Best flavor rdas

Dead rabbit,Hadley citadel,or goon ? I already have the dead rabbit should I stick with it or buy one of the other2


Haven’t used any of those but I would ask…are you happy with the DR? If yes, then save your money. Although it looks like you may be contracting A. A. S. Many of us have already caught it…
Atomizer Acquisition Syndrome :sunglasses:


Hadaly or Entheon.


All four are very good. In any case its all about the build and not the RDA itself.


3 of the 4 in order for me
Goon-original or the 1.5
Dead Rabbit

But like @adary says it is all about builds and in my opinion wicking too. The Goon has always been a flavor monster for me.

And Chris is replying and I imagine he is going to pimp the Goon as well.


I agree with @TorturedZen. I depend on what you are wanting. Sure…I would go for the citadel if you want a tight single coil rda. If you want a different dual coil, sure my vote is for the goon v1…but vape what you like. The rebirth is a good rda as well.

Here is the goon stash if anybody has wondered about me and the goon with v1 airflow. Lol. Not sure if one could count the number from the pic…but two more are being vaped and two are ready to be rebuilt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The 1.5 ??? I can’t get that one right bro , ive put it up , your welcome to it … Let me know


Thanks, but I think I have about 7 or 8 already.

I have some pics I sent to @Beaufort_Batches that might help with flavor. A few things that may help

-set the coils as far to the outside edge of the deck as you can without the inner sleeve scraping up against the coils.
-set the coils high. The top of the coil level with the clamp screws. The bottom of the coils should be seen through the airflow.
-lastly have the cotton edges sitting in the bottom of the deck touching each other. Long tails.

What all this does is allow the air flow to flow under the coil, hit the dam that the clamp style post creates, and the air flows up through the drip tip. You have effectively closed down the chamber with cotton and made a tunnel for the air to just wrap the underside of the coil.

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No wind tunnels were harmed during the making of this post.


I typically use 24 gauge single wrapped coils … Do you think I need to use the fancier ones like claptin or fused ??? Btw ty ill try again


I think you can get a good vape with single wire as long as use enough cotton.

One thing I forgot to mention, the reason for the long tails on the cotton, pull the cotton up even with the coil so it’s touching the sides of the inner sleeve. This also helps shape the tunnel.


A really shit picture but hopfully it shows what I mean about the cotton.



Got it ty for the advise :slight_smile:


For a while I was mostly using the Drop RTA , now I’m mostly using the Troll RTA on a dual mech mod. I also find that a particular atty will vape and give better flavor with certain eliquids better than others. For me the Troll vapes my Vanilla Custard the best.It’s great vaping at my place, thanks again @TheTinMan.


I use 24g ss316l dual coil 9 wrap on the goon. No need for fancy. Granted a lot of folks do build slightly higher than I do. But for me my coils land almost dead center/1mm higher from center.

The trick every mentions…as close to the side walls. When wicking i can barley pass the wick between the side wall and the coil.

I did try the ‘more’ higher build method and it muted the flavor a bit. So almost dead center to the air holes but a touch up.

I also prefer the v1 air flow option. I split two of the air flows in half for my build. On the v1.5 you will have a bit of the single coil airflow open…so you need to block it cotton the best you can.


all depends on how you want to vape, ie. vape the clouds,vape the flavor…or both.
I like flavor and stick to 22mm rda’s , these are my favorite.

Hussar Legacy
Haku Venna
The Flave 22
Haku Phenom
all in squonk mode.
I like rta’s for clouds with flavor


I have dead rabbit rda and rta,reload rta,kylin v2 rta, manta rta,


I don’t have a Hadaley or citadel, but the Goon (v1) is definitely the better of the other two.
I bought the DR because of the hype around it and it’s just collecting dust, no match for a Goon.

As far as I can tell, the Goon v1.5 is very similar to the original v1 and there are a lot of really good clones as well if it’s too expensive. Although I’ve paid more than twice for the Goon than for the Dead Rabbit, if you’d calculate it by cost / toot, the Goon is probably the cheapest RDA I’ve ever bought.


Lots of good advice. So I’ll drop some too.

It really depends on what kind of build you plan on using. I like the Goon for dual coil builds like a Framed Staple or Stapleton. Basically, the Goon is nice to have around for the “big” builds.

Just so you know. There would be a comma between Hadaly and Citadel. The Hadaly is a pain in the Arse to get a decent build into. The Citadel looks quite interesting for a single coil RDA.

Finally, If you are used to Dual Coil Setups, you are gonna be mighty disappointed in a single coil. Personally if I were deciding on a goon, I would get the OG because the V1.5 has a major flaw in my eyes and maybe @TheTinMan can comment on it, but the air flow cannot be shut down very far, because it opens up on the other end when you try to close it down too far.


I’ve always kept mine wide open. I had heard of the flaw but it didn’t affect my style of vaping.


Ordered citadel today may order a goon v1.5 or is v1 better. I decided the dead rabbit is more of a cloud chaser and I’m looking for a good flavor tfa for testing single flavors and my mixes.