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Ciao, Riccardo, and welcome! :sunflower: May your diy journey be playful and instructive, and remember to sit on your wallet to stop your money from taking off. Enjoy!


Hello and welcome Riccardo. My love of Castle Long is what got me started on this DIY hobby.
Here are a couple of the most popular Castle Long clones.

Castle Long Clone V2

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 2
Bourbon (Vanilla Bourbon) (FA) 2
Brown Sugar (TPA) 2.5
Coconut Extra (TPA) 3
Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) 6
Oak Wood (FA) 2.5
Toasted Almond (TPA) 3
Vanillin 10% (TPA) 2

Flavor total: 23%

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Castle Long Clone by jonhall2

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 1.5
Brown Sugar Extra (TPA) 1
Coconut Extra (TPA) 1.5
Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) 2.5
Toasted Almond (TPA) 1.5
Vanilla Bourbon (TPA) 1
Vanillin 10% (TPA) 1

Flavor total: 10%

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what’s the main difference between the 2 recipes, a part the total flavour percentage ?
Which is best about you ?

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I have tried them both and I actually prefer the last one that only has 10% flavoring total.I can’t tell much difference between the two after I let them steep for a week or two but everyone has different tastes.
Some prefer the higher percentage one while others like me prefer the second , both are very good IMO.Starting out I would make a small bottle of each and see what you prefer.



My husband and I live in Colorado. We’re shopping for a new mod and tank, maybe two. We’ve vaped off and on since 2010, make most of my juice, and never built a coil. Yet. Clouds are nice but flavor is a necessity.

Thanks for ELR, I’d be in a world of hurt without yalls recipes and experience.


Hi BoyHowdy

I have tested the first version yesterday, but after one week of steeping it just taste sweet, I can barely feel flavour, it’s really … ‘flat’ …
well, could not exactly follow the recipe, coconut, vanilla bourbon and Kentucky bourbon are not TPA but FA, but it should at least be near instead of ‘no taste - just sweet’.
I mix by weight with a 0.01 digital scale, it’s new and calibrated, I believe I’ve done that right.
Any thoughts ?

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Sorry you are having trouble , I am curious when you swapped the TPA flavors for FA did you lower your flavor percentages? FA flavors are among the best , they are much more potent than TPA .
If not that could be the problem , we have a fulcrum point when it comes to flavors.Every flavor has a percentage that works best , if we go over it starts to mute the flavor same as not enough.
When you have a mix that tastes sweet but not defined that is a sign that we have too much flavoring and it is becoming muted.
We do have an all FA version of Castle Long , I have not tried it but it is rated well.

Castle Long Clone

Ingredient %
Bourbon (Vanilla Bourbon) (FA) 1.5
Brandy (FA) 2.5
Coconut (FA) 1.5
Cream Fresh (FA) 1
Meringue (FA) 1
Pistachio (FA) 0.1
Vienna Cream (FA) 3
Walnut (FA) 2

Flavor total: 12.6%

Remember to rate it at!

If this doesn’t help please post your recipe or the flavors that you have and we will get you on the right path .:slight_smile:


many thanks for prompt reply, I understand what you mean and no, haven’t lowered percentages;
that could have spoiled the mix, indeed. I was not aware about the ‘power’ differences between TPA and FA.
I will try to get all TPA or all FA needed flavours and try again following recipes you posted, or maybe
you could tell me how to compensate FA to TPA ?

Here my flavour stash:

  • Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA)
  • Vanilla Bourbon (FA)
  • Brandy (TPA)
  • Brown Sugar (TPA)
  • Coconut (FA)
  • Classic Vanilla (FA)
  • Oak Wood (FA)
  • Toasted Almond (TPA)

thanks again


Welcome to the forum! It’s a fun place to be :+1:


Thanks Lolly and everybody here!


Hi everyone, I’m new here. Been vaping for 4 1/2 + years and mixing for 2 years. I just took a break from vaping and mixing due to a bad case of vaper’s fatigue. So I am reformulating my recipes to prevent this from happening again as best I can. I have been living in the UK for 3 years now. Started vaping when I was living in the US. Looking forward to being a part of this community!


Welcome to the funhouse! This place is full of lovely people - it’s a real community and I’m proud to be a small part of it.

Look forward to seeing you around :smiley:


@Lolly A fun house? I will fit right in then haha After reading all the just plain funnies I had a really good laugh. I saw chefs gave you a response on the real flavors raw extracts. :grin:


Sooo excited! :laughing:


Welcome all the new folks! Yes, it’s a fun house, nut house, mad house, budget busting bouncy house of wonderful people and vast amounts of knowledge and fun…fun house, lol. :laughing:


HI I am skullblade789. I am an avid helper of vapers. I helps where and when I can. It is hard for me too not help someone.

I DIY all liquids and coils. I got started vaping 3 to four years ago. Started on blu cigs and am now on to the Reuleaux 200 DNA (PIF) and Reuleaux 200s and the Griffin tanks and the Tsunami RDA. Cannot praise them enough. I live to vape and it is a great hobby for me. I love to tinker with juices and coils.

Thanks to @GPC2012 for reccomendation to visit this site and be a member. I have known him on the other site for a while and gave a debt of gratitude for his help into getting smack dab into DIY everything. Saved me sooooo much and a wonderful hobby.


Awesome I am going on 11 months of vaping I smoked cigs for over 46 years and haven’t smoked a cig since day one of vaping


Welcome all you new folk!