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Beta Testing New Flavors :D


Thank you very much for taking the time to test and post. Sounds great, I will continue to watch. I was expecting more concentrated strength similar to FA and INW as well, but sounds like the benefits might be smooth clean flavors. Hope to hear more with further testing. Really glad you are on the road to recovery!

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Honestly I would love teriaki


1 Week Steep TEST of PDO Flavors. New info in bold.

Strawberry. 3% was weak but there was an unmistakable strawberry note, one that I instantly wanted more of. I went straight to 5% which was much better. I won’t call the flavor intense, and could have easily bumped it up some more. However at 5% I would probably be satisfied with the intensity as a single flavor. The strawberry flavor comes across to me as a kind of mix between real strawberries and candy type, although real strawberries are more prevalent. The only sb I can compare this to is Medicine Flower, only better IMO. I want to play with this one some more to see how high I can go with it but will reserve that till this test has had time to cure.
After a week steep this is essentially the same. Perhaps the strength has diminished a bit. I still think 5% for a standalone is going to be too weak, but may be perfect for use in a mix. The overall profile remains unchanged.

Raspberry was my next and at 3% I had a similar impression as with the strawberry - unmistakably raspberry only faint. I went to 5% here as well, but the intensity was still lacking so I kicked it up to 7%. Intensity rose some, and this may well be a weaker flavor than the sb, but I chose not to increase anymore till I see how it steeps. Flavor is really good. It captures the brightness of raspberries that I love but didn’t ever achieve any of the characteristic tartness - at least not at 7%. I can almost bet steeping won’t bring that out but once it’s cured some I’ll see it upping the amount has the desired effect. Let me say that unless something amazing happens over the next 2 weeks, I can’t see myself using this even in a mix at 7%, but we’ll see. Right now I’m wondering what 10% would be like.
Substantial drop in flavor strength after 1 week steep. It’s quite incredible how much weaker this is now. What bit of raspberry I can still taste is good, but honestly I would say 10% might be the best place to start next testing as a single flavor. I can’t really offer anything pro or con about the taste with it being this faint. :frowning:

Cherry was my last because I didn’t want to kill my palate … cherry flavors have conditioned me to be wary. At 3% it was as if I had not added any flavors. But oddly enough 5% was like night and day. The cherry was there all flavorful and really good tasting cherry. No urinal cake here! Like the raspberry I feel this will need to be used at a higher % but will let it sit a bit before experimenting further. This one has me very excited and I’m seeing visions of Lifesavers Swirl Lollipops dancing in my head!
Same as raspberry. What flavor was there is now long gone. I will mix this again as a single flavor test at 8% just judging by what I’ve experienced so far.

It’s obvious to me these flavors will need a good steep because when used in a mix, the taste of the recipe will change as the flavor does. Trick is to find out how much and what a useful % is for a stand alone vs a mix. My next review of these will be after making up a new test batch and allowing them to steep a week as it appears the SnV tests are kind of pointless.


Twinkies maybe a nice cherry like fresh off the true or a good blueberry and creme


Or fig Newton or mulberry

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This is the exact result I have found when using a VG/PDO base with regular PG and VG suspended flavorings. At 24 hrs taste was enhanced and phenomenal on a couple flavorings. At 2 week steep the flavor was very muted and almost gone. Has to be the PDO as both of mine were regular recipes that I love. It will be interesting to see further results. I’m going to retry mine at a 4 week steep.

Thank you very much for your time to do reviews. I look forward to more trials!


I used regular PG - not the Vapor Base. Might need to do the test again with the VB just to see how that compares.


Yes, I’m just thinking the common denominator is the PDO. Maybe it doesn’t hold the flavor the same as PG?


That link to scrib say document removed when I click it

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Finally, the PDO flavors have arrived, commence testing!!!


Are you still mixing up beta testing flavors of so I’d like to recommend one a nice waffle and syrup flavor paired with a hint or two of a nice soft custard or a flavor that tastes like a milkshake mixed with like a bourbon flavor under it

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Any results yet on those flavors?

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So after some initial testing… here’s what I found:

The PDO flavors do take less time to steep in a PG/VG mix - normally with RealFlavor flavorings I let it steep for about four weeks - these were ready in three.

But here’s the kicker - there was no real difference with the VaporBase versions in steep time and flavor compared to the PG/VG mix. Both versions were 12% flavoring in a 30/70 PG/VG mix and a 3mcg VaporBase mixture.

If anything, the PDO flavoring with the VaporBase mix was a little more muted, but only slightly.

More details when the Cinnamon Donut results come in next weekend.


I have been experimenting to create a flavor that is like a dark cooked apple. Maybe there’s some flavors that will help in your endeavor to make smoked meat flavor. Here are the flavors I have used in creating a really good dark cooked apple.
Cola (TPA)
Two Apples (IWA)
Molasses (TPA)
Above are absolute ingredients. Below, I’m still trying with the above ingredients. I’ve listed them in order of best to least.
Green Apple (MF)
Horshata (TPA)
Bananas Foster (TPA)
Raison (TPA) Must pre-steep months, then it’s good.
Donut (Cap)
Bavarian Cream (TPA)
Fig (MF)


Stupid question on my part but here it is. Isn’t the point of using PDO to eliminate the use of PG for those that may have allergies to PG?


TBH, that is kind of what I was expecting. Seems in testing to me that PDO has a tendency to mute flavors. But there seems to be a correlation in how much PDO is used in relation to how much muting occurs. Which might explain why your mix using the VB had a bit more muting.

I am still curious to see if anyone finds a “sweet” spot for it where we can reap the benefits without the muting. Thank you so much for your time in testing and reporting :slight_smile:


Yes. That is why he is mixing the same amount of flavoring in a pg/vg mix and a pdo/vg mix and comparing them against each other. Experimenting with the percentages will hopefully teach us which flavors tend to mute with the pdo, how steeping will be affected, and which percentage of PDO produces the best results. At least that’s why I am watching.

Do you know of a way we could do it better? I am still a noob and would love any tips on how to best learn and experiment. I always do better when brainstorming with others and bouncing ideas off others. Tends to make me think outside the box :slight_smile: I’m not very creative, so learning from you all is a tremendous asset for me.


The purpose of the comparison was to see flavor differences between the two mediums that are most widely used.

While PDO is very effective for PG sensitivities, it does have a tendency to deaden/mute fruity flavors, coffees however - are considerably sharper.

Adbaba had done some research (this guy is a mixing GAWD to me) and has essentially noted several flavors or volatile molecules that are muted or enhanced by PDO.

This confirms some of my suspicions - but not the end of the world. The flavorings in PDO are just as good, maybe better - the only issue (until recently) is that the concentrates are diluted compared to other companies. However - now that @Walt_RealFlavors announced stronger concentrates - this changes the game for his company, tremedously.

I’m trying to reason with the family CFO for a $50 infusion in the flavorings budget to try some of these concentrates.


Do you by chance have a link to Adbaba’s info on PDO? Or can you lead me to the correct forum to look please. I would love to read it.


I must have read it wrong I read it as @dwdh586 was mixing the PDO Flavors in a 30pg/70vg mix meaning its still being used in a PG mix or something like that lol.

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