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Best 'OMG' taste moment and worst 'OMG I can't believe I paid for that cr@p' moment in you're whole vaping career!


Prepare to be stunned. :slight_smile:


I’m going home today so it should be there waiting for me :grin::clap:


I’ve nearly bought Andromeda so many times in the past haha…swerved.


Hmmm. I didn’t spend that much time at the bnm shops so my experiance is limited. First omg horrible was finding out the ejuice I purchased was a zero nic instead of 8mg and I was trying to quit smoking…to top it off the store and manufacturer were zero help. First omg great taste moment was trying my first subohm tank (aspire Atlantis)…it unlocked the flavors.

Next omg disappointment was tasting an apple ejuice in the shop and buying a 30ml bottle to find it lacking in flavor…so I started digging into something called “steeping.” My steeping research unlocked DIY for me and everything else.

Made my first mod, battery, and charger purchase. Continued reading every possible thread on DIY. After a month of reading jumped into DIY.

Next worste omg flavor was the standard …none of my mixes were working while every raved about the latest HIC recipie and so on. Turned out what I was trying to mix would never work for me while it worked just fine for 1000 other people.

After that it has been never ending happiness. Fingers crossed, havnt had to dump a mix in a very long time…few fixer’upers but all good…Atleast vapable

What Are Your Favorites In Your Flavor Stash?

This is what turned me to buying expensive concentrates. Nothing against other mixers, but I just don’t get hardly any flavor from a lot of TPA, CAP and FW. Highly concentrated was the way for me.

What Are Your Favorites In Your Flavor Stash?

yeah I should change mine, after posting this thread I’ve remembered a couple of things, like you my first OMG moment wasn’t just trying Mothers Milk the first time but actually I bought my first Kanger sub tank at the same time I bought my first bottle of MM, so it was a real WOW moment and definitely what kicked me off properly on the whole vape 'thang’
and I also remembered the first time I bought a Mechanical from fasttech, I mean I knew nothing and really shouldn’t of been messing about with it with so little knowledge, anyway, no pole markings on it, Just presumed the batts went in opposite, but they were meant to be parallel, couldn’t work out why it was getting so hot, then the batts swelled, couldn’t get it out, one starting hissing so I had to launch the whole thing out of the window (face palm) I was lucky, but never again did I mess with anything like this without knowing what I was doing lol :worried:


Which ones do you recommend just by way of interest?

What Are Your Favorites In Your Flavor Stash?

It would need it’s own thread. I’ll try and put a list together… hopefully I won’t step on anyone’s foot in the process. Maybe I can set it up for each vaper to put up their favorites. We have a Recommended Research List, but a lot of them I don’t use.


That would be cool, I’ve only been mixing for a year so I’ve barely moved from the ‘big 3’ as you call them, I’ve just used a couple of INW which I like a lot and a few more oddities like One on One, DV, T juice and Vapable, but I bow down to the knowledge from people on this forum, I can cook but I’m no chef :grin:


You’re on the right path. You ask questions and absorb info from the replies. We are all different, so you’re sure to get a lot of views. We’ve all been there. DIY is a process, and you will get to where you want to be.

A lot of people have made a lot of money and web fame from the “Big 3”. They’re just not my 1st choice for most flavors I like to use. I actually feel like the odd man out, because not many vapers actually share my view of vaping and diy liquids. I just do what works for me.


Lol. I remember a back and forth discussion on that very topic and not that many jumped in. My best mixes sit at the 5-8% range with only a couple that sit at the 15-18 just because I can’t seem to find the flavors from the other three (FA, mf, INW)


I’d be really interested in that too if you get the time to do it.

What Are Your Favorites In Your Flavor Stash?

Best OMG moment: trying a friend’s Innokin Coolfire IV (with whatever tank Innokin ships with it in a kit), and some unknown bubblegum juice. I wouldn’t normally even try bubblegum, but this was amazing and smooth, and I can’t wait to try it with my favourite flavours.

Worst OMG moment: has yet to happen. There’ve been some boring juices/hardward but that’s about it so far.


best- trying my brothers tfv4 back when those were up and coming… with a banana nut bread-ish flavor

worst was over using lychee (tpa)… itd be the definition of what cat pee probably would vape like


I have been vaping since 1/1/13, started with them cough,gag,cough, Blucigs at the gas stations, stuck with it till the ego’s, kangertanks, etc.
But my Best moment was when I found ELR, and my worst moment was when I made my 1st juice, puke!!!


that’s what got me on vaping first, was a blu e-cig. the counter guy was like… I don’t think these things even work but eh haha