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BBQ is better with a vape


Thanks for that bookmarked the site. Some other good recipes on there to. The Smoking Asian pork butt looks and sounds delicious. Be like a Char Siu Puilled Pork I imagine. Definitely going to try that as well.


Couple of Smoked Pheasants, brined, basted and slow cooked on the smoker, they were delicious



Mmmmmmmmm @bluenose63 those appear to be a pair of delicious twins !!!


Can we rename this thread to “MEAT PORN” please!


Yes I have a problem


Yeah @Cutlass92 you do, there’s only ONE !!!


It’s only a 25lb turkey.


And there’s only 4 of us.


Still have a problem


Bit of Cold smoking tonight with Apple wood dust, 10 bulbs of Garlic for 10 hours for use over xmas, and 5kg of Mature Cheddar, Gruyere, Gouda and Port Salut cheese for 2 ½ hours in the morning for family members over xmas also. A cool 2-3 degrees so just the right temperature tonight.

Some Homemade Bacon and Salmon later in the week to be cold smoked over 24 hours,Once curing and drying completed


Looks good, out of interest do you brine yours first? I have never smoked a whole turkey. Often done Turkey legs and thighs as the smoked meat goes lovely in a turkey and a ham pie, but have always brined mine overnight first as I find even a leg and a thigh can dry out after a 6-7 hour smoke.


No, here in murica most of our meat is injected with a brine solution, “for tenderness and flavor” but we really know it’s to add weight.


And to preserv a tive.
Whatever a “tive” is. :wink:


Frozen Turkeys here in the UK are usually brined up to 10% as part of the process and that is no bad thing for a more juicy bird which ever method of cooking you do it by, I think. But certainly Free Range Fresh birds aren’t

Love this time of the year as all the people that by the Turkey Crowns means there is a glut of Legs and Thighs being sold cheaply by the Butchers and Supermarkets and I personally prefer the dark meat when it comes to Turkey.

Got a free range cockerel (capon) ordered to be cooked in the oven though for my xmas dinner this year.


Smoked my first whole duck today, Served it with pan fried beansprouts, spring onions and some sweet pointed red peppers, I roasted earlier and a glug of soya sauce. Definitely cooking this again, tastes amazing. Couple of photos





Say hello to my big green egg. Next time I cook EVERYBODY IS INVITED!


On tonight’s menu Turduken (a turkey, duck and chicken breast) with a mushroom, onion and Cumbernauld sausage stuffing, wrapped in streaky bacon and cooked lo&slo to an internal temp of 165F



this is my contribution to this. 3 meat group represented. Gotta love it. Also had a bourbon cream vape and a store pick Elijah Craig on hand. It was a great dinner.