Best Single-Coil Squonk Atty?

But aren’t we lucky there are so many options. :grin: Or does that create other problems. :rofl:


Late to the party i know but will second the Asmodus .blank recommend. I have a few single coil rdas and duals built singly. I am not consistent w/ wattage i vape and vape differently depending on the device iam using. I found the .blank to be a happy medium. For instance the wasp is happier w/ lower watts and gives great flavor but is almost too flavorful and tight while something like a series built Modfather while still tasty is more 2 second gasp of huge clouds. My go to since i received has been the .blank on a desire cut. I dont find it turbulent as some may think and the airflow is plenty that i run the top inlets half open, it has 6 on the top. I do prefer bottom airflow rdas but this one works so well. Its always hard to give recommends since everyone’s style is different but my style is diverse.


Finally got my Skyfall clone. I got the one @benjy337 shared in post#2.

Ok, this is not a review. If it were I think I would reference a couple of YTers reviews. That said, here’s my impressions after 24 hours.

Build# 1 - single strand round wire, SS, 24ga that was 7.5 wraps and 3.5mm ID. This build simply begged for more air flow. I didn’t remove the air flow inserts in order to have a wide open air situation, because I don’t like that zero restriction such large holes would provide. Too hot at the power I found good for vapor production.

Build# 2 - Juggernaut NI80, 4.5 wraps and 3.5mm ID. Build came in at 0.29 ohms. At 60 watts, a decent little cloud and plenty of flavor. But a tad hot for a chain vaper so I’m backed down to 50. Still rather warm but vapor volume is fairly acceptable.

I will be trying other builds to see if I can fall in love with this thing, but at this moment I can’t say I love it. Like, a lot, but not enough to say this topper is staying on my Topside single battery mod.

Pros - super easy to build. I mean I think I could put a coil in this thing blindfolded. Flavor is very nice. Airflow options perhaps are really good for someone who likes to tinker with airy to MTL but I just like airy. Just not zero restriction airy. Machining is excellent on this. One of the things common among reviewers of the $200 original is superb machining. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a super close clone…all of it is well crafted.

Cons - too damn small. I know this could have been made as a 24, 25 or 26mm atty. Would have benefited from the extra size IMO. And that dang 510 drip tip! Why? I hate it. So along with a search for the best build will be a search for a better drip tip. I’ve tried all the ones I have in my little spares drawer and nothing blows my skirt up.

More to come if I can fix my issues with this thing.


I completely understand, Robert


Been using the skyfall clone in drip mode for a few days and loving it. SS 5.5 wrap tri core fc .39 40w with the larger 3 hole af inserts. Flavor and af is great for me. Unfortunately ft is oos for the coppervape I have so I’ll order one of the other brands to get a second one. Completely agree the dt is not ideal.


@Letitia too!

I’ve found that a Friction-fit drip tip can help immensely for some atties.

The following is my current (cheapo) preference

This one by Cherry is my comfort preference (on the lips), but substantially more expensive

And then last in line is the following (I’d love it, and it would easily be my first choice IF they would tighten up the machining tolerance. Some of them fit snug, but frequently they are too loose to be useful)

The increased ID of the bore has been an integral part of my “love affair” with the Theorem. It really opens things up (both flavor and airflow).


Already had a tip I’m liking.


You and I have similar tastes it would seem. Of the ones I have, the attached one is what I found worked best, although I’m still not too thrilled with it - because it’s 510 I guess. I still have probably a dozen others but they’re all very similar to one of the ones in the picture here. The little black one is what comes with this atty -

I’m thinking I may just drill out the top to fit an 810 tip, but not made up my mind about that. Oh, and I took the airflow inserts out just to see - it’s a bit too airy but the vape is incredible at 70 watts. It’s just that it defeats the purpose of having a single-coil because I’m trying to keep power lower.


My problem with most (99.9%) of 510 tips is that they almost all have a tapering of the chamber in the internal ID. Whereas most (but not all) friction fit tips have a straight bore (no reduction in chamber size).

It’s pretty amazing the difference that a change in the tip can make in some cases!


Agree, I drilled the airflow holes out and it helped a lot, couldn’t use it stock. Won’t say it’s a killer for flavor with the AF drilled out but worth the time to do.

I use the original Drop in single coil mode a lot, have 3 of them, 2 usually always have a big 3.5mm multi strand Clapton in it. Wasn’t a fan of the Drop Solo, just never matched the original for flavor, the coil mounting and airflow all worked against it IMO.

The Pulse V2 with the single coil insert still surprises me for flavor, have never even tried it in dual coil mode. I do plan on picking up another when I find a killer sale.

About to get some zzzzz’s so missing a lot of other single coilers, the Asmodus C4 comes to mind as one I enjoy, with the gold or SS top cap, I heard the aluminum top capped ones are not as good. I wish Ehpro released the Iguana RDA, really enjoy that one. Can’t think of others right now but will check out others recommendations tomorrow, love a good single coil rda.


That was one of the 2 I was forgetting last night, always have 1 of the 2 I have built and ready to go when the other needs a rebuild. Can be a little finicky with coil size and placement to get the best performance. Not crazy about for a squonk mod if you get distracted like me and forgot you squonked already, then I am grabbing for napkins. I use it as a dripper all the time, holds enough juice for a good 30+ puffs before I have to re-drip.

Also forgot the Elder Dragon someone mentioned. Easy to build with great flavor, just wish it came with a different top cap, never warmed up to that style.


Just ordered one. Thank you and the others who recommended it.


You bet! I prefer it to all my other rdas even the profile. I’m sure you’ll love it! It grows on you lol.


Well it came in today. I’m impressed with the quality of this thing.

First build I’m using is one of the clapton coils that come in the package. I’m thinking for the reason I wanted a good single coil in the first place that the 0.18 ohm build is nice, but it’s eating the battery. So I switched to a specialty coil from Geek Vape which came in at 0.53 ohm. Little better on the battery while still provide some great nooks and crannies in the coil for bubbly juices.

Next I decided with the stock drip tip - I’m not a fan. So I swapped out with an 810 I had in my spares drawer. Much better.

This is a good atty no doubt. It’s easy to over squonk by I got the feel for it fairly quickly. So far so good, Still, I think there can be a better design out there but for now I’m quite satisfied.


Epic reply and build! I’m glad you’re enjoying the atty. I was hoping you would. After my time with it I couldn’t see how anyone couldn’t like it lol


Well you said it grows on you and I find that to be very true. In fact I have been enjoying this set up as my go-to for many days now. I did switch the drip tip out for the one on the Recurve, and also have a fused clapton build in it now. Suffice it to say I’m very satisfied and not on the hunt anymore. But if something else comes along…



Lol :joy: Yup!


I completely agree…come on mfg’s…
this is the fukn 21st century, eh?

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I really liked my Recurve for flavor but hated how leaky it was… enter Reload S. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and I’m loving it.

Just bought a few Citadel clones for flavor testing… so we’ll see how she holds up. So far the reload is my go to from my Pixie, Recurve, Profile, and Dead Rabbit.


Yes! This^^^

I fricking love this thing.