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Beta Testing New Flavors :D


He posted some stuff here:


Yes, two mixes per flavor

  1. 30/70 with 15% PDO Flavoring
  2. VaporBase PDO with 15% PDO Flavoring

As a control, I have also done a 30/70 with 15% VG Flavoring (same flavor as the PDO flavoring) - this still requires another week to fully catch up to the other batches (so far that I can tell).

Hope that clears it up.


I have only found what he posted here as well as a few old threads on reddit. I see that he is working on his secret lab and building a membership so I don’t think he wishes to divulge much information as it would hurt his business.
I think @BoDarc was trying to decipher some of the technical data he posted about the PDO.

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Ok got it now lol I was really tired yesterday :wink:

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Secret lab? Business. Don’t know much about him, just assumed he was another diy’er. Does he have an eliquid business.

Just followed your link, that is explaining some things, thank you.

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Seems a bit high school to me. Have to be part of the “in” crowd, and seems to me after reading the about page that he holds an extremely high opinion of himself and is pompous, and isn’t out for the good of ALL vapers nor being helpful or helping teach newer diy’ers.

It’s about not smoking and supporting the rest of our community. Not secret society and elitism. That was just my take away from how it was worded and what it’s about? I could be completely wrong.


That is what I said when I first found out a few days ago. My take is due to pending FDA regs he is sidestepping the gobberment .He is offering free e liquid to members that I guess pay for something else?
I like any idea that says FU to the gooberment goons!

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Yeah, see my above comment. Maybe I’m seeing it differently. I’ll have to read the about page again.

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You are not the only one that got that from reading the about page. I came to the same conclusion after reading it.


Honestly I have no idea but if you scratch a little deeper than whats on the surface you will get a better picture.He has been very helpful but I have found that he isn’t going to give us everything we want to know.He will post enough for you to figure it out if you wish but as my Grandfather used to say “you have to want it”.
I am afraid that we all may have to find or create a secret society in a couple of years if we truly wish to help others quit smoking.
I don’t know enough either way to praise or condemn the man but I have read enough of his work to make me feel that I should cut him a little slack but that’s just my opinion for what’s that worth.
What I am most upset over is this “like” rationing we have going on up in here!
How many “Likes” are we allowed in a 24 hour period?:slight_smile:


Right! I think it’s like 50 likes per 24 hrs?

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I have some beta testers hehe. They are not releasing until September 1st but I will sneak a few 1oz bottles on the site this weekend if someone wants it early.

Here are the new flavors:
Saltwater Taffy Base
Sour Taffy Base (not sure I have much of this one)
Brownie Batter
Root Beer (A&W Style)
French Vanilla Cream (odd one)
Elephant Ear / Funnel Cake


OMG those ones sound way better than the ones I got last time :wink:

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No crazy off the wall flavors haha.

With the 8th having passed, these were pushed back a bit. Still for the DIY market, these are great!


What is odd about the French Vanilla Cream?They all sound great!
I am working on some Cola mixes now so these have my attention.


The French Vanilla Cream is odd because the cost to make it is so high. I kid you not when I say our actual cost is around $54 per pound… ouchy.

It was designed and tested by a chef to their exact requirements. It has 7 types of vanilla extract and a super pricy cream element to it.

This is obviously not going to be released as a flavor in this format but could be fun to play with… this is the Audi R8 of flavors.


You had me at seven types of vanilla!
Take my money please…


A few even I have never heard of o.O

Lol I was figuring it out. Our cost would be roughly $460 per gallon… soooo it is hard to tell someone they need to pay $560 per gallon (gotta make something), when normal French Vanilla is $191 haha. Who knows. Maybe we will release it in small amounts.


Yeah but is the potency the same? If I had to use twice as much of the normal French Vanilla to achieve the flavor intensity of the fancy stuff then the price difference becomes a lot smaller.


No no no. French Vanilla Cream is the BMW i8 flavor

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