another 15 minutes


Once cooked I served with cheese and bacon potato skins and a dollop of Sinclair’s Red Pepper Ketchup (picture took before added ketchup).


Simple and tasty meal for an evening took about 5 hours from once smoker reached 225F to being on the plate


@bluenose63 BOOM that looks good !!!


Looks good… just did a dozen and a half of brauts on the regular grill the other day, yeah nothing special I know but they were good anyway. That pork of yours sounds like it would be fairly sweet (with all the sugar and jam) how did it come out… nice and tender from the looks of it.


Sweet & Sticky or herbs and mild spices are my main go to for rubs and sauces. I just don’t have a palate for hot & spicy unfortunately. Although if cooking for friends & family I will add it for them. Easy to add Chilli Flakes or Hot sauce to the final glaze mixture for the Pork Belly bites.

Got a rotisserie the other day, wondering whether to keep it boxed up till next year or break it open as really want to make a Porchetta before the weather changes here in the UK.

Brats sound good, do you make your own sausages?, Autumn and cooler nights are just around the corner here, so cold smoking & curing is on the agenda again over the autumn/winter months for me.

Got some Bresaola beef curing for Xmas and some Panchetta that will be ready in a few weeks. Along with a couple of Kg of different cheeses, that are nearly ready, as the smoke has been settling for 4 weeks now.

UK style bacon and salmon to follow in the next few weeks as well hopefully.


No I don’t really have the room to play with starting to do the whole meat grinding and curing bit right now as much as I’d want to. I haven’t even been able to smoke much meat this last summer :frowning: I have a few Boston butts sitting in my freezer just crying to get out though


Ready for some college football :slight_smile:


Looking mighty good brother :+1:


@SthrnMixer I’m getting on the plane now !!!


Awe shucks fellas. I can’t take all the credit. I’ve done a few briskets following a few different recipes. But last time and yesterday I used this recipe and man, it’s a good bit of work for a single cook, but it’s oh so worth it. This is about the best brisket I’ve ever had. Well, perhaps barring this one place we went to in Dallas a few years back. I’d have to do a side-by-side on that. Still, my little pellet smoker is turning out some butt kicks - thanks to the internet and sheer dumb luck :slight_smile:


Looks a very involved recipe but worth the effort. On a scale of 1-10 being the hottest how would you rate the spiciness of the finished Brisket. I am a bit sensitive to spice and heat and anything above a 3 or 4 is a bit much for me and I think the amount of chipotle in this could take it way above my level of comfortableness.


I think it depends a lot on the batch of ingredients you have. Not all pepper is created equal. That said, mine turned out medium heat - nothing over the top. The flavor is incredible. That IQUE sauce for the burnt ends is amazing. I’ve never bought a sauce that even comes close.