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Beta Testing New Flavors :D


I just spit coffee out my nose! :laughing:


Hrmmm, makes me wonder if the guy that vaped Carolina Reapers runs a vape store. =x


“Hey guys, don’t try this at home, I’m a professional. Today I’m gonna vape FIRE!”



I just want to know what you going to do with all them Benjamins and to let you know if you need more for the entourage I am in!
I don’t know how to make it rain but I am familiar with strip clubs and a fast learner! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What @BoyHowdy said!

No rain here either, but I do carry a “sprinkler”.


Thinking about what @BoyHowdy said and lolling over here.
I could easily see myself as one of the testers of all the flavors. I don’t need to be incorporated in any entourage, just send me flavors and i’ll be happy with that.


If we break 100 Million in one year, I promise everyone gets free flavors!


Now this post i can like the hell out for sure :smile: :smile:


DRIED FRUIT? Can’t find anywhere. I love love love TPA Strawberry Ripe but I’m wondering if there’s a dried strawberry out there, or any “dried fruit”. Thanks y’all.


I can’t find the extracts anywhere on Wal-Mart’s website… :confused: do you have a link?


Suhweeeeet! Lol

I hope that the launch of the “new and improved” raw extracts goes absolutely smashingly for you.

I can’t wait to order some of them very soon, and am hoping to do so directly (before the window closes) if it hasn’t already.

I totally have to have a sticker! Lol


Seriously? There’s plenty of dried fruit out there to be had! It’s one of the #1 reasons that so many love Ina’s cactus. ;p


@Sprkslfly ??? I’m not looking for a cactus flavor, I’m looking for a dried fruit or dried berry.


He was making a joke…Lol cactus “juices up” the more dry fruit flavors. :wink:


It is pending launch. They are still tweaking the search terms and what not. I just sneaked a few snaps as they were showing me.


Ahh, then I’m not going crazy!


I appreciate y’all replying but how can I “juice up” a dry fruit flavor that I don’t even have? Am I not explaining this correctly? I have many fruit and berry concentrates that I add to my recipes but all of them are “fresh” or “ripe” fruit flavors and I’m specifically trying to replicate or straight up buy a “dried” fruit flavor. Thanks for your help.


Congratulations! I can only imagine how that feels…you’ve earned it, enjoy! :boom::balloon::balloon::tada:


Woooooo Hoooooo! But I think you will hit at least 200 million in one year…come on man, power of positive thought :smiley: