Best Candy Flavors

I love certain candy flavors, especially fruits. I love Jolly Ranchers very much and basically there isn’t a flavor of JR candy that I don’t like. I love the Black Cherry, Peach, Watermelon, Green Apple.

Over the course of time there have been many candies I’ve thought were great. When I was a kid there was a green hard candy stick called Grasshoppers. It was a green apple flavor. I will say that Flavorah’s Green Apple seems to be the closest I’ve found to that Grasshopper taste.

What about Life Safer’s swirl lollipops?

So what flavors would you recommend that are top shelf candy flavors? I’m looking for the best of the best. My venture into this area has been with very limited success.

I’d forgot about grasshoppers, they where great. I need to try Flavorah’s green appleall I have is TPA and its not good at all.

Re: Butterscotch only Vape?

I was looking for a lifesaver butterscotch candy vape. I never seem to get a definitive answer.
Closest was:
"Flavor west - smells exactly butter rum Lifesavers! Dead on! Can’t wait to see how it tastes. Color is slightly Orange, mixed at 15% is almost colorless."
Of the 57 posts no real positive declarations such as " this tastes almost like Lifesaver Butterscotch candy. This is how I mixed it."
Maybe I missed something?
Anyway, I would like to find a good candy vape and read some descriptions.

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In for Jollyrancher flavors

@Miscman said in that thread that FW butter rum at 10-15% was just like lifesavers. Maybe the thread should be resurrected so we can get new intel. :wink:


Love it just mixed up that after buying it a month ago, have to mix a higher one to test this. I’ll try and post back tomorrow after my tests have all had time to sit and give some results on what I have bottled.


I thought I read that somewhere. Thanks Jo-Jo. Seems to easy!

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I’ve got a LA butter rum and FW butterscotch mix on the steep shelf right now; looking for the same butter rum lifesavers flavor I remember as a kid. I made one mix that just didn’t make it; upped the butter rum a great deal on the next batch, let it air out for 24 hours and now it’s capped and steeping. In a week or so, I’ll know if my best laid plans worked. :thinking:


Hah! That’s what I’ve got going on…it actually just became ready, but I haven’t vaped it yet…I’ll hafta pull it out in the next few days and give it a taste…
I’ll let you guys know


One on One Flavors has a lot of Candy flavorings. I just got their candy sample kit but have only mixed a Skittles recipe. It came with a Butterscotch and I will mix it up tonight and give my thoughts at shake and vape and after a steep.

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That would be awesome. I’ve tried a few butterscotch but was let down every time.

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I have a lot of One on One flavors I need to mix actually. A lot of them sound really good. The candy sample pack came with a Skittles flavor and a Wild Berry Skittles flavor. I have one of each steeping right now. I am hoping they turn out well. There is also a couple chocolate flavors. And a Peanut Butter Cup. Some Jolly Ranchers, etc. Really nice selection, but I will be bummed if they are no good. But a local vape shop mixes with One on One flavors almost exclusively. And their juice is all really good.

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Blueberry by Flavorah Is very candy like.

I have that and don’t care for it at all. Been able to use it in one recipe where it didn’t taste nasty and it was a bakery mix. Maybe I just don’t know how to mix it? Thanks.

I haven’t used it a great deal but I did find it give juice a candy hint at like 0.5% it didn’t really add a blueberry taste just the hard candy taste hard to explain.

Thanks for that tip. I may just give that a shot and see if I can get some results. Silly me I tried using it for it’s blueberry flavor. No go.

Yeah so not a blueberry flavor I am hoping the blueberry by Medicine Flower will be better can’t seem to find a decent blueberry.

Mixing some Butterscotch as soon as I do a little research. Will chime in here in a few.

Ok. I mixed up a bottle of Ono on One Butterscotch. The One on One site recommends 5%-10% flavoring. I mixed at 10%. 70vg/30pg. I even mixed with 3mg nicotine.

Shake and Vape - Vaping on an iPV 3 Li with the Aromamizer with dual vertical coils at .15ohm. Fresh wick with Cotton Bacon.

460 deg
30J: Not much flavor. Just a tad sweet. There is a slight Butterscotch hint there.
40J: A tad sweeter with a slight flavor increase.
50J: This is as far as I went at 460 deg. The flavor didn’t increase much so I cranked it to 480 deg

480 deg
40J: This is definitely vapable, but a Butterscotch candy? Slightly. It’s there, but still very muted.
50J: I think I have some aftertaste that reminds me of the Butterscotch candy in the yellow wrapper. Still muted.
75J: Burnt wick LOL

500 deg
40J: About the same as the 50J at 480 deg
50J: I am beginning to think this will require a tad bit of steeping to really show what it’s going to do.
60J: Yup. Gonna try 70J
70J: Surprisingly I didn’t get a burnt hit here. I waited a little longer between puffs. Still a muted Butterscotch flavor. The VG is coming through more than anything. But the flavor I am getting from the flavoring is exactly that of the little yellow Butterscotch candies. Not the Lifesavers flavor at all.

After I stopped vaping this I can definitely taste the Butterscotch candy. Maybe if I increase the flavor to 15% it might be better. There is no chemical taste. So it’s not a bad vape. Just not what I was hoping for - yet. I am going to give this bottle another shot here and there over the next few days and report back. If this flavor develops and becomes stronger and a bit sweeter I am going to buy more of this flavor. Because the flavor I am getting is really good. Time will tell.

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Ok @SthrnMixer. I came home tonight and grabbed my Aromamizer that was still sitting atop my iPV 3 Li. I picked it up and vaped my day old Butterscotch… Damnit… CHECK BATTERY.

So fresh batteries now and this Butterscotch flavor got a LOT stronger just sitting in my tank. It tastes pretty darn good. I can’t wait to mix something with it. It’s a definite winner in my book. I am going to let the other 40ml I made steep for a good while in hopes it gets a little richer. The vape isn’t as strong as the aftertaste. But if it did this overnight I can’t wait to see what it does in a few more days.

I have a dozen or more candy flavors by One on One. This 4 day weekend coming up I will have nothing else to do but mix. So I will let you know what I find. Like I said, our local vape shop uses One on One almost exclusively, and all their stuff is really good.